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Topic: Paul McCartney + Golden Jubilee Concert Return to archive
06-12-02 01:17 PM
mattb To change the subject slightly, the Golden Jubilee concert is just being shown on USA cable TV and I have two questions:

1. Is that the first time Paul McCartney has ever performed Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in concert?

2. How long was the Jubilee concert?
06-12-02 02:33 PM
jb Yes...and too long!!!!!!!!!!!!
06-12-02 03:13 PM
Maxlugar Is it true that she has a peg leg?

I've never seen her walk but I hear she is one leg short of a pair.

Is that true Josh?

What is it with McCartney? He could have anyone but he goes for the one legged ones?

Shit if I was him I'd be using my fame and talent to woo chicks like Laurie Dhue!

Very unfocused lad.

06-12-02 03:40 PM
Nellcote Macca, everyone's sweetheart. Probably trotted out Let it Be, by that other band for the 4 billionith time. He has become so lame. Not a good record in 15 or more years.
Not even a glimmer of decent sounding numbers on any of his recent releases. Great for him he got married again, yes she does have a fake appendage. Scary thing was hearing him on TV the other night, noting he would tour the States again this year. UGH!! Enough of this guy. Let him concentrate on serious matters such as land mine issues, or obtaining the back Beatles contract away from "Fake Face" his partner in late 80's videos, the King of Porn, Jocko Jackson. Stay away from the microphone with that warble.

06-12-02 04:36 PM
jb His red dye job is showing@!!!
06-12-02 07:07 PM
sly First time he did "pepper" was in '89. Just so you know
06-12-02 08:07 PM
Scot Rocks Yes Jb it was TOO LONG!!!!!
06-12-02 09:21 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Just to be an anal retentive geek....Technically, Macca did not do Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band...he did Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band (Reprise). I think he did it that way because of the segue into the next bit.

Did anyone else think it surreal when they showed the Royals all clapping along to Ray Davies "Lola"?

I know who I am
And I'm glad I'm a man
and so is Lola


Also, I noticed that they did not show the Royal's box at all during Ozzie's thing.

But the thing that jumkped out at me right away during Prince Charles's speech...when he said that "tonight we have seen the best that British music has to offer..." I immediately started laughing my ass the fuck can you present the best of British music, if the Stones and the Who ain't there! Gimme a break.

That whole thing was pretty pathetic...the house drummer was Phil Collins? Yipes!

And how about all those "british acts" like Brian Wilson, Ricky Martin, Bryan Adams, and The Coors!

What that show needed was The Sex Pistols!
06-12-02 09:25 PM
Scot Rocks What that show needed was The Sex Pistols!

I hear ya Cardinal

BTW did you know that the Queen enjoyed the music so much that she wore earplugs during the part of the show she attended!!!!!!...

Citizen of the Republic

06-12-02 09:36 PM
Nellcote Most telling moment of the whole event, IMHO, was the music which was the backdrop for the fireworks after the show..
It was none of the performers,
It was none other than

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Prince Charles!!

06-12-02 09:36 PM
Honky Tonk Man The Whole show apart from Macca was crap. I like "the Osbournes" MTV Show, but i hate his music. Jesus Christ, Brian Wilson!! Was that him or a robot? He sings okay but he wasnt there. I read an article a few days ago that he still takes pills to stop him hearing voices!!!

If the Goverment really wanted to come up with an effective "Stamp Out Drugs Campaign", or theys need to do is tour Brian Wilson around the Worlds schools.

06-13-02 05:23 PM
mattb I liked Joe Cocker. He's amazing! Over 30 years since he recorded "With a Little Help From My Friends" and you're still on the edge of your chair, thinking the guy is not going to live long enough to finish the song!
06-13-02 06:28 PM
Keefness Cocker definately outsang that puss Rod Stewart.
06-14-02 06:03 PM
Honky Tonker Saw Mac Perform "Sgt. Pepper" on both 1990 and 1993 tours. It's on the "Tripping the Live Fantastic" album.
06-15-02 03:52 PM
Chico Prince Harry gave a fair old clap for after Ozzys paranoid.Must be a fan.Didn't look as though he liked anything else.Maybe he should've lighted up a big juicy splif to liven up the proceedings in the royal
He has been known to enjoy the occassional joint or two.
06-15-02 04:15 PM
Joey 'How the fuck can you present the best of British music, if the Stones and the Who ain't there! Gimme a break. '

No Shit Ximy !!!!!

Then again , if both The Who and The Stones were there , who would open for whom ?

Don't Mick and Keith ever get tired of being completely upstaged by The Who decade after decade , decade after decade , decade after decade , decade after decade , decade after decade , decade after decade , decade after decade , decade after ...........................


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