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Topic: Gratefully Dead Again Return to archive
06-09-02 10:27 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! I was just wondering if anyone here on the board are planning to go to the "Grateful Dead Family Reuion" Shows this August at Alpine Valley. Both of the shows went on sale Saturday and have sold out already. This is a fantastic year for good ole rock'n Roll! Hopefully they will pull out a Stones tune or two since the boy's tour will be right around the conner by then. Some Stones songs The Dead and The Jerry Garcia Band Have covered:
The Last Time
Let's Spend The Night Together
Wild Horses
Dead Flowers & Torn and Frayed
Covers by both bands:
It's All Over Now
Little Red Rooster
King Bee
Johnny B. Goode
Let It Rock
I always thought it was cool thet Jerry Said "The reason why The Dead went electric was the first time that they heard The Rolling Stones" The Dead had a lot of admiration for them that's for sure. I know that Mick Taylor jammed with The Dead, does anyone know if Keith ever did?

06-10-02 12:05 AM
The Eggman How many times have the Stones covered the Dead?

Answer? ZERO!

06-10-02 01:57 AM
Happy Motherfucker!! What does that have to do with anything? If I'm not mistaking, The Stones DO covers also.
06-10-02 08:50 PM
The Eggman Nothing cept' concluding the fact that....let's see. The Dead suck!
06-10-02 10:05 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Dear Eggman, as a moderator sometimes I need to be so polite/diplomat that I do prefer not to reply with the answer I have in mind
06-10-02 11:58 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Eggman, your opinion is irrelevant. I simply wanted to know if anyone here is going to the shows and if Keith ever played with The Dead. You have ever right to express your feelings on any given band. Remember there are plenty of people that would tell you The Stones suck. But, it wouldnít make a damn to you because in reality, you know different. Whether you think The Dead suck doesn't mean a thing. The fact is, The Dead are one of the most important bands that America has ever had. I visit a Dead related board and there are post concerning the up coming Stones tour. Most every one there talks favorable about The Stones. Most Deadheads know good music when they hear it and The Stones, Beatles, Dylan ect, fit right in with their favorite music. It's a matter of apples and oranges. Both The Stones and The Dead are great bands that have brought something different to the table. Iím sure that you have never even seen The Dead live before. If that's the case, how can you make an accurate judgment on whether The Band sucks or not? The Dead where always about live performance, taking the music and the listener on a journey. Studio albums are not a very accurate representation of what they where about(and still is in one form or another) The Dead could have cared less about what the mainstream and people like yourself thought about their music. Mainstream never stopped The Dead from being one of the highest grossing bands of all time when it comes to live performance. Both The Stones and The Dead are unique in the own right and history will acknowledge that. They both have their positives and negatives, so the next time that you say a band sucks, make sure that you know what you're talking about because it just makes you look musically illiterate.
06-11-02 12:06 AM
The Eggman MUSICALLY compared to the Stones...

Dear Moderator, you and I have previous always gotten along,

PLz do not defend a group in which had their only hit like 20 someodd yrs later after they were born.

Plz do not DEFEND a group whose other songs , Sole purpose in their was to get high and like the music when ur high, and when ur not, well music breaks down into 2 equal categories, GOOD and this case Rolling Stones being GOOD, and well...u draw the rest of the conclusions
06-11-02 01:25 AM
Happy Motherfucker!! My conclusion of you Eggman, HAS been drawn. And the conclusion that I've drawn is that you have very little knowledge of Rock'n Roll. Since when does having a load of hits make you creditable in the world of rock? The Stones have plenty of songs that are not hits. Does that make them bad tunes? This is not the world of Pop music we are talking about here. My world certainly does not evolve around whether a band or musician has a hit on the radio. I look at how music affects me and makes me feel, NOT how many times it has been played on the hit parade. Who gives a Rats Ass about pleasing everybody all of the time. I'll take a band that wants to play, get high and have a good time and make music with passion, over these corporate mannequins that call their selves Rock (Pop) stars any day!
06-11-02 10:00 AM
Staffan I only have the American Beauty album. What's the next one I should buy? I think I would enjoy a live album, I like long jams and all that.

