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Topic: Sir Mick Jagger!!!!!!!! Return to archive
06-08-02 07:52 PM
Scot Rocks Just heard on the news that Mick could be getting a knighthood!!!!!!, found this article from the Sunday Times.

Knighthood for Jagger, his Satanic Majesty
Richard Brooks, Arts Editor

AFTER 40 years of arresting performances on and off stage, Mick Jagger is finally to get some satisfaction. The Rolling Stones singer will receive a knighthood in the Queen's birthday honours next weekend.

While other ageing doyens of pop music such as Paul McCartney, Elton John and Cliff Richard have been dubbed with the royal sword, Jagger has been left untouched. Last autumn he said in a Channel 4 documentary that members of the royal family "were surprised" he had not been honoured.

The Prince of Wales himself expressed surprise at the lack of an honour for "Old Rubber Lips". Jagger was a friend of Princess Margaret and mixed with her Mustique set for years.

Jagger's failure in the past to bag a knighthood has been put down to his hedonistic lifestyle. Since he first came to prominence with the Rolling Stones in the early 1960s, he has publicly played the bad boy.

Despite a fondness for cricket — and a proud sense of patriotism — he has personified sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, a role model far removed from the goody-goody image of knights such as Sir Cliff and Sir Paul.

Other previously risqué characters such as the former Boomtown Rats star Bob Geldof and Elton John have made good through high-profile charity work. Jagger, by contrast, remains proudly unreconstructed.

Philip Norman, who was the Rolling Stones' biographer, said last night he thought the decison to award him a nighthood was a "disgrace". "He's never done anything for the country," he said. "He's graceless and mercenary. I'd rather give a knighthood to Johnny Rotten. I'll tell you how graceless he was. He stood there with one hand in his pocket when he was presented to Prince Charles."

The ageing lothario — he is 59 next month — has fathered seven children by four different mothers. In 2000 he had a messy DNA battle with the Brazilian model Luciana Morad, who gave birth to his son Lucas. The affair is said to have finished off his long relationship with the American model Jerry Hall.

Jagger has never made a secret of his drug-taking since being convicted for possession of amphetamines in 1967. Yet there is another side to this. He is known to have been a great support to John Paul Getty Jr, his philanthropist friend and fellow member of the MCC, as Getty battled to free himself from addiction.

While there will be those who are outraged at the news of Jagger's knighthood, others may welcome it as a sign of the Establishment developing a more modern outlook. They would argue that Jagger's contribution to music has been considerable, and that his private life should not stop him from being recognised for that.

Jagger and the Stones were hugely successful with early hit after hit such as Not Fade Away, Satisfaction and Jumpin' Jack Flash and they and the Beatles vied with each other in the 1960s. Even so, the Liverpool four had become fans of the Stones before the band cut their first record, after seeing them in April 1963 at the Station hotel in Richmond, London, just days before Andrew Loog Oldham, who became Tears Go By.

In 1968 Faithfull had a miscarriage and their relationship began to cool. His next known girlfriend was Marsha Hunt, the star of Hair, who in 1970 gave birth to Karis. Not long afterwards Jagger moved in with Bianca Perez Morena de Macias, the Nicaraguan beauty he married in 1971. Their daughter Jade was born later that year.

Over the years he was linked to many other women, including Brigitte Bardot, who lived near Jagger in the south of France, and Tina Turner.

But his most enduring relationship was with Texas-born Hall, whom he met in the late 1970s, married in 1991, and who had a successful run on the London stage in The Graduate after divorcing Jagger in 1999. There are four children from their union and the couple remain close friends.

Since the break-up Jagger has been seen in the company of many younger women, most notably with model Sophie Dahl who, at 24, is six years younger than Jade Jagger.

There was also a fling with Vanessa Neumann, a 29-year-old Venezuelan heiress, who has a home, like Jagger, on Mustique. He is also said to have taken a shine to Andrea Corr, the beautiful lead singer with the eponymous Irish group.

The death of Brian Jones in 1969 cast a long shadow over the Stones. A few days later Jagger read aloud Shelley's poem Adonais, in memory of Keats, at a concert in memory of the wayward guitarist.

Jagger was not only the key figure in the Stones but he was always the larger-than-life personality, at ease with the great and the good even as his drug problems began to bring him bad headlines. But after Jagger was sentenced to three months' jail for possession of drugs, William Rees-Mogg, the then Times editor, famously wrote a leader entitled Who Breaks a Butterfly on a Wheel? in which the High Tory said such a sentence did not fit Jagger's crime. He ended by posing the question: "Has Mr Jagger received the same treatment as he would if he had not been a famous figure with all the criticism and resentment his celebrity has aroused?"

