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Topic: Vote now: Does Mick Jagger deserve a knighthood? Return to archive
06-10-02 12:38 PM
06-10-02 04:15 PM
CS There's another at the BBC but in this Mick is losing
06-10-02 04:19 PM
luxury1 What about Keith? How can you knight MIck without Keith--ya know, Queenie, they aren't called the Glimmer Twins for nothin'. Bert Richards, Keith's dad, once told me the Queen was "nothin' but a big boozer." Maybe it got back to the Palace.
06-10-02 04:20 PM
Mr T this giving rockstars knighthood thing is getting more & more of a joke every time they do it. Not that I don't want Mick to be honored, its more that I think its pretty lame to honor a guy that hasn't done anything but rock. Really, besides all the things we know him for and all the projects that have kept him busy over the years, what has he done to deserve knighthood? It really is bullshit
06-10-02 06:09 PM
stonedinaustralia i agree mr t let's stop the madness - but i fear that things have now gone too far ... this topic is hydra headed monster i don't have the time to go into much depth right now... suffice it to say it's irretrievably upset no end of apple carts on both sides of the establishment line (esp. in this instance of mick)
06-12-02 01:19 PM
ulfk It would be a scandal if Jagger accepts this knighthood.
The rebel..I puke if he accepts..accepting something that is so typical for the class society GB is....but noone seems to stand up for anything nowadays.

Throw him out of the band if he accepts and go on with

06-12-02 08:31 PM
Scot Rocks yes ulfk

you are right Mick should say that he doesn't want this, however I fear and think that he will. These awards are pathetic, Citizens not Subjects!!!!!!!!!
06-13-02 05:16 AM
Cant Catch Me Damn right, Ulf and Scot Rocks, the question of whether he deserves it is irrelevant compared to the crucial question of whether he should accept it. And if he's a principled man he should refuse.

And because it's rock n' roll, it's not enough just to refuse politely. He ought to through it back in whomever's faces in the most offensive way possible. Unless, that is, he's sacrificed his soul to gratify his ego.

It's cases like these when you wish Sid Vicious was still around, he'd know the "proper" thing to do. A true rock n' roller might play along leading up to the ceremony, or whatever it is they do (a blow job from the Queen?), and then show up wasted, loud and obnoxious, pissing on the front steps or puking on the host, or with a bunch of hookers or homeless people, railing against the establishment.

The whole thing's a mess, a disgusting display of hypocrisy. Now, society is rewarding the behavior that 40 years ago, 30 years ago, even 20 or 10 years ago it persecuted mercilessly and the same peope it fought tooth and nail to suppress? It's pathetic, and Jagger playing along with it makes it even more pathetic.

06-13-02 10:02 AM
Honkytonk Woman You are right Mr.T. This dubbing of English Celebrities into knighthood is getting ridiculous. What has Sirs Paul McCartney (all the Beatles, in fact), Elton John, Bob Geldof, to name only a few, done for England that would warrant such a title. I think Mick should be knighted if only to place him right next to his peers, other rock and rollers.
06-13-02 12:43 PM
Mr T of course, I'm always right
06-13-02 01:03 PM
mattb I think the Stones have done a great deal for the United Kingdom. Not only are they a superb talent, they have helped with changes in the tax laws and to all the changes in the society that the sixties brought about.
06-13-02 01:31 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Can't Catch Me!

It's funny that you should mention Sid Viscious, because while I was watching that lame "Golden Jubilee" concert I kept thinking, "Man this show needs the Sex Pistols".

Oh, and whomever said that all the Beatles had been are incorrect. Only Paul and George Martin have become a "Sir". What the band had been awarded earlier, and what John gave back, was basically a medal, an M.B.E., I think it's called. Not the same thing as a knighthood.

And even if offered Mick should decline...and I think he will. I've still got faith in him....even after Goddess In The Doorway.
06-13-02 05:17 PM
luxury1 wrote:
the Queen was "nothin' but a big boozer."

06-13-02 05:18 PM
Joey Nice Avatar Mattens !!!!

Talk about " Space for the Papa " !!!!!


06-14-02 02:09 AM
Cant Catch Me Actually, I read in a profile of the Queen in Vanity Fair that she is a big boozer. Puts away a fifth of gin a day but probably spreads it out so she's never totally wasted, but never sober either.
06-14-02 08:04 PM
stonedinaustralia well whether he deserves it or not is beside the point because it is now official according to the news just in on my radio...

we live in strange and uncertain times...
[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
06-16-02 02:21 AM
complicated yes, he does deserve to be knighted !!!!!!
06-16-02 08:31 AM
MRD8 When I read something like this about British royalty I have to laugh...could you see us Americans putting up with that royalty horse shit? Mick wanted to be knighted because Elton and McCartney were...I think its a joke for Mick who built his career on being anti-establishment would accept anything from a monarchy that persecuted him and Keith and Brian in the 60's...! It just goes to show how far Mick has slipped in recent years...
06-16-02 11:06 AM
Scot Rocks Damn right and we always get told how you Americans love our monarchy.


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