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Topic: U2 with the stones??? Return to archive
06-19-02 05:49 AM
aimar I hope there will be U2 with stones for many shows but what songs they will play togethers???It s hard to know i was thinking of street fighting man or angie or love is strong tell me what do you think of it.thanks
06-19-02 09:05 AM
mattb I don't think this is likely. The are no venues that are large enough to hold Bono's and Jagger's egos at the same time.
06-19-02 09:13 AM
Scot Rocks U2 and the Stones would be brilliant but will never happen.

06-19-02 09:17 AM
nankerphelge Why would anyone ruin a perfectly good Stones show with U2? Besides, isn't Bono too busy these days brown-nosing our Treasure Secretary? For god's sake, if O'Neill stopped quick, they'd have to have Bono's goofy glasses surgically removed from O'Neill's ass!

06-19-02 09:18 AM
Lazy Bones I, too, think it would never happen. However, they (the Stones) have played with other large acts. Take 27th July, 1995 for example. Montpellier, France had the delight of seeing Dylan open for the Stones AND perform LIKE A ROLLING STONE together!
So, anything is possible. Unlikely, but possible.
If I remember correctly, I think the Black Crowes also opened. Perhaps someone can verify..?! Now that's a show!
[Edited by Lazy Bones]
06-19-02 10:53 AM
jb U2 is currently more popular as evidenced by their sold out tour which was the 2nd highest grossing tour of all time, just behind VL. Regrettably, this highly overrated, rhythmless group, is very popular with the 20-35 age group, which is much younger than the 40 yr old avg. stone fan. Bono has made the band even more popular by pretending to care about starving africans, bosnians, etc...He is a total hypocrit as I have inside knowledge as to what a egomaniacal cunt he is....Unfortunately, the stones do not promote themselves other than for the occassional tour ...
Truthfully, u2 would not want to be seen with the stones as it would make them uncool and sellouts....They even cut jaggers guest vocals of the recent crap album b/c of poor sales of gitdw....
06-19-02 11:47 AM
Riffhard It's never gonna happen.mattb you are so right there isn't a venue large enough for the two egos!lol!
By the way Josh.You got it wrong.GITD came out almost a full year after U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind.The reason U2 pulled Mick's backing vocals had nothing to do with GITD sales,as the album hadn't even been released yet.The song took a different direction.Also,the reason Bono appeared on GITD was to say thank's to Mick for his help.

06-19-02 11:49 AM
Nellcote JB-The U2 album came you speak of came out Spring of 01.
Jagger's solo album came out after that.

How did U2 know Jagger's album would flop before it came out?

Does Kreskin play in that band?

Further, what lead singer of a rock band does not have an
inflated ego?

I do find Bono's choice of causes peculiar, however, at least he is doing something, ie United Nations, who does nothing.

Anyways, since 95, the Stones are back on the rhythm of
touring they had in the 72-81 range, something every three years. They will surpass Ireland's little darlings this time, don't worry.
06-19-02 11:58 AM
winter Well said Nellcote -

06-19-02 12:36 PM
Nellcote Hey Winter;

Have you plotted out the location where I'm to buy you that Guiness for the lead on the Fleet tix? I'm to be at both shows, Sept & Jan, take your pick.
06-19-02 12:56 PM
speter555 Nellcote,A bunch of us including Winter were supposed to meet at the Four Seasons.However they wanted two grand for a three night stay so I had to scratch that idea.We'll all hook up somewhere though.
06-19-02 01:02 PM
winter Not yet, I think speter555 (who is an occassional poster at this site) and others are going to pick a spot, and let us know the Sunday before the first show. I figure the more fans the better. I'd like to go somewhere that it is throwing a Stones pre-party - music, videos, etc. Where that is, we probably won't know until a week or so before the opener.

Before the first No Security show at the Fleet Center I was at the Harp and they were playing a boot of the 3rd MSG Bridges show (it's the only time they ever played Might as Well get Juiced live, so the show is easily identifiable). Anyway, got me really hyped up for the show.

Maybe we can hijack the damn blimp. Can't wait to see that thing hovering over beantown.

What about Foxborough? That's a bit tougher, no real pubs in the area. Have to do the tailgate thing. For the Bridges show, Kaluah (sp?) threw a great pre-party, had party trailors with booze, food, stones videos, music, etc.

Are you making it to the Orpheum? I forget,

06-19-02 01:05 PM
speter555 Winter, I just want to let you know I'm in at the Orpheum so you'll have some people to party with before the show.
06-19-02 01:05 PM
winter sorry speter555, didn't see your post while I was replying -how the hell are you?

If you need suggestions on other hotels, let me know - I live in the area. You may want to try priceline, and go with any 3-4 star hotel in the Back Bay. My buddy was in town recently and got the Copley Marriot for $75 a night. Its not the Four Seasons, but that's a pretty good deal.

06-19-02 01:07 PM
winter speter555 - thanks
06-19-02 01:08 PM
speter555 What about a club date at the House of Blues in Harvard Sq. on Labor Day night? That would be the balls.
06-19-02 01:13 PM
speter555 Hi Winter I'm playing your song while I'm typing this.The only problem with the Marriott is that The Greatest Band That Has Ever Lived won't be staying there.That was my plan to meet them.
06-19-02 01:32 PM
winter Winter is one of my favorite songs as well, I hope they pull it out on this tour (maybe for the Jan show).

I hear you on the meeting the Stones. Maybe you can sneak into the Bristol Lounge one night. I think they shut it down to non-hotel guests when big bands are in town.

As for a surprise club gig, I think they are more likely to do Avalon or the Paradise, it any at all.

I have no inside info, but those places have better site lines and handle "bigger" shows.

Avalon has had CSNY, Dylan, STP

I keeping my fingers crossed that they do a surprise gig in the area to warm things up
06-19-02 01:35 PM
Nellcote Winter;

The Harp is cool. Anything near the Fleet is great.
New spot called Hurricane O'reilly's I hear is good.
CMGI, down the Rt 1 is the End Zone, we were there b4 VL.
Otherwise, yeah tailgate is the thang. No Orpheum yet, however I'll be a cling on outside.
06-19-02 07:01 PM
mattb The buzz around town is the Stones have private houses for July though September.
06-19-02 07:04 PM
winter It was in the Globe that Mick got Keith's usual place in MV. Someone may have posted it here as well. I thought the article said the fall though - which would make sense if the stones are in Toronto for rehearsals during the summer.

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