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Art from a photo by Gered Mankowitz
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Topic: JJF header Return to archive
06-12-02 10:25 AM
Chico Was this played before the release of the single or after?Must've been something else hearing it, if it had never been released.
06-12-02 10:45 AM
Maxlugar I have never even seen or heard of this show.

Look at all those amps. I've never seen a Brian era photo with such a late '60's looking setup. Awesome.

You never stop learning on this board! I love guys!

And now, this:

"Space For the Papa"

06-12-02 10:47 AM
Honky Tonk Man Im not too sure. The single reached number 1 in the UK on May 29th. I dont know whether it went in at number 1 or climbed up the charts. Ifyou didnt know Chico, the other song they played was Satisfaction. What gets me is why they only played two songs. At ther previous ones they played around 4. Perhaps the Stones were not top of the bill, or they didnt win so many awards
06-12-02 10:51 AM
Staffan It looks quite odd with all the guitarists on the same side! Yeah, I felt just like Maxy when I saw those big amps and Brian in front, strange!
06-12-02 11:03 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl The single was released on May 24, 1968. This was the premier performance before the release of the single.

A day before, on May 11 they filmed a promo film that was broadcast later on May 23, June 6 and on Christmas day.

I have some other pix from this day, including one backstage used some weeks ago. They will be sooner or later on this board.
06-12-02 11:08 AM
Honky Tonk Man Voodo, quite a while ago i posted on Kenos board asking whats the last known photo of Brian. A few people replied , but no one posted the photo? Do you know which is the last photo, and if so, could you post it. Id love to see it!!

06-12-02 12:42 PM
Maxlugar Thanks, everyone, for not noticing I wrote "I love guys" instead of "I love YOU guys"

I appreciate it.

"Space For the Papa, indeed"

Max J. Bullock.
06-12-02 01:13 PM
Joey 'Thanks, everyone, for not noticing I wrote "I love guys" I appreciate it. '

Holy Jesus .........Freudian or what ??????

There is DEFINITELY no Black Limousine in MY future .

And this from a man who once sold me to Josh , Esq . for a pack of cigarettes only because he felt he " must " .

I may drive the Limo for you guys in NYC , but there is no way in Hell anyone's scrotum twins are going to puke on me . What , you think I would gargle with somebody's creamy genetic code cocktail ????????

I choke on nobody's Nut Nectar ......

" Recalling distant Memories Ronnie "

Sir " Scared - a -lot " Joey


06-12-02 03:31 PM
Miss U. Alex, the last studio session photo Brian had WITH the Stones is featured on the main page of my site. I love that photo, Brian looks so sexy.

Brian also had photos taken of him at Cotchford Farm, alone...(the famous photo of him in american flag shirt and spear gun aiming at camera).

One of his fans also paid him a visit shortly before he died, and took a photo of him at Cotchford, which he made her promise would never be made public.
06-12-02 03:39 PM
mattb What's wrong with loving guys?
06-12-02 07:33 PM
Honky Tonk Man Thanks Miss U!, ive seen that photo before and also the one with the American shirt (i think). Well thats cleared things up for me
06-12-02 11:32 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Brenda I can’t find the picture of Brian in the “the last studio session photo Brian had WITH the Stones” in your page, is it this?

I’m not an authority but this seems to be taken in 1967, not in 1969.

The last time he was with the Stones on the studio was on February 17 1969 recording autoharp for You Got The Silver.

The photos of Brian at his newly purchased house, once the home of AA Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh. Home, with the gun and the American Flag was taken in 1968 by Ethan Russell. But it was taken before the Rock and Roll Circus.

Brian Jones activities during 1969 were most of the time private. In June, he recorded some demos at Cotchford Farm. The only photo I have, that probably was taken in 1969, but I am not sure. It comes from Rolling Stone No. 39, the Brian Jones Death issue, August 9, 1969. The photo is by Eric Hayes.

06-12-02 11:34 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl BTW, this was the header

06-13-02 03:42 PM
Miss U. Nice b&w photo; never saw that before!

YEs...the first photo with the STones is the last official photo session of Brian with the band....I didn't mean "studio" as in "music studio". I read that in one of my books. It was the last official photo session Brian had with the band, but not his last photo.
06-13-02 03:50 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Thanks for clarifying that Miss U. I think that studio session was with the late Michael Cooper in 1967, Am I right?
06-13-02 04:00 PM
Miss U. I'll check, Voodoo....

Who is that woman in the background with the high cheekbones, in that b&w photo?? And is Brian sitting at a table?....what's that white bar at the bottom?

06-15-02 12:31 PM
Funky Punk Woman Maybe she's Janet Lawson, I heard that there's a pic of Janet in that Rolling Stone issue.

I need it so bad Voodoo, can't afford it as it costs $100.00 USD, please let me know if you can send me a copy, please.
06-16-02 12:00 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl No way she's Janet. According to her "Statement of Witness" he saw Brian mid 68 and then on July 1 - 2, 1969. So if she is the one on the picture it could be July 1968, I don't think it is so close to his tragic death (July 1-2)

But I verified that in that magazine are some very rare pix of brian playing autoharp for You Got The Silver (Let it Bleed sessions!!!) on February 17, 1969.

Check this site for her full statement of witness, a copy of the hard copy document filled July 3rd, 1969.

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