There is a poster of that Fillmore show in 67 (I think it was 67) somewhere on the mick Taylor site. The Dead, Hendrix and the Bluesbreakers! My God!
06-11-02 02:23 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! American Beauity is a classic album for sure. It's one of their best. If you want a live release, you should go with "Live Dead" from 1970. If you want a more recent release, I would go with "Without A Net". This one has some great long jams on there, including "Eyes Of The World" (w/Branford Marsalis). There all kinds of live Releases you can get. There are live shows that are released about twice a year called "Dick's Picks". You should beable to find them at about any music store. Also there are plenty of people that can hook you up on just about any show that you want(I have about 250 shows). Also there are a couple of websites that you can download complete shows spanning their 30 year history.
06-11-02 02:33 PM
jb Phil Lesh is playing here in Fla very soon.
06-11-02 07:06 PM
The Eggman (banging head against table)

06-11-02 07:17 PM
Jerry I saw the way the threads were going and did not read all of the messages. I am a dead head and Stones fan( more stones than dead these days)I will not be going to the reunion as that takes mickbacks away from my tour fund! However, I have many dead, dylan, and stones videos to trade and many dead cd's. If anyone is interested please e mail me. Peace!
06-11-02 07:53 PM
Torn & Frayed
Jerry wrote:
I am a dead head and Stones fan( more stones than dead these days)I will not be going to the reunion as that takes mickbacks away from my tour fund!

Looks like nobody's going to the reunion - at least not at Alpine Valley:
06-11-02 10:11 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Eggman, fuck off! You're the only moron around here. Maybe you've banged your head on that table one to many fucking times!
06-11-02 10:33 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! I just saw the article on the possible cancellation of the shows. It sounds to me like the promoters where a little off on the venue choice. Alpine only holds about 35,000 and they are expecting 200,000. They should have seen that coming.
06-11-02 10:46 PM
Martha Me thinks the Eggman has gone and laid an egg.

Just saw the Alpine Valley fiasco on the webnews. They are going to who knows what will happen. Do they really think they'll need the National Guard standing by for 200,000 potsmoking, acid dropping, music loving, peaceniks? I thought 80 sheriffs would certainly suffice...that's what they say they've got now.
06-12-02 12:01 AM
The Eggman Holy Fucks Ive been a loyal memember to this board and this is shit u give me?

I have an opinon and u bite my head off?

C'mon be sesible
06-12-02 12:38 AM
Happy Motherfucker!! I am being sensible. Yes, you have a right to your own opinion, but your comments are completely out of line and without merit. Most people that dig The Stones also like other good music whether it being The Dead, Dylan, Zep, The Beatles, The Who, ect. If you don't know anything about a particular subject, sometimes the best comment is no comment at all. If you had any knowledge about The Dead, you wouldn't be putting them down. Like I said before, have you ever been to a Dead show? Do you know anything about the history of the band and the impact that they have had on music, society, and fashion? If not, then you certainly don't have room to be posting the bullshit comments that you have. If anyone was bashing The Stones and saying that they suck and all of that crap, I would tell them the same thing that I'm telling you, and if they didn't GET IT, well, they could fuck off too. By the way you haven't posted one reason why you think they suck, I'd be interested in hearing it.
06-12-02 12:47 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Dear Eggman

No problem, you can express that a group sucks, but when you donít know about it youíre publicly showing something called ignorance.

When you call morons people that is giving you arguments, is not smart at all. Arguments against arguments is a civilized way to discuss.

Your moniker comes from the psychedelic 60s, one of the most psychedelic songs by the Beatles. I thought you can pass the acid test, but I think that you like the Beatles for the fame and not for the musical contributions (read your very own statements)

Why they suck? Have you attended a show? How many albums do you own? How many albums have you heard? Well, have you heard one song in addition to Touch of Gray?

Can you pass the acid test?

I like eggmen! They are so funny!!!

Of course you are a loyal member and youíre so far to be banned, but please think twice before clicking the submit button.
06-12-02 01:25 AM
Staffan wrote:
There is a poster of that Fillmore show in 67 (I think it was 67) somewhere on the mick Taylor site. The Dead, Hendrix and the Bluesbreakers! My God!

I asked Mick Taylor about his jams with Jimi Hendrix, this was a portion of the answer he gave me:

"I remember one time in 1966 ... 67 ... I think 67 ... I played in San Francisco at the Fillmore West, and I was playing with John Mayall, Albert King was playing and Jimi Hendrix was at the top of the bill. At the end ... some guys from the Grateful Dead got together with us and jammed all night.

For more about this interview, check our Jimi stonesite

Some years later I conducted two additional interviews to Mick Taylor in Mexico City, one for the TV and one for a local newspaper, at the end we had a long conversation while Mick was enjoying some Cappuccinos. We again talked about Jimi.

The Grateful Dead was not at the bill, but as a good hosts they jammed all night. As far as I know Keith Richards has never played or jammed with the Dead or members of the Dead.

06-12-02 06:16 AM
Staffan Wow, that's what I call a rock'n'roll poster!
I guess I thought it looked like one of those Dead posters, they look pretty similar, why I thought they were on the bill as well. Thanks for posting it!
06-12-02 11:06 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Can one of you nice Deadheads send me some of those Stones covers? I'd like to include the Dead on my covers compilation.

Email me at and let me know if you can help...

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