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The New barbarians Backstage - May 1979?
or The Emotional Rescue Sessions - Compass Point Studios, Nassau February 1979 ??
By Henry Diltz

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Topic: Another embarrassment for the English Return to archive
06-18-02 09:39 AM
jb It was bad enough that the Stones were not in the top 20 English bands of all time, or that Mick was #51 out of 100 top English performers, but now, the English again show their horrific taste as thr "new" Elvis single premiers as #1 on the British charts!!! Thank god everyday that the Stones left Britain and made America their home!!!
06-18-02 10:45 AM
Scot Rocks England, Britain, make up your mind, your lack of knowledge of the geography of the UK shows your ignorance, however you are right for some reason Mick and the Stones are not as popular here as they are across the pond. I have often though about it but I am still not sure why.

06-18-02 10:58 AM
jb Please give me a brief geography lesson..Thanks...
06-18-02 11:12 AM
Sir Stonesalot jb

Britain is made up of 4 seperate entities. England, Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland. Each is it's own nationality. So while all English are Brits, not all Brits are English. It's sort of like saying everyone in the US is a Floridian.
06-18-02 11:21 AM
jb it is the English who dislike the stones....what about the Scots? I know Tom Jones comes from Whales, so they must hate the Stones..The Irish love U2 so they are not big fans...The Scots, however, make the finest Scotch (Ardbeg) and must like the Stones! Also, Fiji, your a real tough guy aren't me tonight at 8:00 P.M. at the club house at Woodfield country club..have the gate call the club house when you arrive and ask for Josh...I would love to meet you ...
06-18-02 11:22 AM
Joey I don't know about all that ...............

But I do know that our band is not loved by the masses and I kinda like it like that . Indeed , we are a secret society.............Undercover of the night we are . Hug Me .

The greatest things to ever come out of the UK were The Beatles , THE STONES , and The Who , in that order . Those bands are an insistent entity that flow over me continuously . Why , because those boys do not grow old gracefully ,it doesn't suite them .

" Space for the Papa "

Bunny Boy Joey

06-18-02 11:26 AM
jb No, space for the Momma!!!!!!!!! Beatle boy!!!
06-18-02 11:50 AM
Scot Rocks hey jb, I am afraid us Scots support of the best band in the world, does not match our excellence in the making of the whisky. However there are some of us and we would not hear a bad word said against the Stones and we continue as missionaries of the Stones, spreading the word, throughout the land, in many ways and converting the damned and saving them from the depths of Hell (modern chart music). For beginners we recommend the good book of Hot Rocks and Jump Back, before moving them on to the treasures of the era 67-72, after that they are hooked and we can leave them to their own devices.

"I'll be your savior, steadfast and true
I'll come to your emotional rescue
I'll come to your emotional rescue"

from the good book of Jagger/Richards, ch.8

How the fuck did I come with that crap!!!!lol

06-18-02 11:52 AM
Scot Rocks Beatles THEN the Stones Joey are u feeling well?

06-18-02 11:53 AM
Sir Stonesalot Hey Joey...

I'm flattered that you remebered my secret society post....did you save that one?

Man, you work that clip & paste like a madman!
06-18-02 12:20 PM
Sir Stonesalot scrotum, c10?

Sounds like cockroach to me.

He was devastated because he Severely Underestimated Cleveland's Killer Summit (SUCKS for short) other words cockroach SUCKS. He could not deal with the shame, and went off the deep end. He hates all of the C10 because he SUCKS.

Too bad. He was kinda cool before he went all mental, and started wishing cancer on people and stuff.

Sir Stonesalot, C10, B5, BL?
06-18-02 12:32 PM
jb Scrotum c10 is not cockroach!!!!!!!!Joey loves the Beatles. Space for the Joey>>
06-18-02 01:10 PM
Sir Stonesalot OK Josh, so who is it?
06-18-02 01:13 PM
steel driving hammer >"It was bad enough that the Stones were not in the top 20 English bands of all time"

jb - It only matters what you feel should be #1 & be happy w/ it.

Not the Lemmings...

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