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Topic: Well,I got a pakage today from Albert Maysles... Return to archive
06-10-02 09:28 PM
Riffhard It's kinda a good news bad news story.The good news is I got a very nice hand written letter from the director of the greatest movie ever about rock and roll.Albert is a true gent,and he kept his word.
The bad news is that the "director's cut" is the recently re-released Gimme Shelter with the bonus footage.So much for the coup of Albert's personal never-before-seen copy with an extra hour or two of footage!
I,however,am still very grateful to Mr.Maysles.I mean how many people can claim they received a copy of Gimme Shelter directly from the director with a hand written letter from the man himself.
So anyway we're goona need some good mickboy boots for the limo.The movie is a bust.

06-10-02 09:54 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Congratulations Riffhard! Even that the cut is the same you have a real unique collector's item, cool!
06-11-02 12:12 AM
Riffhard wrote:
It's kinda a good news bad news story.The movie is a bust.


Oh, boo HOO. That damned Sergei Eisenstein sent me a copy of Battleship Potemkin and there's no bonus footage of the baby carriage going down the steps! That friggin' Alf Hitchcock - "Hitch" I calls 'im - sent me Psycho and the shower scene's exactly the same!

You are still the MAN. Al Maysles is probably the greatest documentary film-maker alive (with the possible exception of Leni Reifenstahl) and he sent YOU a copy of Gimme Shelter.

Did you see the VL era interview footage he shot of the Stones in '94? At the end Mick finds a piece of hash on the rug and says "finders keepers."
06-11-02 07:16 AM
JaggaRichards But what did he write in the letter?
06-11-02 07:30 AM
mattb I would have liked to have seen more Ike and Tina Turner. Also when Janis got up on stage at MSG.
06-11-02 07:38 AM
Maxlugar You should write back and ask him if he still has any full shows that he filmed for the movie. Not to push him into giving you a copy but just to find out. I'm very curious and I'm sure everyone else is.

You never know, he may send something.

But anyway, like FPM says, this is still incredible. You should frame that letter.


06-11-02 08:47 AM
corgi37 I am in awe, and envy of the hand written letter from Mr. Mayles. What a coup! Sadly, or should i say, madly, the DVD version of GImme shelter is not available here in australia. So, i did the only thing poor boy can do. I sent my mum over to the U.S. to get me a copy. Guess what, she did. Guess what again, she comes home tomorrow after after a never ending 5 week wait. Sure hope my dvd player is zone free! cant wait. Tomorrow is a case of "hi mum, where's my dvd".
06-11-02 09:13 AM
Joey 'You should write back and ask him if he still has any full shows that he filmed for the movie. '

Damn Straight ............. all he can say is " No !!!!! "

06-11-02 01:07 PM
jb JOey, JOey, his our man, if he can't do it, nobody can!!!
06-11-02 10:44 PM
Riffhard As for the letter.He just said it was nice meeting me at the PC and that he was happy that the movie was held in "such high regard" by Stones' fans.He also appologized for taking so long to get it to me!I couldn't get over that!lol.He really is a nice guy.It was pure dumb luck that I happened to be sitting next to him.
Maxy,you are right.It can't hurt to ask him what he has in his film vault.In fact your suggestion got me to thinking.I wonder if he would be willing to do an interview as we get closer to the NYC show dates.Man,I would love to pick that guys brain for a few hours on the air.I'm sure he has many untold stories that are great.
I think I'll run it by him via e-mail.It can't hurt to try.All he can do is say no.

Riffhard and getting harder as we get closer to Sept!
06-12-02 02:02 AM
Riffhard wrote:

Maxy,you are right.It can't hurt to ask him what he has in his film vault.

Riffhard and getting harder as we get closer to Sept!

If you listen to the commentary on the extra track of the DVD (and you should - it's great) , he & Charlotte Z talk about how the shows were filmed - they had an army of cameramen armed with small cameras with three minutes of film. At Altamont George Lucas was one of the cameramen. They would shoot and change reels in the middle of songs, and then when it was all over they saw what they had and pieced it together like a jigsaw puzzle. You can see that in the extra songs they included in the bonus footage - some sections of songs are blank. So, besides those three extra songs on the dvd, there might not be anymore.

Still, I'm sure he's got miles of scraps, not only of the Stones but the Beatles too - the Maysles shot a Beatles documentary in 1964. I think it's marketed under the title "Beatles Firsts" or something similar.

06-13-02 08:08 PM
No, it's known that there is more Stones stuff. They wanted to put 3 more songs on the DVD but thanx to AllenKlein it didn't happen !

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