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Topic: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out (live albums) Return to archive Page: 1 2
06-19-02 09:40 AM
Lazy Bones Sitting here at work listening to the Who's, LIVE AT LEEDS. As GET YER YA-YA'S OUT will always be my favourite live album (of any band), LAL is second.
Any others post high in yer ranks?
06-19-02 10:04 AM
Scot Rocks Got both myself they are amazing.

06-19-02 11:05 AM
Sir Stonesalot If you are talking officially released live albums...the 2 you mentioned are, of course, superb. Also right up there...Bob Dylan, "Live 1966"...David Bowie, "David Live"...The Clash, "From Here To Eternity"...Johnny Cash, "Live From San Quentin"...Cheap Trick, "Live At Budokan"...Nine Inch Nails, "And All That Could Have Been"...Sex Pistols, "Filthy Lucre"...Bruce Springsteen, "Live In New York City"...The Talking Heads, "Stop Making Sense"...The Cramps, "Smell Of Female"...X, "Live At The Whiskey A Go-Go On The Fabulous Sunset Strip"...XTC, "Transistor Blast"...

I have some live releases of Blues greats like John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, and Howlin' Wolf that are exceptional as well...but I'm not sure how legit the releases are...
06-19-02 11:07 AM
Mikey Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East must be included.
06-19-02 11:15 AM
jb Brussels affair is greatest live album followed by Leed Lungs....
06-19-02 11:16 AM
patioaintdry Husker Du -- "The Living End"

Elvis Costello & The Attractions -- "Live at the El-Mocambo"
06-19-02 12:09 PM
Nasty Habits Hey Sir Stones - Have you heard the Cramps' Rockin' and Reelin' in Auckland New Zealand? I think it smokes Smell of Female. Ranking with Ya's and The Who and Dylan '66 is Jerry Lee Lewis Live at the Star Club - the master pilled up and crazy in 1964 with the Brit beat group Nashville Teens holding on for dear life - Great sound and just about the craziest thing you've ever heard.
06-19-02 12:21 PM
KeepRigidsLawyer I often find Yanni's 'Live at the Acropolis' to be just the thing while taking a powder.
06-19-02 12:42 PM
Nellcote Lynyrd Skynyrd-Live at The Fox Theatre

J Geils Band-Blow Your Face Out
Full House Live

Rory Gallagher-Irish Tour 74

06-19-02 01:15 PM
Joey You can never go wrong with live " WHO " !!!

Sir Stonesalot and Fleabit Peanut Monkey have no idea the sheer magnitude of the concert they are going to see in five weeks at Hershey Park .

Their lives will never be the same again and Fleabit is old " fortunate " enough to remember the WHO with Moonie .

Baba O ' Joey

06-19-02 02:37 PM
jb What about the great John Tesh gospel album with the beautiful Connie(his wife) on backup vocals....she use to be a real hotty with Gil Gerard on the series Buck Rogers..
06-19-02 02:46 PM
Fn_Nick This will make many of you jealous. Yesterday, I went to my favorite used record shop in town, just to browse on my lunch hour. Behind the counter, I found a Stones album I had never seen before.

The Rolling Stones European Tour 1970 Live
on Rubber Dubber Records.

White cover with name and label stamped on. Four sides, mint condition, got it for $35. Supposedly, it contains the first recorded version of "Brown Sugar" - live obviously and before it was released officially. It also has a great version of "Love in Vain" with some extended guitar solos.
06-19-02 03:42 PM
Lazy Bones
Fn_Nick wrote:
The Rolling Stones European Tour 1970 Live
on Rubber Dubber Records.

What's the complete tracklisting?
06-19-02 03:46 PM
Fn_Nick Sory Lazy Bones, its at home right now, so I don't remember the exact tracklisting. It has JJF, a Chuck Berry tune, Sympathy, Midnight Rambler, Love in Vain, Dead Flowers, and some more I can't remember right now. Just got it yesterday, so its not ingrained in my head yet.

It has some crackles and hiss, but hey, its 32 years old. Other than that, its a very good audience recording. The guitar work is excellent.
06-19-02 03:48 PM
Lazy Bones Prodigal Son?
06-19-02 04:45 PM
stonedinaustralia two more classic live albums

bob marley and the wailers live at the lyceum

mc5 - kick out the jams

also side 3 love you live ( i'm waiting for the day the unreleased stuff from those shows is released)
[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
06-19-02 05:43 PM
riverrat How about Dire Straits "Alchemy"?
06-19-02 06:01 PM
Staffan Lynyrd Skynyrd - One more from the road is also fantastic!
06-19-02 06:02 PM
winter I haven't listed to it in ages, but I recall the Kinks - one for the road - as being pretty damn good
06-19-02 06:52 PM
Keefness Humble Pie Performance: Rockin' The Fillmore
06-19-02 06:55 PM
mattb Otis at Monterey.
06-19-02 06:55 PM
winter Probably going out on a limb here for many of you, but the Supersuckers - Must have been live,

If you like far away eyes and dead flowers, you'll like this disk, tongue and cheek country twang
06-19-02 06:57 PM
winter Frampton Comes Alive - just kidding, sorry to those I offend with post
06-19-02 09:49 PM
Fiji Joe One that has to be included among the greatest...Dexy's Midnight Runners live at the Topeka Skate & Bowl...smokin!!! Overalls have never been sexier
06-19-02 11:07 PM
JaggaRichards Little Feat's 'Waiting For Columbus'

Heard Mick T. played on 'Apolitical Blues'.
06-19-02 11:24 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl It's a hard question, really hard one.

