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Topic: New single "Don't stop" Return to archive
06-09-02 06:29 PM
WahWahWoody As I read in the SFJ the Stones have just left Paris having finished recording two new songs and worked on several demos , mostly ballads. The finished songs are said to be "Don't stop" which will probably be the band's new single. It's a hard-driving riff-based song like "Start me up". The other completed song has Keith on vocals.
Sounds good to me....
06-10-02 09:58 AM
sandrew Oh, please don't let it be called "Don't Stop." I have visions of Bill and Hillary groovin' to that tired Fleetwood Mac anthem.
06-10-02 01:57 PM
gypsy I am always telling KeepRigid "Don't Stop!!!"
06-10-02 02:23 PM
Joey Gypsy are definitely Joey's type of woman ! I will ask the Queen to knight you . We could put Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee to shame . Yes !!!!!!

Come to Joey ..........

Come to Joey ..........

Sir Joey

06-10-02 02:56 PM
WahWahWoody Somebody on the iorr -board just mentioned "Don't stop" is an outtake of Jagger's solo recordings. Any information on that????
06-10-02 03:53 PM
sandrew That doesn't bode well, but as a few people said in another post today, the GITD songs sounded good before being soiled by overproduction (I continue to blame Matt Clifford primarily).

By the way, where IS the IORR message board? I have never seen a link to it on the IORR webpage.
06-10-02 04:23 PM
luxury1 I think you click on the Tell Me link to get to the message board. I agree--I loved MIck's solo outing, but it is way too over-produced. Even reminded me of elevator music at times. That is why Mick needs Keith so much--he dirty's Mick up in all the right places and ways.
06-10-02 05:37 PM
gypsy That is why Gypsy needs Keep so much--he dirty's Gypsy up in all the right places and ways.

Hell yeah!
06-10-02 05:48 PM
Mr T it wasn't the production that killed GITD, it was the lack of good musicianship. He took pretty cool ideas but didn't build anything off of them. He just wrote some simple stuff that sounded cool - and did a pretty good job from what I expect from his part - but getting Lenny Kravitz but not Jeff Beck?!?! I think that is the problem, he just didn't have skilled enuff musicians backing him up
06-10-02 05:53 PM
winter Mr. T,

I have to disagree with you on this one. What kills the album are the circa '83 keyboards and the Kenny G string arrangements, etc.

Joe Perry, Lenny and Pete Townsend are pretty damn good musicians. Is Beck a better a technical guitar player - absolute, but his presence would not have saved the album.

If the album had been recorded with a four track recorder and minimal remixing, it would have been pretty damn good.
06-10-02 06:13 PM
Mr T Lenny is OK - but that track was too much of that 'mainstream' Lenny Kravitz

Don't need to tell me hopw good Joe Perry is, I'm an Aerosmith junkie(old Aerosmith that is) - but these tracks did not show his more impressive side.

same with Pete.

true, great musicians - but not working to their abilities.
06-10-02 06:20 PM
winter Not to get off track here, but I picked up Live Bootleg on disk the other day (had it on tape as a kid). Frickin' kicks ass - toys in the attick, lord of the thighs, chip away, last child - it is strong from start to finish.

It is the Aerosmith equivalent of Ya Ya's or Love you Live (but of course the Stones are better)

If you don't have it, you should get it.

06-10-02 07:05 PM
Mr T I have it - I like a Little South Of Sanity better though. Even with the crappy tracklist, the band is still at the top of their game. And those songs I always hated - they did such good jobs on them that I love those versions. I would definitly put both above Love You Live
06-10-02 07:33 PM
Riffhard Love You Live-side 3 (El Macambo) is vastly superior to the entire Aerosmith library.I've seen Aerosmith live a few times and was never impressed.They just go through the motions.IMHFO.

06-10-02 08:30 PM
Mr T I can see how you would say they are just going through the motions - they always have been wanna-be's(until they stopped being the poor-man's Stones and went pop), but they are still wanna-bes with a lot of talent. The Stones will always be the better band in my opinion - but I can't sell Aerosmith's catalog short. If you ask me, Dream On, & Sweet Emotio, - not to menion all their brilliant stuff from the mid/late 70's that never got recognized - is second only to Sympathy For The Devil, Gimme Shelter & Can't You Hear Me Knocking. From seeing them last year & having several bootlegs of recent tours(a lot of older boots don't show the band in good form) - I can say they can be an incredible act. that band was so great.

no quote better desribes them now than "they went from 'Back in the Saddle' to 'Pony Rides for $1' shit!"
[Edited by Mr T]
06-12-02 05:10 AM
gotdablouse Could it be that Keith's track is the long awaited "High or Low" ?

How on earth would anyone know that "Don't Stop" is a Jagger outtake ? Nothing has ever filtered from his solo sessions, and Nico would know wouldn't he !
06-13-02 03:17 AM
gotdablouse "Don't Stop"...SMU sound alike...hum....I wonder whether they didn't dig out the "Never Stop" protoype of SMU and polished it a bit !
Now that would be fun, if unlikely ;-)
06-16-02 09:54 AM
Boomhauer Hope this track will just rock 'n' roll!

Don't stop - were gonna take it to the top
Don't stop -were gonna rock ya till ya drop, unh!
(Keith sloppy solo - a la "Tattoo You" days)
Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop,
I just cain't get enough, oh yeah, just can't get enough!
06-16-02 02:06 PM
Honky Tonk Man Areosmith!!! I like a few of their songs Mr T. I only know the more recent stuff like "Pink" and errrm the Armogeden one and some of their 80s ones like "Walk this way" (though that was a 70s one, re-done) and of course "Dude Looks Like a Lady" I heard their vwersion of "Come Together" and its fuckin' awful. I heard that was done when Joe Perry left though
06-16-02 08:27 PM
Mr T Honky Tonk Man,

you didn't like their cover of Come Together?!?!?! Wow, I don't understand, I love that song. I love that band. Too bad they sent their music down the shitter. The origional Walk This Way kicked ass with that funky ass verse riff. I even like Pink. They were even good when Perry lef the band - but if you heard their last album & then listened to the 'Rocks' album - you'd hate Tyler.

By the way, do yourseld a favor and buy or download the enire ROCKS album + the songs Sweet Emotion(I know you know this song) and Dream On - and tell me they weren't one of the greatest bands that ever lived

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