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Topic: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out (live albums) Return to archive Page: 1 2
06-20-02 08:33 AM
Jumacfly Hi guys

don t forget:

Grand Funk Railroad ...Live( don t remember the entire titlle) ....with a beautiful cover of "gimme shelter", powerful!!

and, of course, John Mayall's "return of the bluesbreakers", the 1982 LP with our Mick Taylor, great moments; "riddin on the santa fé" for example....

I also like "no quarter " from Page and Plant, which is a great oriental groovy live record !!
06-20-02 09:29 AM
moy and don't forget Faces Coast to Coast, woody was there, it's a classic

my choice isSlide on Live
06-20-02 05:04 PM
KeepRigid "Faces Coast to Coast, it's a classic"


(It just ain't right that Tommy Lee titled his new album 'Never A Dull Moment'.)


I didn't want to hurt you
No I didn't, kid
I'm just a jealous guy
06-20-02 05:50 PM
gypsy Keep, your avatar is a classic!
06-20-02 05:55 PM
Joey I agree Gypsy ..........

What a fantastic picture that is of Wesley Snipes .

06-20-02 06:09 PM
Staffan Grand Funk's live album is powerful indeed, but their instruments are pretty much drowned by the audience! Is their GS cover really on the live album? I don't remember that.
06-21-02 05:38 AM
Jumacfly ...the grand funk cover is on their other live album, "caught in the act".
i ve found the titlle yesterday night!
06-21-02 10:44 AM
Joey 'Believe it or not “No Security”, I’m serious, listen that album without prejudices…it’s above Ya Ya’s and Love You Live. '

Yes !!!!

Voodoo .............

What a great call on your part . You should please read the review of " No Security " that I wrote over at Keno's album review section . I gave it a ten .

Just listening to " Waiting on a Friend " with Josh Redman playing saxaphone is worth the price of the CD alone .

Did you ever hear the story of how Keno " received " HIS copy of " No Security " ???? Classic stuff ! He also " Found " my dope at the same time and would not give it back !


06-21-02 10:54 AM
Mr T no security is good - but not as good as Ya-Ya's. Sympathy, Rambler, Live With Me & Stray Cat Blues make that automatically the best live album ever - at least I have et to hear one better. Aerosmith's 'Live Bootleg' is another one of my favorites & I know the upcoming Black Crowes on will be excellent
06-21-02 11:02 AM
Staffan Incredible I have not seen 4 Way Street (CSN&Y) being mentioned, it's terrific!
06-21-02 11:26 AM
Lazy Bones
Joey wrote:
Just listening to " Waiting on a Friend " with Josh Redman playing saxaphone is worth the price of the CD alone .

I agree, Joey. Josh's piece in St. Louis is one of my highlights of that, 12th December show. Here's Josh's page.
06-23-02 08:34 AM
ElMocambo Ya Ya's is without doubt outstanding. I like also Perth 73, and Fort Worth 72. Missing Links is fantastic. And not to forget is Love You Live which is in my eyes much to underestimated. Listen only to TD and IORR on this record. What a gift! Down and Out in Paris (Paris 7.6.1976) kicks ass especially IORR, MR and SFM. And the rehearsals in Montreux 1972 are like from heaven. The best TD I've ever heard. All these were from the Stones.

Try also Live at the Fillmore East from the Who 1968. Awesome!

06-23-02 01:50 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Alright, now, I *know* I'm gonna get nailed on this one...


Just bought it today... 's not half-bad. Of course, have yet to listen to LYL, which I just bought as well. I loathe, however, "Rock And A Hard Place", as well as this particular version of "Satisfaction". But it's pretty damn good. Next into the ol' player is Luurrrrrrve You Live... I'll be back when I finish it.

And we mustn't forget Stripped, while certainly not their best, and certainly not all live (Curse you Don Was!), it's quite the good one. Sweet Virginia live. Man, I don't care how good it could have been, that version was fine.

-tSYX --- No Friggin' Dancin' Chorus For The Stones in '02!
06-23-02 04:54 PM
Gazza >The Rolling Stones European Tour 1970 Live
on Rubber Dubber Records.
White cover with name and label stamped on. Four sides, mint condition, got it for $35. Supposedly, it contains the first recorded version of "Brown Sugar" - live obviously and before it was released officially

"Brown sugar" was first played at Altamont on 6.12.69 and then at pretty much every show thereafter. Off the top of my head,the title you have sounds like the show at Essen,West Germany on 7th October 1970,near the end of the European Tour.

To get back to the original subject - best live albums ever:

Number 1:
The Last Waltz - The Band,plus shitloads of others...especially the new 4-CD version (the original is 2-Cds/3 LPs)

Up there:
Bob Dylan/The Band - Live 1966
Springsteen - Live In New York City
Stones - Ya Ya's
Lou Reed - Rock 'n' Roll Animal*
Who - Live at Leeds*
Bob Dylan - Hard Rain
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Live!
Neil Young/Crazy Horse - Live Rust
Springsteen - Live 1975/85
Elvis - 68 Comeback Special*
Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison*
Bob Dylan/The Band - Before The Flood
The Band - Rock Of Ages*
Neil Young/Crazy Horse - Weld
James Brown - Live At The Apollo
Jim hendrix / Otis Redding - Live at Monterey
Van Morrison - Its Too Late To Stop Now
Johnny Cash - Live at San Quentin
Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense*
Lou Reed - Take No Prisoners

also recommend some of the internet only Doors live CD's

* all of these are reissued versions of the originals with extra tracks for the CD format
06-24-02 12:09 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Alright, so I just bought Love You Live (Lurrrrrrve You Live, sez I).

The first part - ain't so hot. Too many songs merely to show that, yes, The Stones have Billy Preston and they're happy with him, thanks. Surprisingly, Hot Stuff doesn't sound so bad, although it does, like its recorded version, drag on too goddamn long and says nothing at all. Starfucker's kickass, as always.

The Second Part, that is, sides three and four for you recordmongers - Whaaa! That's rockin' rollin' deliciosity.

The banter throughout, hillarious, as always. "Bill Wyman wants to take pictures of girls' legs... Ronnie's gay..." I do love Keith on Flashpoint, though.

The weakest part? Probably Mick's singing. He doesn't sing it so much as mutter through it, chopping up verses left and right. Biggest offender is "If You Can't Rock Me" - what was he *on*? "Jumpin Jack Flash" falls flat too, as does "Satisfaction". But he really pulls through on Side Three - where was that recorded? It sounds like a smaller crowd.

Next up: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out. Unless this little store gets some more Studio Stones in.
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