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Topic: Shaggy Dogs (aka #1 !shaggers!) Return to archive
06-20-02 04:19 PM
Jaxx >>the antithesis of wolfp***y, perhaps?

NY Post
Shaggy Dogs
June 20, 2002 -- THERE are plenty of awards for rock's coolest singers, hottest guitarists and most smokin' drummers. Now come the prizes for the best sex machines in the biz.

And lizard-tongued Gene Simmons of KISS, er, scores top honors as "Rock's No. 1 Shagger," as ranked in the August issue of Blender magazine.

Accepting the honor, Simmons, who boasts 4,600 sex romps, says: "If there are uglier guys around, I don't know where they are."

Blender assembled a panel of sexperts, led by Cynthia Plastercaster, the ex-groupie who's made hundreds of casts of rockers' penises, to name the stars with the biggest libidos.

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, ex-hubby of Pam Anderson and Heather Locklear, made the list as a groupie magnet.

But not all of his conquests have been pinup material:one musical engineer's "teeth stuck out of the side of her head, but she had a nice body," he told the magazine.

Rapper LL Cool J made the grade as an XXX video addict who hired hookers to make his own private films. "If sex and pornography left track marks," he says, "I would have had them from head to toe."

Eventually, he went "cold turkey" and married girlfriend Simone Johnson in August 1995.

Another winner is David Lee Roth, late of Van Halen, who honed his babe skills hanging out at lesbian bars that "gave me great access to the way women think."

Only two rock chicks make the list, but Madonna and Janis Joplin are on a par with the men.

The Material Girl shucked her Catholic-school upbringing to bed such famous names as JFK Jr., Dennis Rodman, Lenny Kravitz, Warren Beatty and Vanilla Ice.

As for Joplin, Blender says that on one five-day tour, the bisexual performer made love 65 times - usually right after her shows.

Among her lovers were Kris Kristofferson, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Namath.

Blender also cited retired Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, who says he took 278 girls to bed in the band's first two years. He also wed Mandy Smith, whom he started seeing when he was 47 and she was, gulp, 13!

Another wild man is Mick Jagger, who had his first encounter with two girls in a garden shed at age 12. The late rapper Eazy-E and the Doors' Jim Morrison, who faced no less than 20 paternity suits when he died, also made the chart.

The oldest name on the list is the late Screamin' Jay Hawkins. He claimed to have sired 75 kids, and, according to legend, was able to handle 14 women a night.

But Plastercaster doubts the latter number. "Ten is a possibility," she says. "That's easy to believe because of orgies. Back in the '60s, men would be with more than five girls at one sitting ... standing ... laying."
06-20-02 04:26 PM
Staffan LOL, thanks for posting this. I thought it was Brian who was the most active one during the first two years?
What does Bill write about that in his book, I forgot that list.
06-20-02 04:27 PM
winter notably absent from the article, macca (and his perky little maccies) - I just couldn't resist.

I don't want to beat a dead horse (probably too late), so to all of the macca fans, this is my last post on the subject.

"Everything alright in the critic section, have plenty to drink have you"

Can't wait to see the blimpapotomus - red tonge and all,


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