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The New barbarians Backstage - May 1979?
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Topic: This is the kind of stuff that makes me nuts Return to archive
06-19-02 02:45 PM
nankerphelge Read on today that Brittney Spears handlers are concerned that she's got the grown up blues over her breakup with Justin Foraminute or whatever the fuck his name is -- apparentlt she is so down, that (get this -- I'm not making this up) her handlers have noticed that at times she stops lip-synching as if she doesn't care.

How can people take this seriously?
JB is right -- this demographic is a bunch of absolute morons. And the Stones -- a BAND, not a recording -- has trouble selling out FedEx field? My brain hurts -- this just doesn't compute. When Jagger can't sing, they cancel the show -- a la Syracuse '97 -- when Brittney doesn't lip synch to the track, it looks as if she doesn't care??!! Care to what -- dupe the fans more? Or if you are know you are being duped and permit it to happen -- is that no longer a dupe but a dope?

I just don't get it.

Is this the same group that likes to dance like they are having sex, but not have sex. Or wear clothes that makes them look like their naked, rather than getting naked?

We are fucking doomed...

06-19-02 02:50 PM
Fn_Nick Hate Britney Spears and all teen pop. But I don't think these teenybopper fans have any doubt that she's lipsynching, they just don't care. I fail to see any reason to go to any concert where you know the person/band isn't really singing or playing. Pathetic. I'll take the modern Stones overproduction with 15 musicians/backup singers any day over that.
06-19-02 02:55 PM
jb Britney is not a girl, yet not a woman..however as much as I dislike her music, she it beyond hot....apparently she refused to fuck Justin Timberlake of the boy band en Sync...perhaps Justin cheated with another hotty, who from what I understand, does fuck, Chritine Aguerilla?....Britney and En Sync have sold out approximately 10 shows b/t them over the last 3 yrs here in Fla...A lot of homos love En Sync and many older men love to see little Britney shake her hot-ass body,,,...this is what our country lives for...
06-19-02 03:16 PM
luxury1 Nanky--do you ever do any work in that office?
06-19-02 03:18 PM
nankerphelge Hell no!
I got touritis!
I surf the web, work out, surf the web some more -- and that pretty much tires me out - so I go home and drink!

06-19-02 03:25 PM
sirmoonie "her handlers have noticed that at times she stops lip-synching as if she doesn't care"

I agree with you Nanky, its a sign that the human race's 15 minutes is about up.

Its also so pathetic, its almost funny. I wonder if her fans say shit like "Man, Britney's June 2002 tour was one of her worst. I mean, the backing tapes played really well - don't get me wrong, because I don't want to blame the backing tapes one bit - but her synching was just way off, man . . . ya know, just way off . . ."
06-19-02 03:28 PM
jb I'm not a boy, yet I'm not a man....I am JOey's date according to M. Lugar CPO
06-19-02 03:29 PM
nankerphelge Exactly moonie, ah , sirmoonie. That's exactly it. ZERO talent -- NONE. Just a hot lil' bod for everyone to look at. Why not get a giant cardboard cutout of Heather Locklear -- pay her a couple bucks for it -- slip it over some fat dude that you can pay $5 an hour and have him jump around while the track plays? Hell, imagine the money they'd make. Or, film Britteny lipsyncing a show when she is in a good mood and actually "cares" and then just play that -- hell the music isn't real, and the singing isn't real -- so why exactly does she have to be there at all?

Oh, because that's what we are going to see. Okay, so, why have her, ahem, "perform" - sit her ass in a chair and everyone can look at her tits.

I'm losing what's left of my little mind...
06-19-02 03:36 PM
jb Please don't fly nanker as another terrorist threat for 7/4/02 and I will be at the hard rock in Orlando with the Jr. Esq's
06-19-02 03:40 PM
nankerphelge Sorry dude - tickets are in hand. Christ I fly so damn much anyway, it doesn't matter. If yer number's up, it's up whether it's Osama or a knife-wielding Stones fan. Besides, Hartford stole my 10/5 MCI show -- I'm gonna go up there and show them that they can take the show our of DC, but they can't take DC out of the show. My loyalty is without question!
06-19-02 04:01 PM
Nellcote JB, please give it up. Since when do work in Ashcroft's office. There is more of a terriost threat leaving your
bathroom these days than at any airport.

