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Topic: If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Return to archive
06-14-02 11:09 AM
Sir Stonesalot This is just to let you all know, that I'm gonna go back to my old handle.......Sir Stonesalot. It's just too good of a handle to let rot from disuse. I'm not changing my email address or anything like that...just my handle.

So just remember...Cardinal Ximinez=Sir Stonesalot
Sir Stonesalot=Cardinal Ximinez
06-14-02 11:39 AM
littleredrooster Your Eminence,
Does this mean that my special Stones blessing to acquire tickets for The Joint in Las Vegas is null and void!!!!!!
Who will tend to our spiritual Stones needs ???

The Crestfallen Rooster
06-14-02 11:41 AM
Joey "Acquire tickets for The Joint in Las Vegas is null and void!!!!!! "

Did you know that The WHO kick off their summer tour of the states there on June 28th ??????

I believe " The Joint " is in the Hard Rock Hotel .


06-14-02 11:54 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Of course your blessings are active! All I did was change my handle.

And trust me...SS can handle all your spiritual needs...fear not! He is a Rolling Stones Crusader! Operating under the divine blessing of the good Cardinal Ximinez, Sir Stonesalot will smite the unbeliever with his terrible, swift sword, and spread the good word of the Divine Drive to all those poor ignorant creatures who know not what they are missing. couldn't pay me to post at that other place. I don't even lurk. Never again Joey. Never.
06-14-02 01:07 PM
Maxlugar Yes!

I love it! Your kickin' it old school brother!

Just seeing that name brings a lot back to me.

06-14-02 01:18 PM
steel driving hammer Sir Stonesalot! Yeah! Welcome back!

Where did you go to?

Musta been a long jail sentence...

Welcome back.

The "Other Board" is still your blood though.

If it scratch, don't itch it.

06-14-02 03:25 PM
nankerphelge Allow me to be the first to call you "Stoney!"

06-14-02 03:41 PM
littleredrooster Joey,
I'm already set for The WHO at the JOINT, June 28th

Opening night, second tier, Row AAA, slightly elevated, center 14 rows back! It is gonna be a great show!
06-14-02 03:57 PM
JaggaRichards So Cardinal X-

Did the Catholic Church scandals prompt this name change?
06-14-02 04:29 PM
Scot Rocks Is it this Sir Mick thing, Jeez well the Church is having some problems at this time, maybe a good time to pack your bags and throw away that collar!!!!!!!lol

Lord Earl Duke Marquais Viscount Sir OBE MBE CBE Mark of Rocks Off and the Commonwealth of other Stones Internet Territories...

06-14-02 06:28 PM
Sir Stonesalot For those of you who don't know....

I was Sir Stonesalot for a couple of years at another board before I came here and became Cardinal Ximinez....

I decided to go back because a couple of old pals of mine did a wordplay on my old name....and I decided that I missed it...and besides, it is just such a cool handle.
06-14-02 06:37 PM
Maxlugar It really is a cool name. Never understood why you gave it up.

06-14-02 07:47 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I guess I was looking for a clean board, new handle.

But I just missed the old SS handle. I guess I didn't really realize it till you did the "Sir Maxalot" thing, and then Joey copied you and did a "Sir Joeyalot"...then I just KNEW that I had to take back my old name.

Just for a laugh, I may even bring out SS the Insult Comic Dog! But I don't know if this place is quite ready for THAT yet.
06-14-02 08:12 PM
nankerphelge The comic dog!! classic -- no one was safe from his biting (get it) humor!
06-15-02 12:45 PM
Honky Tonk Man "SS The insult comic dog"? I remember that handle, didnt know that was you? When i started coming on these boards i used to get very confused about the people posting as "Larry Hagman" or "David Crosby", or"David Crosbys liver" If i can remember i evan posted asking whether the REAL Larry Hagman was posting on the board. I was such a dope then

06-15-02 02:07 PM
sirmoonie Hey man, we are both Sirs now. Its befiting our self-annoited status as superior human beings.

Good day, Sir. I said good day, Sir!
06-15-02 02:24 PM
Sir Stonesalot Good day, Sir!

Check your inbox!

Good day Sir!

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