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Topic: It happened! Mick Jagger was knighted some minutes ago for his service to music. Pix inside. Return to archive
06-15-02 09:39 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl LONDON - Mick Jagger, the rock 'n' roll bad boy who once outraged the British establishment with his wild lifestyle, was knighted on Saturday for his service to music.

Jagger, 58, will now be known officially as Sir Michael Philip Jagger. Also knighted were directors Trevor Nunn and Jonathan Miller, and painter Peter Blake. Playwright Harold Pinter received the prestigious companion of honor award.

Jagger, who is preparing for a U.S. fall tour with The Rolling Stones, said he was "delighted at the news."

He also said his 4-year-old son, Gabriel, was a bit confused about his father's new title.

Jagger said his son told his class that his father was going to be knighted, and when the teacher asked, "What does that mean?" Gabriel said: "Well, he goes to the castle to see the king and gets to be a knight, and, from then on, gets to wear armor all the time."

Jagger is the latest of several British pop stars who have received knighthoods.

Elton John was knighted in 1997, and Paul McCartney was knighted in 1996 for his contribution to British music and society, including the charitable and educational causes he supports.

That happened despite the fact that Sir Elton has admitted using cocaine in the past and Sir Paul has acknowledged using marijuana.

The knighthood for Jagger, with a drug conviction of his own and a reputation as a womanizer, could reopen the debate about who is suitable for the queen's honors list, even though the award comes long after the Stones helped lead the antiestablishment movements of the '60s and '70s.

However, few people would deny that Jagger and the Stones have been among the country's most valuable musical exports for 40 years.

The government chooses most of the honors that Queen Elizabeth II bestows twice a year. Official ceremonies for the knighthoods will be held in the coming months.

Pinter, 71, one of Britain's most important playwrights, was made a companion of honor, a very high award made to a limited group of people for "conspicuous service" to their country.

Pinter is the noted author of seminal dramas such as "Betrayal," "The Caretaker" and "The Birthday Party." He was recently diagnosed with throat cancer.

Nunn, 62, artistic director of the Royal National Theater, has long been one of this country's leading theater directors.

He has two shows on Broadway "Oklahoma!" and "Les Miserables" and starts rehearsals Aug. 12 in London on a new production of "A Streetcar Named Desire," starring Glenn Close.

For 18 years, he ran the Royal Shakespeare Company and has been at the helm of the National since 1997.

Miller, 57, has directed countless plays and operas. In the early 1960s, he found fame on Broadway as one of the original members of the Beyond the Fringe comedy quartet.

Blake is a painter and creator of collages who is best known for the cover of The Beatles' 1967 album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," featuring the group wearing brightly colored military uniforms.
06-15-02 09:41 AM

Rolling Stone Mick Jagger poses at his home in southwest London, Friday, June 14, 2002, before it was announced that he has received a knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. The 58-year-old star will join his bandmates to play a series of gigs around the United States later this year. (AP Photo/MJ Kim, pool)
06-15-02 09:49 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Mick Jagger gets satisfaction from knighthood
Fri Jun 14, 9:05 PM ET
By Jeremy Lovell

LONDON (Reuters) - Sir Mick Jagger is finally satisfied.

The 58-year-old rock 'n' roll rebel whose extramarital wanderings hardly fit him out as a family role model, was clearly delighted to receive his knighthood in Queen Elizabeth's birthday honors list Saturday.

"I was very pleased. I was also surprised, because I must admit I wasn't expecting to get it. I was happy and honored," he told Reuters Television.

"It's great to get an honor from your own country -- although I have had honors from other countries. It also reflects really wonderfully on all the achievements of the Rolling Stones over the last 40 years," he added.

Jagger's good looks, wrapped around those exuberant lips, and the Stones' image as rock's "Satanic Majesties," shocked British parents and delighted their children in the 1960s.

He said the group was persecuted and abused for years.

"They were really surprised. They really were. I don't think they expected anyone to get it," Jagger said of the band's reaction to his knighthood.

The news of the knighthood for a man briefly jailed in 1967 for drug possession has provoked some harsh criticism, particularly that his nomination by Prime Minister Tony Blair ( news - web sites) was a clear example of trying to play to the pop gallery.

But Jagger, who is now one of Britain's richest men with houses in Manhattan, Mustique, London and France, shrugged it all off.

"You have to take the rough with the smooth in this country. I would have been very shocked if it had been any different," he said.


The weathered and stick-thin workaholic frontman for the group that has been described as the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world is as famous for his love life as for his energetic stage antics.

He has a string of ex-wives and girlfriends, having fathered seven children by four women.

Jagger said he had been mercilessly teased by friends, family and colleagues since rumors of this knighthood spread.

"I have had people on their knees. I have had the whole thing ... I have done it through and through," he said, noting that he was quite happy to be joining a group of people not normally associated with rock 'n' roll.

"Some of my best friends are knights. It is a much maligned group, but I am very happy to be joining them," he said, adding that he would not be giving up his "day job."

