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Topic: What in the heck is this July 9,2002 release...... Return to archive
06-10-02 02:49 PM
Boomhauer At CDNow I saw that there is a STOnes album that has a scheduled release date of 7-9-02. Now, it just says Rolling Stones, but would this be Englands Newest Hitmakers or the GH album? Or is the date on their just completely wrong?

If you want, you can order it now for $17!
06-10-02 03:17 PM
Maxlugar I'm not sure about that.

But, Ann Coulter's latest book "Slander" is coming out June 25th.
Slander picks up where Bernard Goldberg left off with Bias. Namely, the psychotic drive to slant the news to fit the liberal agenda.

This promises to be the book of the summer!

It'll be the best 25 bucks you ever spent.

Ann's hot too, right Nanker?
06-10-02 03:27 PM
nankerphelge Hell yeah she is:

"Who's yer daddy Ann?" SPANK!

"John Ashcroft is nanky!"

"Who's yer daddy Ann?" SPANK!

"Oh, I mean Donald Rumsfeld is nanky!"


"Oh, you are nanky - you are!"
06-10-02 03:54 PM
sandrew I've always thought Coulter was a closet lesbian.
06-10-02 04:02 PM
nankerphelge Why would you think that? She's got none of the standard issue lesbian credentials -- she is a conservative, strict-constructionist Constitutional lawyer that absolutely hates the left. Don't know too many lesbians that fit that bill.

But, if she is, bring your "dame" with ya Ann -- I'll spank ya both "lickety split!"
06-10-02 04:06 PM
jb Anne Coulter looks like a transvestite and has made a living off Clinton and appearing on Geraldo ...P.S. Got my tickets to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale today...6th row Miami/4th row Lauderdale...both center..5k big ones but the Stones are worth it!
06-10-02 04:12 PM
nankerphelge A transvestite? Not like any that I've ever dated!

And of course she made a living off Clinton -- he's the fucking poster boy for liberals gone wrong!

Congrats on the tix -- I didn't doubt you for a minute.
06-10-02 04:17 PM
sandrew Nanky, this is pure speculation, but I work on Capitol Hill and I think that there are many self-loathing gay conservatives. Many women who work around here get the same feeling. These types are usually hyper-conservative workaholics with little time for dating. Coulter frequently makes what on the surface are good-natured male-bashing comments: how we're all pansies now, that kind of thing.

She may not dig women, but I think she has no use for men.
06-10-02 04:27 PM
nankerphelge self-loathing gay conservatives?
I don't profess to be any type of an expert on this issue at all, but of all the gay people I know, none of them are conservative. Now I am sure that there are probably some gays out there that are conservative in certain senses -- for example one might be of a more libertarian bent so that fiscally they are conservative, but socially they are more liberal.

But I find this self-loathing thing kind of hard to believe -- if someone were openly gay, why would they embrace notions of conservatism that historically view homosexuality as deviant and improper. The flip side, perhaps, is that one developed a conservative political alignment first, and then later faced their homosexuality and relaized perhaps there was a conflict. But self-loathing?? "Oh I'm such a terrible Republican, I'd better work late and bury the truth??" I would think it far easier to change one's political views over what is probably an imutable sexual preference, no?

As I said, I don't have a corner on this market - but it sure seems odd to me from an intuitive standpoint.
06-10-02 04:41 PM
sandrew It's not that they think they're "terrible Republicans" - it's that they think they're terrible Baptists or Catholics or whatever. While I don't speak from experience, it's possible they bury their orientation by embracing reactionary conservatism. In a way, it's an overcompensation mechanism.

As I said, this is just a theory. I'm a conservative myself, but I think there's room for people like Andrew Sullivan (a gay conservative, and a Catholic as well) in the tent. All this brings to mind the question of Mick's orientation. It's fairly evident he's firmly straight now, but I have to believe he went through a period of, er, experimentation.
06-10-02 04:47 PM
nankerphelge You might be right -- what the hell do I know -- I am a flaming hetero conservative. I just find the self-loathing idea to be a bit anachronistic in a world where coming out of the closet is so readily embraced as compared to even 10 years ago. WHo knows...

