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Topic: dsd mastering of "got live if you want it!" Return to archive
06-06-02 03:59 PM
moy i don't have any doubt, "got live if you want it!" will benefit most from DSD mastering, maybe finally we will be able to listen the music and not the screaming girls and the electric noise

it will be great as it's the only full official live album with brian jones, hope the new release will have some bonus tracks

06-06-02 04:47 PM
MRD8 I didn't see Got Live If You Want It on the list of remastered albums...a couple of the songs on there weren't really "live" anyway...I don't think too many people would mind if they skipped that one!
06-06-02 05:18 PM
moy got live is on the list, this is it:

1. "England's Newest Hitmakers"
2. "12x5"
3. "The Rolling Stones Now"
4. "Out Of Our Heads"
5. "Out of Our Heads - U.K. Version"
6. "December's Children"
7. "Big Hits (High Tide & Green Grass)"
8. "Aftermath"
9. "Aftermath - U.K. Version"
10. "Got Live If You Want It!"

11. "Between The Buttons"
12. "Between The Buttons - U.K. Version"
13. "Flowers"
14. "Their Satanic Majesties Request"
15. "Beggars Banquet"
16. "Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol.2)"
17. "Let It Bleed"
18. "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out"
19. "Hot Rocks"
20. "More Hot Rocks"
21. "The Rolling Stones Singles Collection - The London Years"
22. "Metamorphosis - U.K. Version"

it's a real challenge to improve it, surely it will be almost the same as the sound is terrible, and no mixing will be done only mastering and format improvement

btw, as far as i know it's entirely live

see fpor more
06-06-02 05:45 PM
MRD8 Fortune Teller and I've Been Loving You Too Long are both studio tracks with canned screaming added to make them sound live...why they did that I'm not sure! Good thing we have a handful of decent bootleg shows from the Brian era, they easily blow away the Stones worst live album!
06-06-02 07:52 PM
sway Will both versions of Aftermath be in stereo?
06-06-02 08:08 PM
mattb One of the biggest questions is what masters are they remastering from? If most of the ealier recordings were mono, Andrew Loog Oldham probaby did what could be done with them in 1985. For the later stereo recordings, I think you would have to have the original tracks and re-mix them. I'm taking a wait and listen approach. I had always heard that Jagger controlled access to those and he was holding out until ABKCO let him use some of the songs on a restrospective CD including some Rolling Stones Records tracks. Maybe this will be it!
[Edited by mattb]
[Edited by mattb]
06-06-02 11:20 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl According to the article posted before, they found the original masters!

I think it will impossible to make something with "Got Live If You Want It!" but who knows!

BTW, for the sources of this live album (including the studio tracks LOL) click here and go to PART·3: GOT LIVE IF YOU WANT IT" Live album sources
06-07-02 05:31 AM
Mathijs Where's "The Rolling Stones" (first album), where's The Rolling Stones No.2 ? Got Live was released in both an UK and US version, where's those?

06-07-02 06:53 AM
Mathijs wrote:
Where's "The Rolling Stones" (first album), where's The Rolling Stones No.2 ?

Both are there, but with the name they were released in the USA

1. "England's Newest Hitmakers" = "The Rolling Stones"
3. "The Rolling Stones Now" = "The Rolling Stones No.2"

06-07-02 09:07 AM
Mathijs I know that. As always with UK and US pressing, the UK track listing varies a lot and especially the versions of the tracks differ. And I know this is not something to argue about, but in my believing the UK versions have always been the original veriosn, whereas the US versions were the altered UK versions. I know, it's just a metter what you're used to. But Not Fade Away just doesn't belong on Newest Htmakers as it was recorded 7 months later! See my web site for info on these releases:

1. “England’s’ Newest Hit Makers “
The Stones’ first album, released as “The Rolling Stones” in the U.K., and as “England’s Newest Hit Makers” in the U.S. Differences between the versions are the added “Not Fade Away” and the missing “Mona (I Need You Baby)” on the U.S. version. The U.K. version has a different “Tell Me (You’re Coming Back)” then the U.S. version (the U.S. version can also be found on “Singles Collection: The London Years”). The U.K. version features a guitar break and runs longer. Note: on some extremely rare vinyl pressings “Mona (I need You Baby)” was listed as just “Mona” (credit to Basement News, No. 16). “It’s All Over Now” from “England’s Newest Hit Makers” can be found in stereo on the “More Hot Rocks 1” title.

2. “12 * 5”

The U.S. only 12 by 5 features no stereo tracks, but has a different “Time is on My Side” then the single version released a month before. This version has an organ intro instead of a guitar intro. The guitar ‘single’ version can be found on ABKCO’s “Singles Collection: The London Years”, including crackles.

3. “The Rolling Stones, Now!

Released January 15, 1965, the U.K. version “The Rolling Stones No. 2” features a different, slower “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” then its U.S. equivalent “The Rolling Stones, Now!”. “The Rolling Stones No. 2” has only been released in Japan on CD, and features 4 stereo tracks. For the European and American market LONDON decided to release the U.S. version on CD, featuring 3 stereo tracks. Fortunately the stereo “I Can’t Be Satisfied” can be found on the European “More Hot Rocks 2” title. I do not know if ABKCO used any stereo tracks for their version of “The Rolling Stones, Now!”.
06-07-02 09:12 AM
mattb Why don't they make every song available on a CD single? You could have both mono/stereo versions and English/USA versions. You could even have a Mick Taylor version of all the Ronnie Wood tracks.
06-09-02 09:35 AM
swapwoodfortaylor Interesting comments about Got Live LP. (Of couse, in the UK we had a wonderful EP with the same name). I went to a 1965 concert and could not here a single word or note, seriously. Apart from recognising 'Satisfaction' from Jagger's lips I had no idea what they were playing. So for me....Hearing some music behind the screaming is a bonus! I am not holding my breath re the quality of the re-releases...but if it can be acheived I will be at the front of the queue. I have never figured out 'Out of Our Heads'. I have 2 vinyls and a CD and all are an apalling sound quality of some wonderful performances.
06-09-02 10:16 AM
Mr T do you think the remasters will be made in LP style packaging - and maybe Their Satanic Majesties Request will have hte origional 3-D cover?

And how about releasing some of the old videos for DVD
06-10-02 01:20 AM
padre Just heard from Mickboy that the guy who’s remastering the early ABKCO catalog is one Bob Ludwig, remember him?? He was part of the gang that fucked up the early 70’s catalog when they were on CBS. Hip hooray! When will they ever learn...
06-10-02 05:52 AM
MRD8 Padre,
Are you the guy who does the artwork for Mickboys remasters? I have a hunger for a bowl of Goats Head Soup...please hurry!
06-10-02 09:48 AM
Riffhard Actully padre,
Ludwig is a GREAT choice.He will,for the first time,be using the original master reels.The guy is legendary for his production skills.Last time his hands were tied by one Mr.Allen Klien as to what he could use from the Masters.This time that shouldn't be a problem.I also heard that he was personaly picked by the boys themselves.I'm not afraid of the final outcome.With the new SACD format I'm sure we will get,finally,remasters that we can be proud of.


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