I agree with Keefness, Humble Pie's Performance Rocking The Fillmore is one of the best albums ever, and you can laugh but Peter Frampton was there and rocking like a bastard, Steve Marriott explodes singing and playing, also the side 4 of "Eat it" with a fantastic cover of Honky Tonk Woman, Up Our Sleeve is really HIGH! Check the KBFH Live at Winterland May 6, 1973, also with Honky Tonk Woman.

What about Frank Zappa “Sheik Yerbouti” or the 12-cd set “You Can’t Do That On Stage anymore”, specially, Vol. 2 The Helsinki Concert”

Maybe you're gonna laugh at this but Genesis’ “Seconds Out” is one of the best performances ever recorded, I remember listening that one under the effect of some magical mushrooms back in 1976 in the country after being all day listening the natural sound of the woods and the wind.

Other album that is a master piece, is “Heavy ConstruKCtion” by King Crimson…

For official solo albums by the Stones I go for ALL Woody albums.

For Classic Rock I would mention several and agree with many of the above-mentioned like the following listed in descendent alphabetical order LOL

Who “Live at Leeds” AND “Isle of Wight”
Uriah Heep “Live 1974 KBFH”
Traffic “On the Road” and “Welcome to the Canteen”
Ten Years After “Recorded Live”
Stevie Ray Vaughan “Live at Carnegie Hall”
Steppenwolf “Live”
Savoy Brown “Live”
Santana “Live at the Fillmore 1968” an excellent 2-CD!!
Rory Gallagher “Irish Tour 1974”
Quicksilver Messenger Service “Happy Trails”
Pink Floyd “14 hour Technicolour Dream Extravaganza” at Alexander Palace in April 1967. (Brian Jones, Timothy Leary, and many more attended this “experience”)
Peter Gabriel “Plays Live”
Led Zeppelin “The Song Remains the Same”
Johnny Winter “And” and Many more Great versions of Jumping Jack Flash with only guitar, bass and drums.
John Mayall’s “Jazz Blues Fusion”
John Lennon “Live in NYC”
Jimi Hendrix “Live at Woodstock” Band of Gypsys” “At Monterey” “LA Forum 1969” “Live at Winterland” “Stages”
Jethro Tull “Bursting Out”
Jefferson Airplane “Bless it pointed Little Head”
J. Geils Band Full House, what a great version of “Serves you right to suffer”
Grateful Dead “Live/Dead”, “Europe 1972”
Gary Moore and the Midnight Blues Band with Albert King and Albert Collins
Fleetwood Mac “The Boston Box” (of course with Peter Green)
Doors “Absolutely Live”
Deep Purple “Made in Japan” and “In Concert KBFH w/Tommy Bolin”
Cream “Farewell Tour – Royal Albert Hall “6th November 1968”
Chicago IV The 4-LP box recorded before they went down to become “pop” what a pity! set, etc etc
Bloomfield-Kooper-Stills “Super Session”
Big Brother and the Holding Company “Cheap Thrills”
Badger “One Live Badger”

I’m sure I’m missing a lot and that if I need to write it again it would be different, but many will be back on the list.

What a pity that Patti Smith has not released a full live album yet, but the Philadelphia 1979 show is great, even that she speaks 30% of the show LOL.

After mentioning all of these great albums, I can’t hardly say that the best is, believe it or not “No Security”, I’m serious, listen that album without prejudices…it’s above Ya Ya’s and Love You Live. Oops, and I didn’t mention it. “Heavy ConstruKCtion” as the second. Sorry for the long post but for me it was a great “trip” to my past.
06-20-02 12:26 AM
Cant Catch Me Lots of mighty fine live performances alreay mentioned, but surely one of the top five ever has to be Lou Reed's "Rock N Roll Animal" (now remastered, w/ extras, no less).
06-20-02 12:37 AM
Cant Catch Me Damn, and you can't leave out Howling Wolf's "London Sessions," the first and far superior of any of the other London Sessions titles. A landmark of blues rock, and it's got several Stones members and Eric Clapton onboard to boot!

And, Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" qualifies as live, doesn't it, even if it wasn't recorded before an audience?
06-20-02 04:32 AM
swapwoodfortaylor Bongo Fury.....Zappa & Beefheart. Up there with Brussels Affair!
06-20-02 07:45 AM
hayo One of my all time favorites live albums, apart from stones records must be Live Wood from Paul Weller.
It's a great record, recorded in some clubs and no overdubs!

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