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Topic: Seat locations up at Return to archive
06-11-02 06:38 PM
Stonzy78 everyone check our seat locations are up
06-11-02 06:51 PM
gimmekeef Yes they are.I got 4 floors for Nashville Sect 4 Row D right next to secondary stage.Hey I'm a happy camper considering I also scored 40th row floors in Atlanta for $93 bucks a piece plus the fee charged by Sir Mick Inc.Let the show begin!!!!!!!
06-11-02 07:09 PM
winter WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! - Got 2 Section A - Row 11 for the Fleet Center in September!
06-11-02 07:18 PM
Jerry Got stripped for CMGI. I got way back to the side and purchased on mAy 8! I would have been better off on my own.
06-11-02 07:21 PM
littleredrooster Oh, YEAH!!!!
14th row just left of center from main stage for Anaheim!!!!

Take that FIJI JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!
06-11-02 07:56 PM
Torn & Frayed
Stonzy78 wrote:
everyone check our seat locations are up

Nothing for The Orpheum.
Anybody get ticket info ?
06-11-02 09:12 PM
luxury1 Well, I just got a golden shower instead of a golden circle ticket. Paid 471.00 bucks for one tix to Giants Stadium and it sucks--Sec 4, row15--seat38--all the way off to the side. I don't even think I will be able to see that well on the floor, being so far back and off to one side. Is this really the best 5% of the house--whose house? I got Nanky on the job.
06-11-02 10:03 PM
Fiji Joe pay $90 for that ticket?.my post was assuming you bought a $90 ticket...I'm still not figuring why the extra $35 for the membership fee...I know all the above seats were available through Sam Greedy
06-11-02 10:06 PM
igotdblues I got screwed!!!!

Fan club order placed 5-21 = National Car Rental Center tix sec 101 row 17 seat 1+2 $739.91

Ticket master 6/11/02 has sec 101 row 25 seat 1+2 $641

I am soo pissed.....

I passed up on a ton of better seats waiting for this crap.

06-11-02 10:07 PM
Fiji Joe I guess now knowing that people paid over $400 per ticket in some instances, I have to ask...who pays that kind of money without knowing where the hell their seat is going to be? Congrats, I guess...I'm happy being in front of the second stage for 90 piddly dollars
06-11-02 10:56 PM
jcnariz did anyone get their seats yet for the staples center? my seat location is up yet and i ordered them the day they went on sale.
06-12-02 12:09 AM
torn&frayed Getting tickets for this tour has been far and away the most unpleasant ticket purchasing experience I've ever had (and I've slept out for days in parking lots!). A total ripoff - ordered day they went on sale and paid $800.00+ for 2 101A seats at MSG - after wasting 60.00 bucks on scam goody for the pleasure of trying to connect to their site for 5 hours to no avail and finally getting the option to but even worse seats. What an absolute scam - I've got three words - CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT - absolute consumer fraud at its most blatant. This makes me utterly sick... I think I'm gonna dump these seats and sit this one out.
06-12-02 01:34 AM
littleredrooster FIJI JOE,
My seats at Anaheim were of the $300 + variety.
From the early returns on this board, I was indeed lucky.
Those MSG 101A's do suck! Especially @ $700+
It is very disappointing to throw the dice, be promised good seats and end up getting screwed.
The one who wins in a class action suit is the attorney.
Unfortunately, those who have worked so hard to make this tour memorable and enjoyable for themselves are now so frustrated 3 months before the first chord is struck.
06-12-02 03:38 AM
kc152 I can't see why a ticket with 160.00 face value on it for MSG is in section 310. It just seems so random. I see on other sites that people who paid 90.00 have better seats than those who paid 300.00. And is there anyone out there who are happy with their MSG tix from
06-12-02 06:06 AM
luxury1 FIJI JIM-- I was too naive (stupid) and believed the RS fan club would come thru with great seats, so that is why I forked over 400+ for a ticket. Well, lesson learned the bitter way here.
06-12-02 06:09 AM
luxury1 WInter, how did you get such great seats for Fleet?? RS fan club? You have been about the only one with "great seats so far. Good for you--I amjealous. If you want to sell me one of those Sec A's--
06-12-02 10:04 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Man....I DO feel bad for you guys!

