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Topic: RS Fan Club Bastards Return to archive
06-10-02 07:54 PM
winter Just got my update, which really didn't say anything. Just, we are starting to process the first batch. We'll hear sometime this week?

I can't believe this.

As I mentioned last week, this was just an update that we're getting another update.

All I want is my seat location - its been a month.
06-10-02 11:00 PM
Nellcote Patience Winter, patience! Was promised my '72 tix, even though I did not win the lottery for them, which is how it was handled at that time, about four months in advance.
Got tix day before the show.

Put on Exile, the 30 aniversary of it is upon us, PLAY IT LOUD! Before you know it, you will have your answer.

On With The Show, Good Health To You!

06-10-02 11:22 PM
gypsy Don't be patient, dude! They ARE bastards!!!
06-10-02 11:35 PM
Nellcote Oh c'mon, ease up. So, here is your choice. Dispute your CC bill, get you $$ back, go find a scalper, pay the juice they want, get maybe real or maybe not real tickets. Or, sit back, let it happen. Make sure you report back after
all of your efforts, as we all want to know how much you pay then scalper. Let's not have this whining about tix.
If you don't like it, get your $$ back, go help foster the
underground market.

I am totally happy to kick back and wait it out. After all,
what are you gonna do?

Not buy the cd's?
Not listen to the music?
Write a passionate letter to each on of the Stones, tell them how torqued off you are?
Arrange some silly protest outside the shows that it's
not fair?
Get all in a lather about this?
Write Ralph Nader than in this time of crisis, we do not need the Stones to be troubling us?
Go watch paint dry?

Stop this madness!

C'mon, get real!
Kick back, put on Wingless Angels, let the Jamacian air
fill your room mon, with easy thoughts of what the boot camp
that Keith marshalled together in Paris was like.
We all need to be thankful they're even touring.

Or, go play your Wham records, air guitar to Mister Mister,
flip your hair to Nazareth, burn on your own!

On With The Show-Good Health To You!


06-11-02 06:05 PM
mattb Fan club sent me an e-mail about the January Fleet Center show. A little after the tickets went on sale - which was yesterday - and after it was announced in this morning's paper, but still ahead of the general public sale date of Saturday.
06-12-02 12:24 AM
gypsy They're still bastards...
06-12-02 04:07 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Ah yes, gypsy. This is a common mistake that you are making. You see, these are not "bastards". They are "businessmen". I agree that they have many bastard-like qualities...but those are just required skills that any good businessman possesses.

06-15-02 10:16 PM
rubytuesday where as I was extremely lucky to get decent seats from there have been quite a few horror stories about tickets....has anyone else recieved good seats...I feel guilty and feel so bad for those that have been taken advantage of...and at such a hefty price....
06-17-02 12:05 AM
MarthaMyDear I feel EXTREMELY lucky myself, also... I was able to get two Wiltern tix through the fan club and then one of my friends, who I'm going with to the Anaheim show, was able to get us two tix through her fan club membership (floor section A4, row 13, and seats 19 and 20!!! )... She got those tix before I got the Wiltern tix and that was on May 8th... She got them pretty early, also... We paid the top price for the Anaheim tix ($300.00 or $350.00???)... I'm, also, going with my other friend here to Staples Center and we're still waiting to hear where our seats are... She joined the fan club, also, and her order # was 140... We paid the top price for those seats, also ($300.00???)... I'm, also, paying probably a good amount for a costume for Staples Center and putting alot of work into it (not to mention a haircut and color INSTEAD of just buying the wig for the costume) AND I plan on going to more shows, also, HOPEFULLY... Also, Aerosmith is playing here inbetween two of the shows, so I heard on the radio, and I'm thinking of going to those, also!!! My pockets are NOT deep, but I consider the Stones shows a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at this point in time because I have a wierd feeling that this just MIGHT be their last big world tour, but who knows... And, I just like to enjoy life!!! Also, seeing Steven, as in TYLER, is, well... Just seeing Steven... HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! HE!!! HE!!! lol................................. :P OH, YES!!! IT'S GONNA BE A BIG-LIPPED AUTUMN!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D I feel VERY happy...

*** Martha ***

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