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Topic: Fleet Center - January - Tickets Available Return to archive
06-10-02 02:19 PM
winter Fleet Center show in January has been confirmed. Tickets are available at GETACCESS - Just got 2 in row 6 of Section D on the Floor.

Need to get a new membership if you've already used it.
06-10-02 05:04 PM
luxury1 Winter --THANKS
I just got Section D, Row 6 also. I had no idea that those Jan rumored dates were to be so quickly confirmed. HOw did you hear about it? Any NY date confirmed for Jan?
Let's get together at the gig
P.S. WInter is one of my fave Stones songs
06-10-02 05:16 PM
winter Somebody on Tell Me at the IORR site posted it. I am curious about the floor configuration for the Stones show. Usually Section A (in front of D) is 7-8 rows (which would put us in the 13th or 14th row) - Excellent. But, some of the scalpers show tickets in Section A 15 rows back, which would mean we are at least 21 rows back. In addition, the seating chart on the TM site doesn't show the B -stage for the Fleet Center, but MSG, and most other arenas have one.

I called the fleet center to try to find out where exactly the seats are, and I got someone with a really bad attitude who said - check the website.

I am sure the seats are great, I'd just like to know how great, since we're unloading serious duckets here.

Love to party before the show. I'll post here as the show gets closer.

Also going to the Sept. shows. Speter555 is going to post the place for the pre-parties the Monday before the shows. Hope to see you there as well.

06-10-02 05:34 PM
mattb I don't think you will really know how far back you are until the stage gets set-up - maybe for the September show at least. Usually, extra room is allowed for ticket sales this early and they will reassess once they actually see how much room the stage takes up.
06-10-02 05:45 PM
winter I agree, but you would think that if there is extra space on the floor, they'd add seats in the back, not put people in front of tickets that are already sold. Imagine if row 1, section A was really row 21, because Management realized that they have more space to put seats.

Bottom line is these tickets are not cheap. TM, the fan clubs, the fleet center, etc. should have their act together a little better. Somebody should be able to tell you where your seat is.

With, it seems like we'll never know.

06-10-02 07:32 PM
Nellcote Winter;

Thanks for the post, I owe you a good Guiness and a shot for this find! Looks like Section D will be the place, as I got Row 6 also. Friend of mine had Row 10 for
McCartney recently, in Sect. D, he said the seats were great! Makes the triple header, Nellcote got the Fleet for
9/03, CMGI for 9/08. Need the Quad w/ the Orpheum! Ah, we can all dream. Great Irish bar near the Fleet where we got together before Springsteen. We should all get together!

On With The Show-Good Health To You


06-10-02 08:03 PM
winter Nellcote:

Love the Guiness - Congrats on the tickets, looking forward to the pre-parties (Sept and Jan).

Good luck with the Orpheum. I was lucky enough to get 1 balcony through TM.

Counting the days to Sept. 3.

06-10-02 08:28 PM
mattb Maybe the floating stages has everyone baffled!
06-10-02 10:14 PM
Stonecrazed I have an extra for the 9/3 show at the Fleet, Floor section F, row 2. If anyone wants to trade a similarly good seat for the 1/12 show, let me know --
06-12-02 08:15 AM
mattb Great sound in the balcony at the Orpheum!

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