Jagger, who takes to the road again with the band in a couple of months for a world tour that begins in the United States in September, said he would have to fit in his knightly investiture around his tour schedule.

Although the aging rocker is more of a fan of cricket than soccer, he said he fully supported the England team's efforts at the World Cup.

"If the England team win the World Cup they should all be knighted," he said with a smile.


06-15-02 10:02 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl The news are flooded by articles, I?m gonna tray reading them before flooding this board LOL

In the meantime some pix

"I've been teased a lot but I've had to take it in good part" - Mick Jagger

(AP/MJ Kim, pool)
Rolling Stone Mick Jagger poses at his home in southwest London, Friday, before it was announced that he has received a knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. (AP/MJ Kim, pool)

Sir Mick said: "Ive had people on their knees, and Ive even had plastic swords waved at me."

Veteran Rolling Stone front man Mick Jagger poses in south-west London Friday June 14, 2002. Jagger, renowned for his drug arrests and female conquests is to be awarded the knighthood by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in recognition for "his services to popular music" at Buckingham Palace on June 15. REUTERS/POOL

06-15-02 10:10 AM
Scot Rocks Cheers Voodoo, we've got plenty of stuff on it in Scotland, making the front page of some papers and generally the same as you have posted as well, I'll try and post some of them when they update their sites. This is somewhat dissapointing but expected, I knew he would take it. However it will always be Mick, the best frontman in music not Sir Mick of the establishment for me.


06-15-02 11:00 AM
Nellcote Me thinks the "Knight in Shining Armor", will now be able to
add new female conquests by having this lofty title.
I would pay dearly to see the actual footage of the ceremony. Imagine, the queen knighting him? Would I be too far off the mark to speculate that Sir Mick may have had a female of the Royals as a conquest in his past?
This is pissa cool!!

Bring on the Fleet Center 09/03/02!!!!

06-15-02 11:15 AM
moy The new album will be "Undercover of the Knight"
06-15-02 11:17 AM
Sir Stonesalot This is absolutely repulsive.

Let me make this perfectly clear, I do not blame Mick Jagger one bit for accepting...really, he has no choice. You can't just say no to something like a knighthood. Not if he would ever want to set foot in England again!

I just find it repugnant that the Stones image is being cleaned up! It's like people are trying to turn the Stones into a fucking nice, safe, boy band!


The Rolling Stones piss anywhere man! Hide your daughters, the Stones are coming to town!

This is one of the most retarded things I've heard in a very LONG time.

I think we should start a petition against it! LOL!
06-15-02 11:36 AM
nankerphelge I agree with Stoney, but with a slightly different twist. What I think is ironic is that he is still going to be exactly what he has been all his life -- a scandalous rock and roll god. I am reminded of the story of the pig in the mud pit. You can take the pig out of the mud pit, wash him up, spray him with the finest perfume, put a pretty bow on him, but in the end -- it's still a pig! Now I'm not insinuating Mick is a pig -- just that hitting him with a sword and dubbing him "Sir Rowsis of Liver" ain't gonna mean squat when he's fucking every young think he can in the U.S. come fall! It ain't a nice boy band -- and I think Mick needs to remind everyone of that with special dispatch!!

06-15-02 12:20 PM
Nellcote Stones image being cleaned up?

Let's not get carried away mon.

All Sir Mick needs to see is some grand looking fem fatele
pass his way, the tabloids catch on, we are back in the saddle again.

After all, Sir Stonesalot, we've yet to confirm Keith's
reaction, which we be memorable, fer sure.

I call this The Royal's further trek into mainstream, from the having their head in their arse, to finding the light.

Knighting Elton & Macca were cute.

Knighting Mick is dangerous.

Listening to Let's Go Steady as we speak.....

Waiting on the Fleet Center.....
06-15-02 06:57 PM
JaggaRichards It's a done deal......get over it!

Congragulations to Sir Mick!
06-15-02 09:01 PM
Mr T this is such BS - really a disgrace to that whole system. Seeing rockstars get knighted really takes away the honor & prestige of being knighted - this whole thing's a joke.

I for one won't be callinghim Sir Mick
06-15-02 10:45 PM
rogerriffin im go with the same, WHY ONLY MICK??????
YES, congratulations to Mick but im not the only one with mixed emotions!!!!
06-15-02 11:06 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl It's not just for "his service to music", there are many people who help and shout " hey listen I'm making donations here, there and everywhere", Mick helps in silence.

Also Mick is more than the music, more than the frontman, without him the Stones would be lost in drugs and excesses without any direction since the late 60s.
06-15-02 11:27 PM
rogerriffin but you will are agree with me, MICK WOULD NOT BE ANYTHING WITHOUT KEITH,BRIAN,CHARLIE,BILL. ALL ARE THE WORLDS GREATEST ROCKN ROLL BAND! all have been serving to the music, not only Jaggersito.
06-15-02 11:31 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl There is an on-line video at this location. Click on the "Audio/Video"
06-15-02 11:33 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Test

Other DIFFERENT interview

Click and listen

Click and download

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
06-16-02 12:28 AM
Bridges to Stones How can I download the video with ASFRecorder?
06-16-02 01:40 AM
Nasty Habits The thing that makes this an especially dubious blessing is that they really ought to play Emotional Rescue now.

