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Topic: Ronnie news Return to archive
06-10-02 08:29 AM
sly I heard on 93.1 wxrt radio in Chicago that Ronnie is back in rehab in Arizona, and if he doesn't get it together George Thorogood wil be is replacement for the tour. Can this be true?
06-10-02 08:40 AM
Cardinal Ximinez If this is true, I'd say that it's part of his treatment plan....He was only in for a few weeks previously, and then had to leave for the tour announcements and publicity that all that is over, he can go back and finish his treatment plan.

Just my opinion, but I think Ronnie is serious about this...
06-10-02 09:12 AM
nankerphelge Lonesome George? Sounds like a mingling of 2002 and 1981 rumours. I could see George in '81 -- but now -- isn't he sitting on a couch somewhere, drinking beer, picking his ass? What has he done for us lately? I think this has got to be pure BS
06-10-02 09:26 AM
Joey "And if he doesn't get it together George Thorogood wil be his replacement for the tour. Can this be true? "

You stole that from " OLD GODS ALMOST DEAD " . Page 461 .

What will you steal next ????? News from AP that Ronnie is Freebasing again ?

Individuals who steal hack material from hack authors that write hack books are nothing but ........well..........." Hacks !!!!!!!! "

" CooOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo Me to sleep Ronnie "

Sir Joey

06-10-02 09:35 AM
Boomhauer So the question is, did Ronnie screw up at his birthday party or does he have to finish what he made a commitment to?

BTW, the drink he had at the PC looked like Coke or Pepsi, buy you know there was some Rum in there. Well, maybe there was.....

Also, would anybody be upset if Ronnie would be re
06-10-02 11:02 AM
Maxlugar It's clearly time to hire Jeff Beck.

I think EVERYONE agrees with me on THIS one.

Maxy Von Beckily Beck Beck.

"Space For the Papa"
06-10-02 12:59 PM
bluesgirl oh yeah a treatment takes around 2 months, and as Ronnie is in a big need of treatment, it was way too little the first time.

Probably he will be replaced as rumours said earlier, but the band didn't want to announce it on May 7th.

check out this link:
06-10-02 01:41 PM
Martha George Thorogood is not sitting around drinking beer and picking his ass...he's touring and he's on fire. I saw him two years ago in a outdoor bar/club setting. He was sober the entire show...although hardly anyone else was but myself and my hubby...we gave the booze thing up in the 80's.

The show was incredible...we stood down front and watched his guitar playing...he's great! But a replacement for Ronnie...I can't see it.

What about Robert Cray? Just caught him on Friday at an outdoor pavilion and he is fantastic. Could replace Mick's singing as well. Two for the price of one. Mick could just run around the stage and vamp....and come into the crowd and kiss the swooning girls like Elvis used to.

George and CO. are touring with BB King's blues fest this summer. The Fabulous T-Birds are in the line-up also.

06-10-02 01:48 PM
nankerphelge Yeah now that you mention it, I recall George T. was touring some last year -- it's all coming back to me now -- he played somewhere over near Anapolis, MD at some outdoor festival.

I guess he hasn't been just sitting around drinking beer.
But I'll bet he was picking his ass some!
06-10-02 02:14 PM
Maxlugar I saw George in the mid 80's and it was great. I was about 15 feet from him directly in the middle. Great show. High voltage. The man can sweat with the best of them though. Someone nailed him in the head with a frizbee. I don't think he felt it
06-10-02 02:20 PM
Nellcote Maxy,

As much as Jeff Beck is a great player, he's got priors
in the Jagger camp, from She's The Boss, that Mick would never overcome. Further, The Stones would've never got to this point with a fragile Ronnie Wood. We would have seen this whole matter of a tour pushed of till '03, had Ronnie's recovery been in question. Thorogood? He's good, but it's idle rumor. Ronnie is it, or there is no tour.

On With The Show-Good Health To You!

06-10-02 02:58 PM
gimmekeef With all the negative press around any Ronnie relapse would be trumpeted for sure.If this story is true the it's likely a scheduled followup after the announcement and recording.I also have seen George T and love him but his style wouldnt fit in my opinion.If they had to fill in I'd look for Waddy Wachtel who has played with Keith and Mick and was the main guitar piece including lead on Saint of Me.However if no Ronnie then probably no tour or delayed anyway.
06-10-02 03:05 PM
WahWahWoody Yeah, Nellcote, I totally agree with you. Ronnie is the man and without him they wouldn't tour. I think this second treatment is part of the whole treatment plan which takes longer than just a few weeks. He'll be back in time. "I love to see these smiling faces, this time with a clear view....I'm ready for it!"
06-10-02 03:07 PM
Maxlugar And if the tour is cancelled don't look for everyone to be getting
on Ronnie for letting down the Stones with this self induced problem of his.

That kind of scorn is reserved for one Mick Taylor.

