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The New barbarians Backstage - May 1979?
or The Emotional Rescue Sessions - Compass Point Studios, Nassau February 1979 ??
By Henry Diltz

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Topic: History Return to archive
06-20-02 11:12 AM
Ken I checked the faq, but I didn't see anything on the history of this board. Is there a place were I can find info such as when Rocks Off was started, who the admistrators are,
home towns ect...?

It's a great board BTW
[Edited by Ken]
06-20-02 11:26 AM
Lazy Bones Jaxx, Gazza and Voodoo - three, great Stone-lovers! See the wetpage.
06-20-02 11:49 AM
Ken wrote:
...when Rocks Off was started, who the admistrators are,
home towns ect...?

It's a great board BTW

as far as i remember the board started back in 1998, but was located in other place, is not just the board also a web site

the adminstrators are jaxx(usa), gazza(uk) and voodoo chile in wonderland (mexico)

yes, it's a great board i have been here since the early days
06-20-02 11:52 AM
jb This board was started right here in the grand Us of A by loyal, patriotic stones fans like me. I do not like taking crdit , but yes, I was involved in the establishment of this and many other stone sites. I was not involved, however, with the IORR site, as that was started in Finland by the great Bjourk!!!
06-20-02 12:00 PM
CS Listen JB why don't you go back home en leave us alone? You have a fucking month here and have posted 242 messages, and none of them is worth reading

BTW, is Bjornulf not Bjourk and it's Norway not Finland

06-20-02 12:06 PM
Lazy Bones Anyone remember Goin' Home?
06-20-02 12:13 PM
jb Yes, goin home was a weird site..also hard to post on..did not have a lot of traffic..
As far as CS is concerned, you obviously read my posts so they must be worth something to are what I classify as a low America we call people like you trailor park trash, white trash, soap scum, anal itch, don't threaten me boy as I OWN YOUR ASS!!!
06-20-02 12:48 PM
Lazy Bones wrote:
Jaxx, Gazza and Voodoo - three, great Stone-lovers! See the wetpage.

Great stuff, neat picture with Jeri and the Stones.
I was 1 then BTW Jeri I have a boarder collie too.

And off course I regonize Voodoo Chiles email addy
and I've heard of Gazza. But it would be interesting to know how you guys got together to form this board. Or was one person then the others just started helping out?

I've been around the online Stones communties since 94 or 95. I guess I found SFJ in 94 then Undercover in 95. A few years later I found Dougs AOL board and IORR ect....

Were a great bunch if I may say so myself!

PS: I can't get my damn icon to work. Does the web address have to end in " image.gif or jpg"
06-20-02 12:53 PM
CS Ken, your avatar must be an image and you have this use an image, jpg, gif are ok
06-20-02 03:23 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl A brief story since I got to go!

We knew each other on the old Rolling Stones forum located on the B2B official site in 1997.

Then a real professional spammer started to flood that board and it became a wasteland, this was mid 1998.

We decided to start a new one, our friend Linda Wright created one and it was empty, jaxx posted the first message at that board and invited us to particpate. Gazza, Linda and I followed her. It was a message board only, its name was GOIN’ HOME and it was great. Then Linda Wright closed the board and we created a website and a message board.

The name Rocks Off was suggested by me and accepted by Jaxx and Gazza, and LOL we found that by coincidence, part of the lyrics fits perfectly with a name for a message board “Your mouth don’t move but I can hear you speak” or “Your mouse don’t move but I can hear you click”

We had a kick off meeting in Hartford in 1999.

We miss you Linda Wright!

06-20-02 04:41 PM
gypsy jb=lizzie grubman?
06-20-02 04:52 PM
patioaintdry jb=just banned
06-20-02 04:55 PM
KeepRigid Isn't it obvious that our resident xenophile can only be the one and only James Bond?
06-20-02 05:46 PM
gypsy I think jb is Justine Bateman!
06-20-02 09:58 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl jb has not been banned, just warned.

On June 16, 2001 the hit counter of the WET page was inserted here, it had 174,489 hits. Now the hit counter is for both the page and the board. The hit counter of the ITW board had 1,127,645 hits when it was closed and the Coolboard didn't have hit counter but was on line only two months and a half.
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