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Topic: Atlanta tickets Return to archive
06-08-02 09:21 PM
Honky Tonker Got pretty good (not super dooper, but good) seats in Turner Field through Ticketmaster. Didn't pay Sam Goody or the fan club anything extra! Don't lean over and grease up for these rip-offs.
06-08-02 09:24 PM
glencar I too scored good seats, Field Level. Stadiums like Atlanta & DC seem to be easy to get tickets to.
06-09-02 12:12 AM
A True Stones Fan Got mine too! Not very hard and didn't need pre-sale fan club etc....
06-09-02 09:09 AM
swapwoodfortaylor Got mine (Atlanta) too. I asked for the $300 tix and was offered what look like good Keef - side tix at $90 a piece. Well pleased. Without broadband I would have struggled in the early rush.
06-09-02 09:58 AM
gimmekeef The real surprise to me about Stadium prices is that those $90 tickets go all the way up to the nosebleed sections.I got 40th row section 3's on the field for the same price.No wonder the stadiums aren't selling out when those top levels should be less than $50!.
06-09-02 10:38 AM
swapwoodfortaylor Could be to stop folk like that chap at The Georgia 'Doom' last time falling from top to bottom. No need to do that if all the same price. My $90 is supposedly on ground level.
06-09-02 02:03 PM
Honky Tonker I think The Ted will be a great spot for a show. Not sure, but I think the only concert there was George Strait. Anybody go or know anything about it?

P. S. Apparently the World Series will either be over or the Braves won't be in it, or possibly a baseball strike!
06-09-02 03:22 PM
Fiji Joe I have 2 sets of tix to Atlanta...GA seats which were purchased during pre-sale (I have no idea where these seats are) and field level Section 125 purchased without pre-sale...all tix were $90...Rumor has it that the GA seats are on the field but there's been no confirmation...If they're not, I'd say the pre-sale deal was a scam b/c at the time, I asked for best seats available and if they're not better than than field level, what the hell did I pay the extra $60 for?...Anyone know where the GA seats are?
06-09-02 06:43 PM
Open G
Fiji Joe wrote:
Anyone know where the GA seats are?

I think they may be in front of the second stage, but am not sure on that.
06-09-02 06:51 PM
Fiji Joe Okay, concert veterans,,,which seat would you say is going to give me a better view...the GA seats, let's assume they're at the end of the second stage (on the field) and are bleachers as has been reported, or, the Section 120 something seats which will be just off the field diagonal from the stage (rightfield line for ya'll baseball fans - remembering the stage is in centerfield)
06-10-02 08:09 AM
Honky Tonker Hey Fiji,

Ticketmaster has a seating chart on thier site which may or may not be helpful. Enjoy the show!
06-10-02 05:35 PM
nankerphelge Who fell from top to bottom at the Georgia Dome? I was there in '97 and I don't recall any mishap like that.
Of course, I was pretty lit up -- but I had an awesome view of the whole place -- lower level straight in the back of the dome.
06-10-02 05:41 PM
sandrew I think that happened at the Detroit Silverdome show in '97, not at the Georgia Dome.
06-10-02 05:52 PM
nankerphelge Thanks for the info -- had me wonderin'!
06-10-02 07:31 PM
Honky Tonker A worker fell to his death during construction of the Dome, not at anything to do with The Stones.

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