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The New barbarians Backstage - May 1979?
or The Emotional Rescue Sessions - Compass Point Studios, Nassau February 1979 ??
By Henry Diltz

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Topic: Roll over Beethoven opening number Return to archive Page: 1 2
06-16-02 06:42 AM
F505 This must be it! I listened to Roll over Beethoven (Saturday Club, march 8 1964) last night and now I'm sure: the perfect opener for the upcoming World Tour. It is short, powerful and it rocks like hell.
06-16-02 12:23 PM
st0nesfan That's funny I was just listening to the studio version of this song and thought the exact same thing!! But I would still prefer Sweet Little 16 as an opener.
06-16-02 01:22 PM
Mr T no way - opening number can't be a cover - this tour is a retrospective of the STONES' career - not Chuck Berry's.

wouldn't mind a cover or 2 in the middle if the setlists are extended though
06-16-02 03:45 PM
Ruskafarian What about "Not Fade Away" for the Voodoo Lounge Tour? That was a pretty good opener... and it's a cover.
06-16-02 03:54 PM
nanky Sympathy is gonna be it -- I can just feel it.
Although Tumblin Dice would be a good opener too -- well know, classic Stones, good audience song, nothing too challenging for anyone, good tempo.
06-16-02 04:04 PM
mattb I think it will be Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man!
06-16-02 06:23 PM
swapwoodfortaylor Something pre Aftermath. Got to kick off with a Keef riff / chord sequence though.
06-16-02 07:15 PM
stonedinaustralia well mr t this time we disagree... given chuck's place in the genetic make up of the stones i think it would be entirely appropriate.. to hear those classic intro licks (a la carol & bye bye johnny)ringing out at the start of the show would really signal that we are about to rock and roll

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
06-17-02 12:22 AM
littleredrooster It's going to be 'Around and Around'!!
This is a perfect one for Keith to wild on for the opening tune!

We should have a contest to pick the tune that will kick off the 40th Anniversary Tour.
06-17-02 06:54 AM
JaggaRichards Let It Rock.
The only obvious choice IMO.
06-17-02 07:42 AM
TomL I agree with Nanky.
06-17-02 08:39 AM
Lazy Bones
littleredrooster wrote:
It's going to be 'Around and Around'!!

Around and Around is pure b-stage material!
06-17-02 09:02 AM
Mr T if I had to pick a cover - I'd say Let It Rock - but as the first encore instead of the opening number
06-17-02 09:19 AM
Sir Stonesalot Sympathy. It's time has come.

Hey, that song by the Chambers Brothers..."Time Has Come Today"....that's a really cool song. I saw Steve Earle do a killer version of that...with 2 drummers. Ooof.
06-17-02 10:34 AM
L&A "Don't Know How To Stop" as closingnumber ?
06-17-02 10:46 AM
Mr T I'd rather they have more spur the moment setlists this tour. B2B had GREAT setlists, but they were really predictable always opening with Satisfaction, then doing Bitch & Gime Shlter & Lets Spend the Night Together. Id rather they pick different openers as much as possible. Make it more like the Black Crowes setlists. NO opening song set in stone. The encores are different EVERY time - not required to play ANYTHING - just play the stuff you feel like doing.
06-17-02 01:38 PM
steel driving hammer Nice choices here!

Agree it'l be,

Let It Rock (not likely though)
Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (standing in the shadows)
Around and Around
Nadine? Nah.
2000 Man
The Last Time?
06-17-02 01:50 PM
Mr T not too likely. Chances are it'll be an old CLASSIC, like Get Off Of My Cloud, Sympathy, Brown Sugar, Honky Tomk Women - you know. I think songs like Let It Rock would work MUCH better as encores. Remember, encores are traditionally best for the really obscure stuff - you know, what the band wants to play that night - that's when the big surprizes are supposed to come out. That's why the encores in the last few tours were sucky selections
06-17-02 03:40 PM
littleredrooster Hey, LAZYBONES!!
You are right Around and Around is a better B stage song, but, I also thought the same of Not Fade Away!!!!!
It opened Voodoo Lounge!
OK, It got to be ROCKS OFF!!!!!!!!
06-17-02 03:55 PM
Lazy Bones
littleredrooster wrote:
It opened Voodoo Lounge!

True. All the more odds of a cover not opening 2 of the last four tours. Although I think it would be a great opener, it's more likely to be a b-stage opener - like Route 66. Besides, Not Fade Away is a much bigger (well-known) song than Around And Around.
It would be nice to see some more oldies! Down The Road Apiece would be great, too.
06-17-02 04:15 PM
andy1411 what about Its only rock and roll !!!
06-17-02 04:39 PM
Mr T also the Stones made Not Fade Away their own. That's a big piece of their Stones history - ho even remebers the first guys who did it. The Stones may not have wrote it, but they might as well have. All the Chuck Berry covers were live setlist staples early on, but really nothing as memorable as Not Fade Away.

In fact, even though I don't like the idea of opening with a cover, if they hadn't already used Not Fade Away, that might've been my first choice
06-17-02 06:11 PM
F505 So I'm glad you all agree Roll over Beethoven is the one and only opener of the Stones Tour 2003!

06-17-02 06:39 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Mr.T, ever heard of a guy named Buddy Holly?
06-17-02 06:46 PM
Mr T that was a sarcastic statement. I know Buddy Holly did it before the Stones, but the Stones version was a much bigger milestone. Like I said, they made the song their own. As far as I know, the Stones' version is the better known of the 2
06-18-02 12:55 AM
Bluzian Personally, I think it's gonna be Street Fightin' Man. Only
this time, it's going to be shortened up for the opener.

And I also think that they should mix it up a bit. I mean,
why the hell can't they rotate Midnight Rambler as a closer?
I think 'Rambler and You Can't Always Get... should be the
encores. They're incredibly climactic, and leave you feeling
overwhelmed, exhausted and content after they finish. What
a perfect way to end?? Just my thoughts... :-)

06-18-02 09:49 AM
voodoopug "Chances are it'll be an old CLASSIC, like Get Off Of My Cloud, Sympathy, Brown Sugar, Honky Tomk Women - you know. I think songs like Let It Rock would work MUCH better as encores. Remember, encores are traditionally best for the really obscure stuff - you know, what the band wants to play that night - that's when the big surprizes are supposed to come out. That's why the encores in the last few tours were sucky selections"

Encores are traditionaly best for obscure stuff? Have you paid attention to any stones tour set?

1999 Sympathy
1998 Satisfaction
1997 Brown Sugar, YCAGWYW
1994 JJF
1989 JJF/Satisfaction
1981 Satisfaction
1978 JJF/Street Fighting Man
1975 Sympathy/Street Fighting Man

Hardly obscure stuff. I think an encore should be a fun song that everyone knows and everyone should go home happy. In fact, this could be the only spot in the set list that I wouldnt mind hearing a "Hot Rock". There was just something special about leaving the United Center in 99 with everyone chanting the Woo Woo's as they were hitting the exits
06-18-02 10:06 AM
Mr T I didn't mean the Stones' stuff. great songs, but as far as encores go, they've always had poor choices. Each night, its supposed to be a SURPRIZE. Encores shouldn't be set in stone, they should be more spontaneous. Throughout the Stones entire history, they've failed to catch this concept completly. Encores are supposed to be played for the big fans - the ones who want to hear EVERYTHING - not hte people who are gonna leave the second after they hear Satisfaction & JJ Flash.
06-18-02 01:56 PM
voodoopug that I can dig mr T.
06-18-02 07:50 PM
mattb She Said Yeah!
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