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06-13-02 06:25 PM
mattb I won't be lining up. I understood beforehand what the terms were. I didn't like them. The whole concept of a better seat is truly subjective. If what seat you have is SO important to you, you should not have agreed to buy the ticket in this manner.
06-13-02 06:35 PM
mattb wrote:
I won't be lining up. I understood beforehand what the terms were. I didn't like them. The whole concept of a better seat is truly subjective. If what seat you have is SO important to you, you should not have agreed to buy the ticket in this manner.

It's not subjective when they claim to only offer
1000 Golden Circle tickets and then turn around and
sell 6000. These numbers are my estimates only to make the point. But I bet in the MSG case they are not far off.
[Edited by Ken]
06-13-02 07:17 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I'll not be lining up either....I didn't take part in the pre-sale. I took part in a pre-sale once before with that fucking Sprint promotion and my seats were marginal. The only saving grace was that they were near the B-stage. And I got VH1 tickets for No Security, and they were not all that great. So let's just say that I learned my lesson with pre-sales.

I'd always been able to get tickets before, and I saw no reason why I wouldn't be able to get tickets again...thru the general public sale. And I got tickets to every show that I wanted to buy tickets for.

Face it, most of the people who did the pre-sale were in a panic. They thought that all the good seats would be gone before tickets even went on sale. Well, all the good seats were not gone. Now, everyone is kicking themselves for falling for the pay-for-an-early-buy promotion.

I have a press kit that was given out at the tour announcement. I read the official press release. It promises nothing, other than an opportunity to pre-buy tickets to a concert. It did not guarantee club/theatre did not promise "Gold Circle" tickets...That statement that was made about the $350.00 tickets was made in reference to the amount of $350.00 tickets, and how that price range fit in with the other tickets available. That paragraph says that 5% of the tickets would be $350.00, and 95% of the house would be less than that. It never said that all $350.000 tickets are "Gold Circle". It said that there were a limited number of "Gold Circle" seats available. Any conclusions that you drew were your own. It's called marketing. Put out some vague info, and let people read things into it. Simple, and effective as hell. It happens every day with multitudes of products.

Like I said before, if this petition will help people feel a little better...great. And I mean that. I just think that jousting windmills is a waste of time. And anyone who thinks that the petition will actually accomplish anything is just further deluding themselves. And I'd rather NOT see that. Those people have put themselves thru enough, dragging it out is just going to make them bitter. I'd rather not have negative vibes flying all over MSG and Giant's Stadium while I'm there. I want everyone to be as excited as I am about seeing the Rolling Stones again. The bottom line is that you all got in the door. Trust in the Stones. When they hit the stage, you'll be saying "getaccess who? Fan Club wha? It's the STONES man! Wooooooooodoggies!"
06-13-02 07:25 PM
T&A what the pre-sale was able to do, that was a tremendous value for some of us, was provide another window of opportunity to buy theater tix. That turned out to be more than worth the $95 fee....

But like you, Card X, I wouldn't have dreamed of putting down money on tix at an arena or stadium without knowing what I was buying. I also learned that through the Sprint fiasco of '97.
06-13-02 07:40 PM
mattb C'mon baby, that's right cry to me
Yes, I want you to come on baby
C'mon c'mon cry to me
I want you to c'mon baby
C'mon c'mon and cry to me
Yeah c'mon baby c'mon I want you to cry cry cry to me
Yeah I want you to cry cry cry cry cry cry cry
I want you to cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry...
06-13-02 07:44 PM
kc152 When I got thru to get tickets for MSG, there were 2 prices for me to choose from 350 or 160. I picked 160.00. For argument sake say I belive sec 310 is worth 160.00 a piece, but someone out there paid 95.00 & there in the 5th row?? I think the people that have a gripe, are not saying " WE all should have received 1st row or theater tix" It's a question of fairness
06-13-02 08:16 PM
nankerphelge I won't be lining up for anything (except at the Boston Police station after I get arrested for putting the kibash on the Orpheum) -- I'm not a part of this pity party.

You may call me a naysayer -- I call it realistic. You are talking about promoters for the rock and roll concert industry -- how you think these people care about you is totally beyond me.
06-13-02 08:19 PM
mattb I went to a show once at the Orpheum and had what I thought was a lousy seat in the back. Three people came in and asked if I wanted a seat down in the front. Seems like they had a friend with a seat down front who wanted to sit with his friends. So I swapped and had a much better seat. So quit complaining. There are plenty of people who would like the seat you have.
06-13-02 09:31 PM
mattb wrote:
This moaning and whining is getting boring. If you did not like the set-up before deciding to utilize the get acess or fan club sites, you should not have used these ticket purchasing methods. I read all the web pages carefully and chose not to use these ticket purchasing methods. How about accepting some responsibility for your decisions?

06-14-02 12:59 AM
Dear Doctor whether you agree or disagree with Ken who gives a fuck

But i can say that Ken put a huge amount of effort in 1999 to throw some great Stones gatherings, that included Buses

and he's doing it again this tour and probably somes of us bananas will be at one of these parties.

I know I sure fucking will

Bar-Stones pre-show party> bus ride to show(might as well get juiced)> THE MICK LIVE IN PHILLY

so let him vent fuck it

at least he does something positive for anyone to join

if any of you wannabe real fans are going to south philly
then lets all RIP THAT JOINT


06-14-02 02:43 AM
kc152 Maybe you can all learn somthing if you stop & listen for a second. All these people whinning are Stones fans like you & me.
06-14-02 08:34 AM
mattb If I was giving a concert, I wouldn't want them near the stage either.
06-14-02 09:25 AM
Dear Doctor wrote:
whether you agree or disagree with Ken who gives a fuck

Thanks Doc!
But most of these folks didn't even read my post or the

only reason I bought the membership. Bottom line lots of people got screwed. Others are thrilled to death. This is for the folks that got screwed.

