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Topic: Chuck Berry Tomowwo !!! Return to archive
06-08-02 07:16 PM
Honky Tonk Man Seeing Chuck Berry tomowwo at Shepards Bush Empire, hoping it will be a good show. Anyone going to tell me what hes like these days?
06-08-02 09:45 PM
CousinCocaine Sorry, last time I saw the man was in 73 on a great Frankfurt festival. He played between Sly & Family Stone and the Faces. He did his My Ding a Ling nonsense but the rest was fine.
Tell us what he's like these days !
06-08-02 11:59 PM
Nasty Habits He will probably be playing with a local pickup band, and they probably won't have rehearsed. He will play halfway through some of his greatest hits, and then he will change in the middle of a song into something else entirely. He will play lots of blues covers and lean on the piano, tapping his foot extravagantly. Sometimes something he plays will blow your mind, because it will be so rock and roll. His guitar playing always sounds good, and sometimes he will bother to really play. He will mug a lot, and will expect you to sing. His hair will look crazy. He'll be holding a red guitar. Please tell me if he still duckwalks.
[Edited by Nasty Habits]
06-09-02 09:34 AM
Cardinal Ximinez The only time I ever saw Chuck was at the Concert For The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. He opened the show, played out of tune, and then just kinda stopped and walked off waving....Then for the "big finale All-Star Jam" he was supposed to be playing Sweet Little 16 (at least that's what it sounded like Booker T & The MGs were playing...) but Chuck decided that he was gonna play something else. The only people brave enough to go out and play with Chuck for the big ending jam, where Bruce Springsteen, and Melissa Ethridge...oh, yeah, and Natalie Merchant doing a barefoot hippy dance. No one else wanted to go out there and get embarrased. Basically, Chuck destroyed the big finish. Funny enough, I didn't really mind. I hate those stupid all-star jam things. But you could see that people in the crowd were confused. It was like, "That's it? It's over? What the hell was that supposed to be?"

Keep your expectations low, that way, if he does anything at all worth while, you'll get your money's worth.

Play with my....ding-a-ling...
Play with my....ding-a-ling...
Want to play with my....ding-a-ling...
06-09-02 09:45 AM
Fabio Hot Stuff There's nothin' like CHUCK BERRY, without his r'n'r moods Keith didn't exist...
So, I dunno how old is the man, but is gibson will rockin' good...

Oh, Carol
Don't let him steal your heart away
I've got to learn to dance
If it takes me all night and day ...
06-09-02 08:28 PM
Honky Tonk Man Ive just got back from the show!! Nasty Habbits, everything you said was correct and YES he still duckwalks!!!

It was at the Shepards Bush Empire in London. I saw Ronnie there in December and its where i want to see the Stones next year. After a rather lame 50s rock n roll covers band Chuck Berry and his fellow crooners came on. The rest of the band first and then to HUGE applause Chuck Berry. He sported Sailors hat and Purple Sparkly shirt. Very trendy!! To be honest the setlist is a bit of a blur, but he did mainly hits with a handful of blues numbers. He suffers from "Ronnie Wood Syndrome" in the sense that his hands fail to conect with the strings on occasions, but the old magic kept cropping up !! I dont really know whether he expected the audience to sing, but it was a very boozy kind of audience, so the chanting was in full swing. Chuck kept shouting "I love you!!" Fair enough. Despite his age, his playing is still pretty strong and he still sings very well and hes in VERY good shape. Unlike Keith whos paunch is really begining to show. (Dont hit me Gypsy!!!) There was no encore but a rather bizzare jam took place in which 7 or 8 girls got on stage and had to dance with Chuck. One girl about 17 went up and kissed him, she was quite nice actually. He was only on for an hour, but it was great!!!

06-09-02 10:00 PM
Bluzian Mm.. I saw CB in Cleveland at that RNR hall of fame thang
too! For me, it was a dream come true!! I finally got to see
my hero, Chuck Berry!!!! However, as much as I was freaking
out that he opened the show, and I actually heard JBGOODE,
I was disgruntled by the fact he buggered it all up. And
that finale ending that you were referring to, was like this
unfinished conclusion.. like you said, as if "that's it??".

Personally, I thought Jerry Lee Lewis was the best one out
of the pioneers.. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed John Fogerty's set
with Booker T & the MGs... Al Green was rivoting.. and I
dug the Kinks too. Where was the who? Stones? McCartney?


PS: One time when I was in England chasing the Stones around,
I picked up this wicked CB boxed set distributed by Charly
Records. It's got about 100 songs or so, and its'
truly essential for any rocknroll fan... however, it
neglects two songs: "My Dingaling" and "RunRunRudolph".
But I highly recommend it. The first half of each of the
4 discs is the classic rnr tunes; the second half of
each cd, is bluze tunes and obscure rarities. I can't
say enough about this boxed set. Even the liner notes are

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