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Topic: Stones In T-O? Return to archive
06-12-02 08:51 PM
Tumbling Dice Does anyone know where the stones rehearse in Toronto???? Or Where they will start? Aug? Plus what happened to Mick and Keith at the queens jube?????
06-12-02 09:25 PM
Honky Tonk Man When the news about whos playing the Jubilee leaked out, it was rumourd Mick would perform, but nothing came off it.
06-13-02 05:13 AM
MRD8 The Stones will be in T.O. on Sunday, July 7th to begin rehearsals...using the same hall they used in '97...isn't it a Masonic hall? Camp outside and let the board know what songs they are practicing! Since they are going to rehearse for two months prior to the opening show they must be working on a bunch of songs...I've heard that the theater shows will each feature a different album in its entirety plus additional songs...they will be full two hour shows, not shortened ones like Shepherd's Bush...
06-13-02 11:39 AM
Lazy Bones No confirmed word on where rehearsals will take place. Seeing I'm only a 40-min drive from TO, I'd like to take a trip or two in hopes of a glimpse or ear candy on what's being rehearsed.
With regards to 7th July, I'm not even sure if that's the start of rehearsals or when they arrive in Toronto.
High hopes would see any of the boys in London, ON as Mick Taylor is playing in this year's Bluesfest. Btw, Bill and the Rhythm Kings played at this festival last year!
06-13-02 12:06 PM
Ruskafarian Jeff, Bill Wyman played in London ON????

Holy shit!!! I almost don't believe that... Like you posting on the Big Sugar board that they were playing Club Denim on April 1st....

BUT!!! IF it IS true, then I can't believe I missed that! Oh well, probably cause I wasn't on this board...

I don't think the Stones are arriving until July 24th... And the place where they rehearsed is now being for the Mike Bullard show. (I know this cause I was there last and I spoke a little with the security guards, so that's how
I remember where this place was...)

06-13-02 02:10 PM
Lazy Bones
Ruskafarian wrote:
Jeff, Bill Wyman played in London ON????
Holy shit!!! I almost don't believe that... Like you posting on the Big Sugar board that they were playing Club Denim on April 1st....

No shit. They played the festival last year. The bad thing about it was you had to buy tickets through some bookstore in London. A real trek for tickets.
This year, Mick plays at 8:40pm, 14th July (Sunday). A day pass is $14.95. I'm going, but not sure how early. Garth Hudson (The Band) plays after Mick.

Btw, Big Sugar really is (no April Fools here) playing Club Denim, 27th June. A real shame that they're not opening for the Stones in Toronto again, imo!
06-13-02 06:48 PM
Ruskafarian Yeah, the Big Sugar Club Denim show is official now... But a long while ago, you posted on their forum that they were playing on April 1st... (April fool's...!) Well, anyway, you had me going for a little while, until I looked into it some more....
Are you gonna be at this Club Denim show on the 27th?
06-13-02 07:32 PM
mattb Bill gave a tour recently in the USA (within the past year and a half I think) that was kept rather quiet beforehand. The gig in MA got excellent reviews.
06-13-02 09:41 PM
MRD8 wrote:
The Stones will be in T.O. on Sunday, July 7th to begin rehearsals...

Well, since Mick was in Ireland yesterday I doubt rehearsals
have begun. In fact I think they stated at the PC that they will begin in August.
06-14-02 05:16 AM
MRD8 They didn't say anything at the press conference about when rehearsals open...I have the p.c. on a video recorded off the satellite dish...they gave very limited answers to every question they were asked! I know a guy who works on their crew who has told me that they moved the start of their rehearsals from July 24th to July 7th because of the number of songs they are going to do in the different venues...especially the theater shows...he says they will play complete albums at the club gigs PLUS additional songs...full two hour shows that should rank among their best ever...!
06-14-02 06:42 AM
Lazy Bones Thanks to Toronto Tom (, I learned last night that Maple Leaf Gardens will host the rehearsals.
Btw, the Gardens has no "tours" for the month of July. This venue will be difficult to leak any sound. The playing level is set far back from the street. Plus, the sound of downtown traffic (as the Gardens is right downtown) will make things more tricky.
Perhaps I could knock on the door with some Harvey's burgers from across the!
06-14-02 06:51 AM
Lazy Bones
Ruskafarian wrote:
Are you gonna be at this Club Denim show on the 27th?

Don't have tickets yet - but I'd like to! Haven't seen them since Thorold. As far as opening for the Stones, there's always hope for the ACC show (No Doubt opens SkyDome).
06-14-02 09:33 AM
MRD8 wrote:
their rehearsals from July 24th to July 7th because

My bad June - July lol.

I only have a partial video but I was at the
PC and I could almost swear they mentioned August
as a target for rehearsals in Toronto. I know the
question was raised and they sort of danced around
Toronto as the location, but basically confirmed that
that is were it will be.


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