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Topic: i have seen the stones in paris next their studio!!!!!!! Return to archive
06-13-02 05:29 AM
aimar I was in paris on saturday night 1st june 2002.i was trying to find the studio and around 01:15 am i have stop my moto bike next a studio in surenne when i have see 4 Vans and a jaguar i wave understand!! , this studio is in a little street next a street like the champs elysées but only 1 fan i was waiting THE GOD RICHARDS!!!!!!!!we were looking for the 2 doors for not miss THE GOD RICHARDS and around 02:05 the other fan tell me:COME COME HERE IS RONNIE!!!!i have see ronnie who were very cool he was with his son,he was not with alcohol!!!and in the night THE GOD OF R AND Roll arrive with whie lights who were flashing his clothes keith is in an excellent health he wave speak 5 minuts ,autographs ok!!!jagger, richards,ronnie,charlie,don was ,darryl looks like very very cool, no stress they have spoken with me and the other fan,the bodyguards weren t here.THIs moment was so great for me!!!!!
06-13-02 09:20 AM
kc152 Good for you. A Very cool moment, I hope you get more.
06-13-02 03:11 PM
Saint Sway cool review Spanny!

(you might wanna take it easy on the hooch next time)
06-13-02 03:24 PM
Cardinal Ximinez You know, shit like this never happens to me when I'm riding my moto bike in Paris....

Oh yeah, I don't live in France and I don't have a moto bike...

Still, shit like that never happens to me when I'm driving my XL-7 around the backwoods of Pennsylvania!

Damn it!

I want to start a petition about how unfair it is that I never get to meet the GODS OF ROCK.
06-13-02 05:25 PM

hmmm. no mick taylor? Oh well, should be some good stuff.
06-13-02 11:00 PM
Martha The ultimate in cool dude...and Cardinal...I'll sign that petition.
06-14-02 02:03 AM
Martha wrote:
The ultimate in cool dude...and Cardinal...I'll sign that petition.

The Fan Club site, which I have little respect for -lousy grammar, self-aggrandizement where none is needed, and SHIT for seats - is now talking about TWO new songs which might appear on the Greatest Hits. Not SIX, not FOUR, but TWO. Keith hinted at the press conference that the new tracks were already done - so what gives? Are they ERASING tape in Paris?
06-14-02 06:00 AM
gotdablouse Damnit, just my luck, I fly to Paris from California on June 6th and the Stones take off on June 7th...

Two songs..., it sounded too good to be true that they would come up with 4 songs that would stand tall next to the 40 years of classics ! Two isn't bad, i.e as good as B2B and VL and SW combined.

Actually Keith said that the songs hadn't been recorded yet and joked that it "was only a small problem".

PS - Il est ou ce studio a Suresnes ? C'est pas tout pres des Champs quand meme ?
06-14-02 10:15 AM
Rolling Hansie Great story aimar
Did you get any sleep that night?
06-14-02 10:28 AM
jb I had the pleasure on having dinner with George McGovern when I was Pres. of student speakers series at UNiv. Of Florida in 1981...Very nice man..Also, dinner with Timothy Leahry and G.Gordon Liddy when they did there college debate tour .... Also, luch at the pavilion with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double trouble when they played Gainesville in 81 or 82...Very nice guy stoned out of his mind...
06-14-02 10:30 AM
Stonzy78 Actually I think there will be 4 new songs on the GH compilation. I think they just meant that outta all they did in Paris, they had 2 fully recorded and mixed. The rest were just demos and ideas. When they get to NYC they'll finish 2 or more and master all the new songs that make the cut.

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