What sucks for me is I'm not going to have as good a time at the shows knowing alot of my friends from "our fan clubs" got screwed.

06-14-02 10:30 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Ken,

It's nice of you to go to the trouble of setting this thing up for your pals. I'm glad you got theatre tickets. I'm sorry that your pals weren't as lucky as you.

So let me ask you a question, who didn't actually get tickets? Is there anyone who did a purchase thru any of the pre-sales who did NOT end up with tickets to the shows that they paid for?

I know this sounds shitty, but the truth is that these people who claim that they "got screwed", in fact did not get screwed. They just aren't happy with where their seats are. Well guess what, 3/4ths of the damn stadium, and 3/4ths of the damn arena are not gonna be happy with their every show. At Giant's Stadium the capacity is around 65,000. 5,000 of those seats are prime...that means that 60,000 people will be wishing that they were in those 5,000 prime seats. That just goes with stadium concerts. Hell, that just goes with ANY concert.

There is no place that I have read on any of the terms or releases...that guarantee that you will get the best seats. The only thing that anyone who paid their $90.00 to the RSFC, that was guaranteed, was the ability to purchase tickets before the sale to the general public. And from what I've seen so far, everyone who bought tickets thru the fan tickets. So where's the beef?

I don't know where people got the idea that if you pay an extra $90.00 to the fan club that they were guaranteed to get better seats than anyone else. If that is what they assumed, then that conclusion was drawn completely on their own. I read the same things that they read, and I concluded that it was a waste of money.

I think the people have more of a beef against Scam Greedy and Some of their servers went down and people got locked out. By the time the servers came back on line, pre-sale tickets were sold out for some shows. THAT you have a legit complaint against. Also the people who had club/theatre tickets in their cart, and were denied purchase because of "geographical" restrictions...that's bullshit too. If someone from Virginia wants to go to LA to see a show at the Wiltern, they should damn well be able to buy the tickets to go to the show. Being denied that opportunity is not right. I understand the WHY of it, to deny tickets to brokers, but in the end it does more bad than good.

So like I've said all along, if signing this petition makes you feel better...great. But I think it would be better to just go to the shows and have fun...even if you seats aren't in the first 20 rows. It's the Stones...and for me, being in the same building as them is enough. I'm there, and it will be spectacular. Even if I am in the rafters.
06-17-02 09:16 PM
igotdblues It's not about the money, it's about the site luring hardcore fans into buying memberships with the expectations of sitting in the "best section in the house" The site clearly states that the most expensive tickets will be pulled from "what is considered to be the best section in the house"...

well that was then... now it says sections...

I passed up on a lot of better seats through the public sale while waiting for my seating assignments...

when I finally did get my assignments I checked to see what tix were available from ticketmaster... same section 2 rows above... same seats... $95 less

My contention is that either they over sold.. or they never reserved tix and I got what was publicly available when my seats were assigned.

I don't think sec 101 row 17 is the best section in the house for the national car rental center... but maybe everyone who bought tickets from 5/20 - 6/11 for this show passed up this "best section" and I am just full of crap...

If they did not have enough tickets it also clearly states that they would'nt sell the tix nor charge you a membership fee..

If the site said "Sections" and not "section" I would not have joined. This has since changed... to say sections which is cool, cuz now they can deliver what they promise.

feel free to disagree... but you will be wrong.


06-17-02 09:33 PM
Nellcote Rent the DVD!!!
06-17-02 10:42 PM
lasco "I don't know where people got the idea that if you pay an extra $90.00 to the fan club that they were guaranteed to get better seats than anyone else."

I had to comment on that quote because I was told by the fanclub that I WOULD BE GUARANTEED better seats by purchasing through the fanclub. When I first sent a complaint to the rs fanclub, stating that I wanted to cancel my membership, etc... I actually got a phone call from them. I was told that by waiting things out and keeping my membership, I was GUARANTEED great seats that were SPECIALLY SELECTED BY THE ROLLING STONES from a block of seats that were among the BEST SEATS available for each venue. He also told me that while he couldn't tell me my exact seat location, he could guarantee that the seats would be excellent. I wanted to verify that I wouldn't be getting a seat behind the stage with obstructed view and I wouldn't be getting seats in the nosebleed section and I wouldn't be getting seats that I could complain about. I pointed out to him that I was seeing all kinds of great seats available for purchase on e-bay and that for the same money I spent on fanclub membership, I could have decent seats of my choosing rather than waiting and hoping that I didn't get screwed. I stated that I didn't think the Stones really cared one way or another about where I sat as long as they got their money. He assured me I was wrong and that I WAS GUARANTEED GREAT SEATS. He reiterated several time that these great seats were from a special block of tickets selected by the Stones to make sure their fanclub members had the best opportunities for the best seats. I was fortunate that I DID get good seats.But I know that many other people didn't. If I was stuck up in the rafters or had really sucky tickets after paying an extra $90 for the privelage of not knowing where my seats were until after all the other tickets were sold - I'd be very, very angry. I'm one of the lucky ones, I'm happy with my seat location. But I think all the people who rightfully feel they got screwed are not just whining or complaining and I think the petition is a good idea to let the fanclub know that they shouldn't be treating fans in that manner. If they're allowed to get away with it, with no repurcussions, they'll do it again and again. Maybe the signers of the petition won't get satisfaction, but it may prevent others from being screwed over in the future. The fanclub did promise great seats; and it was implied that the seats were better than those available to the general public. They should've followed through on their word.
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