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Topic: Happy Poppa's Day Return to archive
06-16-02 08:36 AM
nanky To all you dads and dads to be.
Like the header pic - very appropriate
But why did the Stones use pink triangles for "Hello My Name Is" stickers? Makes Ronnie's dad look like he's playing for the other team!
06-16-02 09:26 AM
Boomhauer Happy Father's Day to all of you dad's out there!

BTW, aren't those the '81 backstage passes? I think they are.
06-16-02 10:35 AM
Sir Stonesalot My Fathers Day started off really kid puked on me!

How appropriate!

06-16-02 10:41 AM
nankerphelge Bummer!

Something real low about being puked on.

I had a guy ralph on me in a bar once -- I was standing in front of the men's room and he didn't quite make it. I kinda saw it spew out of the corner of my eye as he passed behind me -- took off my jacket and it was covered!

I just waited until he came out and held the jacket right up to his face -- "You dropped this!" -- he turned green and went right back into the john!! Fucking hysterical!

Then the bouncer came over, threw him out, took my jacket and had it cleaned, and let me drink for free for the rest of the nite. Not bad, all things considered.
06-16-02 11:05 AM
Sir Stonesalot Well, at least you were conscious when you got puked on...and you got to get shit-faced for free!

I, on the other hand, was sound asleep, awoke to find myself covered with vomit, and then I had to go to WORK.

I didn't even get my knob gobbled in the shower or anything...

Nope I got the big yackola, and then shooed out the door to bring home the bacon...

My family loves me!

06-16-02 11:13 AM
nankerphelge We are in the same boat SToney. I'm working today too!
Plus, my wife invited a whole bunch of 8-9 year olds over for a sleepover for my youngest's B'day -- so instead of having breakfast this morning, I'm cooking for everyone else. Nor did I get any of the other things you mentioned.

Something's fucked up!
06-16-02 11:51 AM
littleredrooster Sire,
Happy Projectile Vomitus Day!!!!
Noble defender of The Band, you must now change to a more appropriate avatar.

Your Humble Servant
06-16-02 11:52 AM
Sir Stonesalot I have an idea!

Let's start a petition about how unfair it is when father's Day gets ignored by your family, and you get puked on, and you gotta work, and your wife invites a bunch of little rugrats over, and won't gobble your knob.


We the undersigned, state that the following is unfair, and so be addressed and remedied!

1.) Having to work on Father's Day. This shall be remedied by letting all fathers in good standing(dead beat dads are excluded!) go to the golf course with no whinning from the spouse!

2.) Getting puked on. This shall be remedied by keeping all children and drunk people at least 10 yards from the father.

3.) Knob not gobbled. This shall be remedied by requiring all wives to gobble her husbands knob at least once on Father's Day, or a suitable knob gobbling replacement will be used...(IE>Jenna Jameson, et al.)

4.) Clothing as a gift. This shall be remedied by requiring that no clothing items be allowable as a Father's Day gift. Gifts will be limited to booze and cash...both, not one or the other. Knob gobbling is a requirement, and shall not be deemed a gift.

5.) Children's Sleepover. Shall be remedied by having no children's sleepover unless at someone else's house, where there is no father present. Wife and children must make father breakfast, or at least take him out to a diner for breakfast.

So say we:

Sir Stonesalot
[Edited by Sir Stonesalot]
[Edited by Sir Stonesalot]
06-16-02 12:04 PM
nankerphelge I like it -- you missed your calling Stoney!

The only concern I have is that someone could construe it as not permitting a sleepover at Jenna's house. I think that should be permitted -- hell, mandated!!
06-16-02 12:26 PM
Sir Stonesalot I fixed it by designating sleepover's as "children's sleepover". Papa can sleepover wherever he wants!
06-16-02 01:07 PM
luxury1 Well, I, on the other hand, know how to treat a man on Father's Day. Before putting him in his car to catch a plane to TX for the week, I donned the sexiest piece of lingerie I own with a nice pair of spike heels, cooked him a fabulous breakfast, and then climbed under the table while he ate it. You guys must be doing something wrong.
06-16-02 01:18 PM
nankerphelge So what are you doing for breakfast the rest of the week??
06-16-02 01:21 PM
luxury1 I'll be waiting for someone to cook ME breakfast and then climb under my table.
06-16-02 01:51 PM
gypsy Piss & moan, piss & moan...
Maybe, you wouldn't be fathers if you'd have ONLY had your knobs gobbled in the first place!
06-16-02 01:57 PM
Honky Tonk Man Happy Fathers Day? Didnt know it was today. My dad didnt say anything
06-16-02 02:55 PM
Stonesthrow SS-- Sorry to hear about your kid introducing some of his digestive processes to you. Isn't your kid 17 years old? Happy Father's Day.
06-16-02 03:42 PM
Sir Stonesalot Nope. He's only 6.

If he pukes on me when he's 17, I'll kick his ass!
06-16-02 03:46 PM
rubytuesday HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!

To all of you Daddios out there!!

06-16-02 11:30 PM
nanky wrote:
Like the header pic - very appropriate

This was the header

Happy Father's Day to all the good rocking dads here!!!
Arthur and Ronnie Wood by Lynn Goldsmith

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