06-19-02 04:08 PM
jb Nellcote, why so abusive towards me as I have substantially reduced what many considered obnoxious posts...I am trying to protect a great stones fan, not to mention a fellow member of the bar, from Islamisists....If you chose to fly, god bless you, but i have a wife and kids to support, and I don't want to be blown out of the air-even for the stones!! Believe me, I have traveled around the world , and I have traveled to many stone shows, but you see whats happening in Israel...well unfortunately thats will be happening here in the near future....May god keep Nanker and other great stone fans safe in their travels...
06-19-02 04:12 PM
luxury1 "I surf the web, work out, surf the web some more..""
You mockin' me , boy??
Or is that jealousy I smell?
06-19-02 04:16 PM
nankerphelge Me? Mock you?
You have entirely the wrong idea about me.

06-19-02 04:38 PM
Nellcote JB, abusive towards you? Give me a break. You need to suck it up. This is the world, that we are on this planet
is the cards we are dealt. You should realize that this
decades extremists were the Red Brigades in the 80's. Whenever there is conflict, there will be terrorists.
Flying is now safer than ever. Face it. They are getting
results at the airport. Are there warnings out not to fly US airports in the US currently issued by the US Dept of State? No. Only in countries of conflict. Yes, it is not time to travel in the Israel right now, but guess what, it will be at some point again. You don't want to fly, fine, that is your right, which should be respected. Don't say it's not safe for others to fly, just because you don't think it is. BTW, get your music facts straight. Those posts about Bono and U2 were out in left field.
06-19-02 08:55 PM
littleredrooster Hey Nanky,
Be nice to those Britney fans!!!
They are the ones who will be wheeling you around the nursing home and emptying your bed pan!!!!
They could be lurking on this board!!!
06-19-02 10:25 PM
nanky That's pretty funny!
I doubt any of them know how to spell Rolling Stones -- let alone find this place!
And I'll be long gone before any of my bedpans need emptying -- with all the abuse I heap upon myself -- I'll be lucky to see 50!

06-19-02 10:46 PM
Boomhauer that little girl on Being Mick was like, "aren't you in the band that Britney Spears did a song of?", like the Stones are the SORRY ones!

It's just too bad that rap and boy/girl teen groups are on top. Rock music by current bands is not that good; that rap-rock shit sucks, too. Just look at the bands who did it: Limp Bizkit, Rage, etc.; they're gone. Music today is all about PEPSI commercials and showing your ass on MTV and VH1. Kids just aren't interested in music anymore. When I was in the band in school, people would say that us folks in the band and jazz band were 'band fags'. What the F$#K is that about? At least I was doing something interesting than those sorry ass punks who only knew how to rap lyrics to Snoop Dogg and computerized "Music" and pick their asses.

BTW, what the f#%k was that about when VH1 gave Eminem an ultimate album? Damn that is stupid!
06-20-02 03:40 AM
Staffan yeah, todays pop music scene is TERRIBLE !
I heard some girl say "of course she's lip syncing, otherwise it sounds better that way!" as if it was natural to do that!
then iI wonder what the point is with live shows, to see (and not hear) the half-naked girls live or what?
06-20-02 08:30 AM
Scot Rocks Yeah we all know modern music is awful, it is boring, bland and completely talentless. There are of course a few exceptions, however none gives me the excitement and satisfaction like the Stones, the Who or Clapton gives. When I mention to people the stuff I like, my reply is always "hey so you listen to the same stuff my mum or dad would", ignorant pricks. Anyway at least in the States, you actually get to hear the Stones and other R&R artists through many mediums TV and Radio, where there is plenty of Classic Rock about, while we across the pond, where the Stones, The Beatles, The Who, etc came from are never played on radio anywhere across the whole country. The whole radio market consists of either, pop, techno dance, or the boring new bands like Starsailor who make you feel that you are sitting at a funeral. Therefore, when the market is flooded with all this, this is the stuff people are going to listen to, even though its bullshit. While I may be called 'old' for listening to old music, i coudn't really give a shit what anybody thinks cos I know that the stuff I listen to is much more exciting than any of them will ever experience while they will live their sad lives listening to same old trash.

06-20-02 08:46 AM
Please don t be stupid with RATM: they a REAL rock band, they only use their intruments,their songs are very good, you cant put them in the same list with Britney and all those stupid and boring boys band....of course they re not true rebels but who cares??
and who can be a rebel in this pepsi world??

but note that Ratm did a great cover of "street fighting man" on "RENEGADES" .....

but, no problem , I imagine that many of you hate this band, of course they re one of my fav....AFTER THE STONES of course!!!

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