I've never heard of "Golden Circle" seats in the back and side?!? That's crazy! It makes no fucking sense.

Who determines prices for seat locations? The venue? The band? Ticketmaster? The Promoter?

I don't know, but whomever it is needs slapped.
06-12-02 10:31 AM
T&A The "wild card" in all of this may be these "floating" stages that we're beginning to hear about. These may make some of these expensive, distant seats suddenly become closer to the action.
06-12-02 10:50 AM
winter Luxury 1:

I was lucky enough to be hitting refresh on the website when they came available. I must have been one of the first people in. They came available a day after Sam Goody and at an odd time - 10:18 am or something. - Just lucky, although I was trying all morning with the refresh, because somebody had mentioned (i believe on this site) that for the first on-sales (i.e., CMGI), the RS site started after Sam Goody.

Another thought here. I suspect that if I chose the $90 tickets, I would have been in the first 10 rows. If you look at the seating charts that you can link to from the e-mail about seat locations, for most venues - the first 10 rows were sold at the third price level - i.e., about $90 bucks. The Fleet Center seating chart doesn't show the Floor, so I don't know the breakdown.

I heard a rumor about the first 10 rows being at $90 bucks (this is what they did on the No Security tour, as well), but I didn't want to chance it since I got in so early. If I had the opportunity, I would have purchased 2 $90 tickets and 2 $350 tickets, as we were allowed to buy four, but you could only chose 1 price range - so I figured that I had better chances with the $350's, because if the $90 rumor wasn't true, I'd be stuck in the nosebleeds or behind th stage. If $90 deal was true for the Fleet Center, they should have told us before hand. And I would say the same applies for all other arenas where the very best seats were $90 bucks.

I'm not complaining because I love my seats, and feel very lucky the way my tickets have worked out for the shows I'm going to. But I would have gladly paid $260 less per ticket to get even better seats.

As I've said before, the bottom line is for the big bucks these tickets cost, you should be able to make a well informed choice about where your seats will be before making the purchase, and there should be no hassles in actually getting the tickets in your hand. The idea that you could pay close to $850 (including all charges) for 2 tickets, and wind up four sections from the stage in the upper loges is an outrage. Everybody who went through and purchased tickets at $350 per, should be in the first 20 rows or the first Sections on the sides. After all, we are the fans that paid $90 bucks to join a fan club, and took faith in them that we would be treated, well, as fans. But it turns out that it some instances it worked as a scam, getting hopefuls to purchase big dollar tickets that they wouldn't have purchased had they otherwise known the location.

I am curious as to how may seats are tied up with E-trade, I'll bet most of the primo seats went there, with just a handful of really good seats for and Sam Goody.

Again, I personally feel very lucky here, but my heart goes out to all the true fans that feel as though they've been screwed by the Stones enterprise.

As for selling a ticket, I can't do it. I am going to the Orpheum solo, if I cut my girlfriend out on this one, I'm dead in water.


06-12-02 11:09 AM
mattb I didn't know you could get tickets thru e-trade. I think the idea of different ways to get tickets is good. If you don't want to spend more money, don't buy tickets in that manner.The Orpheum tickets are probably worth alot more than the $64.90 they were, but I don't think too many people will be sending contributions to make up for what they are worth.
06-12-02 11:44 AM
Samruby Madison Square Garden Section 310 - (2) $160 tickets.

This is the worst possible seating area for this price range, unbelievable. The next time this option is given for any future gigs, people will hopefully remember this,

06-12-02 12:09 PM
winter Mattb:

I'll always love the Stones, but let's not discount the publicity that they're getting from the club/theater gigs. This is not charity. All the press about the tour is centered on multiple venues, smaller venues, varying the set lists. I am excited, its the best thing they could do, but let's be honest about how many fans will get to see one of these shows.

Target Markets for better publicity, not surprising the small gigs are in New York, LA, Philly, Chicago and Boston.

No club gig in North Dakota, I bet there are 1,000 fans there that would love to see the Stones at the local club.

The promotion machine that works for the Stones knows what they are doing. The club gigs are worth much more to the Stones than $60 a ticket.

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