Still popular on tour, the Stones have not had any real successes of late. Jagger's recent solo single, Goddess in the Doorway, had embarrassingly low sales. The album of the same name also flopped.

Undaunted, he and the Stones are to embark on yet another world tour this autumn. Last week the group signed a deal with Weidenfeld & Nicolson for their autobiography, due to be published next year. In 1985 Jagger had agreed to write his own memoirs for the same publisher, only to have to return his advance as he had not written a word. He claimed he could remember virtually nothing.

He has also courted the camera, acting in several movies including Performance and Ned Kelly, before setting up a film production company. Some were surprised Jagger was not at the jubilee pop concert last weekend at Buckingham Palace. Unlike Elton John, Jagger is not known for his charity work. Nor is he a recognised supporter of the Labour party — the only recorded meeting between Jagger and Tony Blair being a dinner arranged in a restaurant in March 1997 by the writer Robert Harris.

He is, though, a nationalist who, despite living much of his time overseas over the past 40 years, is an ardent supporter of England at soccer and cricket.

Despite his fame, Jagger has never been listed in Who's Who. However, a knighthood for Michael Philip Jagger for services to popular music will take the wrinkly rocker into the comforting embrace of the Establishment.

06-09-02 12:37 AM
Nasty Habits This, my friends, is really bad news. Were I any less adjusted or any less medicated, this would probably be my suicide note. This is maybe the last straw. Mick Jagger may have finally killed the Rolling Stones. The money I can stand. The music, I guess I had better just live with. But to become a knight? According to this article (and please let this article be wrong) Mick Jagger about to sell out all that is rockin' by becoming an official member of a system he made a good deal of his money and fame sneering at. But! But . . . if England's knighting Mick Jagger . . . good lord! That bespeaks of an institution even more corrupted and distanced from its original ideals than the Rolling Stones! I'm sorry. Does anybody get this? Someone explain this one to me. Redeliver my Stones buzz.
06-09-02 06:05 AM
Rolling Hansie Maybe Mick is working on a new movie, Ivanhoe.
Starring: Sir Michael Philip Jagger
06-09-02 09:13 AM
swapwoodfortaylor I agree with you Nasty. (And I am a Royalist!). Don't worry too much though! Knighthoods became a nonsense when She knighted that queer Elton John.
06-09-02 11:13 AM
Scot Rocks As a republican, I don't really bother or agree about knighthoods and this is clearly an event just after the jubilee to show that the Royal Family is 'in touch' and is modern, in its outlook. It also seems apparent that President Tony had something to do with the decsion as well, being a fan and trying to keep his guitar playing image intact. These awards as far as I am concerned are a complete joke and should be scrapped along with the monarchy, I don't bow to anybody...apart from the Stones maybe!!!!!...and I consider myself equal with everyone else in this country, even those who have a fancy title before their name. Just look at the award for Sir - Queen - Elton john, he might even think he is an important person now!!!!!!!!lol. However anybody want to check up on some more stories on this subject go to iorr from the link and you can see the Reuters and AP reports.

Lord, Sir, OBE, CBE, MBE etc Mark
06-09-02 11:16 AM
CS Sunday, 9 June, 2002, 11:23 GMT 12:23 UK
Jagger 'to be knighted'

A Rolling Stones world tour starts in September

Mick Jagger is to receive a knighthood for services to music in the Queen's Birthday Honours next weekend, according to newspaper reports.
Earlier this year, the Rolling Stones singer claimed Prince Charles was shocked he had not even received an MBE while Paul McCartney, Elton John, Cliff Richard and Bob Geldof had already been knighted.

But the 58-year-old was put forward for the honour by Tony Blair, says the News of the World.

The Rolling Stones played Moscow in 1998

The prime minister covered the Stones' Honky Tonk Woman and Brown Sugar with his group the Ugly Rumours as a student at Oxford.

Jagger, an old friend of Princess Margaret, was asked to play at last weekend's Buckingham Palace Jubilee concert but declined because of tour commitments.

A 12-month Stones world tour starts in September this year and will consist of 32 dates in the United States and Canada, before heading to Europe, Australia, Mexico and the Far East in 2003.

The band, who last toured in 1999, are also hoping to play their first ever concert in China.

A retrospective CD of their greatest hits from 1963 to the present day will be released to coincide with the tour.

The name of the tour will be revealed with the name of the new album.

Tour promoter Michael Cohl has said the shows will be "a spectacular music event" and described the tour as "the most ambitious undertaking the Stones have ever taken upon themselves".
06-09-02 02:30 PM
Boomhauer BullS%#T!!!!!!

Does Mick really need it? ANd as a current member of the Stones?
06-09-02 03:51 PM
glencar Royalty blows.

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