Damn, if this wouldn't be in the category of screwing the band over I don't what is.

But when Jeff Beck is cranking out tear inducing leads on YCAGWYW and Gimme Shelter, this will all be forgotten.

"Space For the Papa"

Sir Maxy of Lotuscouchshire, Esq.
06-10-02 03:28 PM
Cardinal Ximinez But Max...Ronnie hasn't done anything to screw the band least not yet. All he's doing is getting cleaned up, and cleaned out, for the tour. How's that bad? Maybe he'll get back to the old Woody...the one that kicks ass...
06-10-02 03:31 PM
nankerphelge Someone phone the clinic he's at and tell him to take a listen to his work on Handsome Girls. The boy can play -- imagine how good he will sound with nothing better to do all day than relearn how to play.

Go Ronnie go, go, go
Ronnie B Goode
06-10-02 03:34 PM
mattb Maybe he doesn't wanna play the Orpheum.
06-10-02 04:03 PM
nankerphelge You might be right -- he's probably concerned about all the troublemakers that are planning on attending...
06-10-02 04:16 PM
luxury1 Or the weirdos who scored tickets up front.
06-10-02 04:16 PM
Mr T George Thorogood?? I'd still rather see Mick Taylor. There's a million great guitarists the Stones could get - Jeff Beck being the coolest selection, Jimmy Page, etc.

but this is just a bullshit rumor I bet, they won't replace Woodie. I'm sure they will go at pretty great lengths to make sure this tour starts off without a hitch
06-10-02 07:16 PM
sly To Joey
Let me say that I never stole any lines out of some garbage book. This is what wxrt in Chicao reported. I am just posting what I heard, and am wondering what anybody else heard if anything. Being a windy city guy yourself, why don't you call the station and ask them who there sources are.
06-10-02 08:31 PM
Joey Maxy , what do you mean by " Space for the Papa " ????

Is that some album title ???? I's got to know ...I just love it and I have taken to braying it out around the office .

Perhaps they will include " Space for the Papa " in my severance package .

Oh the glory.....

The glory ...............!

" Coo Me lightly Ronnie "

Sir Joey of the Royale Dry Heaves
06-10-02 09:44 PM
kc152 George T as a Stone? That would be BA BA BA BAD , BA BA BA BAD AS A STONE. And I do mean bad in the traditional sense of the word
06-11-02 05:25 AM
Jumacfly George T record called "Haircut " is an amazing boogie rock album, this guy rocks and would be brilliant on stage, give the band a kick in their ass: "Shut up old daddy Chucky, and listen to this!"....Keith would be very happy to play with a roaring riff brother!!!

but.. good health brother Ronnie, hope you ll be back and bring back the fire as you did in 1975...

06-11-02 01:22 PM
Martha From what I learned working in a drug and alcohol treatment facility is that it takes time to get your sea legs. The average stay was 2 months, but this was an indigent set-up and they needed to stay longer than that, but couldn't get financed to do so. The relapse rate is pun intended. Ronnie has the buckos and if he went back to rehab that is a good thing. Recovery is a LIFE long deal and the more tools he can get under his belt the better chance he'll have making it in the "real" world.

I think he'll be incredible on guitar if he remains sober and I CANNOT wait to hear/see that!

I could tell a huge difference in the Allman Bros. show seeing Greg last summer...clean as a whistle now that he's sober.

Raising my bottle of H2O for a long and sober life to Ronnie...and all the rest who are living clean and sober.
06-11-02 01:24 PM
bluesgirl right we want Ronnie not in alcohol but in H20. he is the fish and when he plays its like a dolphin's dance.
06-11-02 01:48 PM
TT Canīt believe what Iīm reading. If Ronnie is not on: Itīs not the Stones I want. No tour for me. Be happy with your pre$ale tickets.

And by the way:

GT is the most boring guitar player Iīve ever seen.
Jeff Beck, yes sure. He would give you a great Stones show LOL
06-11-02 03:52 PM
RonniesDarling I for one would be upset if they tried to replace my Ronnie, but I don't see it happening, Ronnie's played with them longer than anybody, they all seem to be true friends who stick by eachother, and maybe it's sappy for a stones board but who cares? I think from what I've seen so far, they stick by eachother even when times are rough, look at Mick and Keith alone fight after fight, but they're still together, I've heard of Keith and Ron fighting, but they make up and they're all together. I don't think he'll be replaced, and I love that tribute, clearly put together in support of Ronnie and trying to put an end to these ugly rumours it even says that 'This is a special tribute to Ronnie Wood. The fan club secretary wish you all good luck and health in the future and look forward to hear your great guitar playing again.

I wanted to share these private photos with you, and hope you like them. Instead of the constantly beating on Ronnie - think of his family and Ronnie himself, and let us all wish him a good luck and good health, and welcome on the next tour with THE ROLLING STONES'


Great Pictures.

In loving support of the fabulous Ronnie Wood,


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