Look! There he is!

Tonight and every night!

Riding across the desert on a fine Arab Charger!

Coming to our emotional rescue!

It's our knight in shining armor!
06-16-02 01:51 AM
Stonesthrow At another board, somebody mentioned that Keith had become a naturalized citizen of the U.S. and that knighthood can only be bestowed upon subjects of the crown. That sounds like a good excuse for keeping Keith out of the brotherhood. Whether or not that is true, would you, as part of the royal family, want somebody who looked like the guy on the Aqualung album cover to be part of the class of 2002 induction picture? Besides, Keith stands for practically everything the royals are not. Kighting Keith would be like electing Adolph Hitler president of B'nai Brith, with or without the hanging chads.

06-16-02 02:41 AM
sirmoonie Yes, congrats Sir Mick! Your country has realized that you deserve what you had coming to you several decades ago.

Lookie here pud-spankers, Mick Jagger is IT as far as rock music goes. He's the tits of the bitch. Tits-O-Bitch. He went mongo long before the rest of the 60s music set.

Face it, or continue to deny it to your mortal detriment, we were always here for one person and that person is now named:

Sir Michael Phillip Jagger

"Bitchskank me up the wingo side, Ronnie!"
06-16-02 08:15 AM
Sir Stonesalot Well, I'll tell ya good Sir moonie of the midnightmile....

Now that Jagger is a Sir, I don't feel nearly as bad using the Sir....In fact, if Mick is Sir material, I KNOW that you & I are too!

Did you hear that the Stones are gonna do the entire Beggars Banquet album at the Wiltern? That hasn't actually been confirmed yet, but you KNOW that we are gonna get EOMS at Roseland!

All will be right with the universe at that time.
06-16-02 05:34 PM
Joey 'Did you hear that the Stones are gonna do the entire Beggars Banquet album at the Wiltern? That hasn't actually been confirmed yet, but you KNOW that we are gonna get EOMS at Roseland! '

My sources inside the Stones' camp have informed me that the band is going to play " IORR " in its entirety at The Roseland Ballroom WITHOUT Mick Taylor . If that goes well , then the band may follow up with " Black and Blue " in its entirety with Wayne Perkins sitting in as guest .

Oh , the horror ..................The horror !

On the other hand , these same clandestine sources have privately informed me that the Rolling Stones will perform " Sticky Fingers " in its entirety at the Aragon Ballroom gig in Chicago with special guest Mick Taylor .

YES !!!!!

" Tie Me Up and call me Suzi Ronnie "

Club " Clubby " Joey


06-16-02 06:04 PM
Honky Tonk Man Im only intrested in what they are going to play at Giants Stadium. I think Hot Rocks.

In which case, you could make a claim that the Stones will have Mick T as special guest and also they may just dig up Brian to play on the oldies. I think thers just as much chance of that happening as them doing Exile from start to finish. I dont doubt your word in any way SS, your an intelligent poster, but i find this hard to beleive. Mick knows your still going to get the averege punter at these shows, hes still going to dig up the hits, but we can dream

06-16-02 07:17 PM
Sir Stonesalot Oh hell Alex, I'm just hoping...I have no idea what they are gonna play at the Roseland...just as long as Sir Moonie & I get in, and the Stones show up...that's really all I care about.
06-16-02 07:34 PM
Honky Tonk Man I know your hoping SS, we all are. You dont have tickets yet?
06-16-02 08:20 PM
Mr T bs... there's no way they could have setlists decided on this early. have they even rehearsed yet? anyway, if they aren't choosing setlists based on what they WANT to play THAT NIGHT - this is gonna be a lame ass tour. This 'play the albums front to back' idea sounds like bullshit - I think they just addressed that they would not rule out the possibility of sticking to one album once they get on a role. Like if they start out with Brown Sugar, they could just move on into Sway, keep going with Wild Horses & before you know it, they're doing Can't You Hear Me Knocking - but they wouldn't have that decided this early - only cuz they feel like it.
06-16-02 08:24 PM
nanky Actually Mick said this might be part of the plan on the Today show interview -- playing an album from to back, that is. I, for one think it is a cool as hell idea. To hear some of the obscure stuff off of BB like Jigsaw Puzzle and Prodigal Son -- oh man, someone said it before -- can you imagine the boots that will emanate from this tour.
06-16-02 08:38 PM
Mr T I think he meant that as a possibility. If this is to be a TRUE retrospective tour, they gotta be prepared to do all the songs off all the albums, but to actually decide "Oh, we're gonna play Sticky Fingers on September 30th" months in advance will take away that spontaneous energy that they need more of than anything. I think they just wanna be prepared to do something cool like that if they fell like it once they get the ball rolling on stage. The whole idea is probably to be rehearsed for whatever they wanna play, and if they feel its most natural to play thru a whole albu one night - they should do it

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