As far as Mick's orientation -- just the discussion here today of the cock dance incident of '75/'76 clarifies it for me. The dude was into some shit...
06-10-02 04:53 PM
sandrew I have a book about Exile and Main Street (I forget who wrote it, but I'm sure you all know about it), and there are several interviews in it. One is with Anita Pallenberg, who says that Mick was bisexual and put the moves on TAYLOR. There's also the Victor Bockris biography of Keith, which says Mick slept with Brian. Truly bizarre...
06-11-02 01:41 AM
prism Mick's bi-sexuality is not bizarre. What seems bizarre is there are right-wing Stones fans.
06-11-02 06:40 AM
stonedinaustralia an interesting observation prism... in some respects i agree but then on the other hand you could say the opposite and it would still hold...everyone gets from the band (and music generally) what they want out of it... there are no rules to say that because you enjoy the music you have to set your political agenda by it...

for me the stones present an essentially anarchist perspective (they were,after all, the prototype "punk" band)- and when i say anarchism i mean in the sense that the individuals rights are paramount... despite their being seen as anti-authoritarian, which is popularly and mistakenly percieved somewhat as a "left wing" characteristic - remember hitler's brown shirts were anti - auhtoritarian - the stones are also very much about the indivdual's right to be an individual (a rather "right wing" or at least an anti-collective political posiiton)

the stones politics (if they have any as a collective unit and i would say they do - certainly they wield political power in,at least, its broadest sense - witness this message board) is about nothing if not about the individual and the struggle to survive and to live (the blues in other words)

to me the ethos of the stones, from where any political perspective must be generated,is, for me, best described by nick kent as follows: "if there has been one constant message coursing through the group's music from the beginning right up to the presnt day, it's been that the world is a strange and ruthless place and that if you want to make a mark on it in your own terms without getting martyred, robbed blind or endlessly stabbed in the back, you've got to be even more ruthless in your own dealings"...

in the end they are a lot like dylan put it - "don't follow leaders - watch your parking meters"...

06-11-02 07:51 AM
Maxlugar I think I know where Sandrew is coming from on the self loathing thing.

I think this whole gay priest thing has its roots in this. They come from very religious families and become priests to combat their inner feelings. Sort of to punish themsleves for even having these feelings.

But you can only keep it inside so long before you're asking Little Timmy the Alter Boy to come back to the Rectory for a little hide Bishop.

Oh, and I totally agree with what our Australian friend said. I find many conservative themes in the Stones and their music. Working hard to get what's yours is one of them.
06-11-02 08:40 AM
nankerphelge I agree -- the common theme that I have seen from the Stones over the years is "if it feels good, do it" -- no one political affiliation can lay claim to that!

I think alot of people mistake the Stones for left-wing radicals because they were around in the 60s and did drugs. However, even if the members of the band have leanings to the left, their message has always resonated with us conservatives -- especially the libertarian side of conservatism which is not far from the "if it feels good, do it" theme.

06-11-02 11:27 AM
sandrew While I love the song "Sweet Black Angel," I try to forget it's about the deplorable radical Angela Davis...
06-11-02 02:35 PM
jb They did black angel live at the evening show in Ft.Worth in 72...the boot I have is very poor quality which I do not understand b/c they filmed LGTRS at this it my copy or no soundboard available...
06-11-02 02:54 PM
voodoopug my copy is not too bad, especially for that era
06-11-02 05:39 PM
stonedinaustralia sandrew - what made angela davis so "deplorable" in your eyes??
06-11-02 06:08 PM
sandrew Whether or not she was guilty of the murder and kidnapping charges, I'm just not a fan of that kind of militant street radicalism. And, before anyone asks if this is based on some kind of racial animus, let me make clear the answer is no. It's the thuggish, hard-Left radicalism, not race. I don't care if you're talking about Lenin or Trotsky or Castro or Che, these people are lionized and romanticized because of their ideologies - no matter that millions of people were killed as a result.
06-11-02 06:20 PM
stonedinaustralia yes (but dont forget the right wing thugs either...)what would be bizarre,prism, is not conservative stones fans but racist ones
06-11-02 06:26 PM
sandrew Absolutely - I deplore the right wing thugs as well. But what bothers me is that some folks on the Left can't admit that people like Trotsky and Castro were/are thugs because they happen to sympathize with their ideologies... Anyway, enough of that...
06-12-02 11:48 PM
Boomhauer Damn, what a thread!

So, do any of you have a clue about the July 9 release date?
06-13-02 07:57 AM
Maxlugar No I don't have a clue about that.

But, Ann Coulter's latest book "Slander" is coming out June 25th. Slander picks up where Bernard Goldberg left off with Bias. Namely, the psychotic drive to slant the news to fit the liberal agenda.

This promises to be the book of the summer!

It'll be the best 25 bucks you ever spent.

Ann's hot too, right Nanker?

One more time!

"Space For the Papa"
06-13-02 09:25 AM
kc152 I'm not sure Boomhauer but it might be 1 of those remaster albums that is comming out.

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