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Topic: Stones Covers.... Return to archive
06-08-02 02:39 PM
Scot Rocks As I staggered in drunk, last week I flipped the switch and there was this music programme on BBC 1, anyway Garbage were being introduced and the song they sung was "The Stones classic Wild Horses", anyway needless to say even in my drunken state imao they ruined it...In an earlier thread some people on the board were talking about the Black Crowes and them doing excellent covers of some Stones stuff; BTW how good are the B.C. are they good, as some of you have said very positive things about them. Anyway, what are the good and bad cover versions that everyone has heard of the Stones and what songs would you like to the Stones themselves cover.

Cheers Mark
06-08-02 03:20 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Funny that you should bring up this subject, as I was going to do a post about this myself.

I am currently working on a Covers set for the rollingstonesboots group at Yahoo Groups.

It's probably going to end up being a 2 disc set, maybe 3 discs, all live, bootleg covers of songs that the Stones have done....not necessarily Jagger/Richards songs. For instance, Bob Dylan will be on there doing Not Fade Away, and Key To The Highway. Some others will be Devo, Tom Petty, Steve Earle, Bruce, and the Black Crowes. I'm trying to work it so that there are no repeated songs. I'm shooting for an eclectic set.

Anyhow, when I get it finished, I'll post a web address, and instructions on how to get in on the tree for this. I'm still waiting on a couple more it may be a few weeks till I actually start burning the set. But keep it in the back of your head.

If anyone has anything they think should be me at we'll see if I already have it.
06-09-02 10:28 AM
Mr T If you wanna hear 2 terrible Stones covers - download Bush - Wild Horses & Jane's Addiction - Sympathy for the Devil. People told me to check them out cuz they were really good and they SUCK! But Guns N Roses did an incredible job on Sympathy & I'm sure the Black Crowes did a great job on Can't You Hear Me Knocking live. On their last tour the Crowes were abslutly fantastic. I've heard some sucky perfomances out of their earlier days, but this show blew every show I had seen away. Anyway, the Crowes can do some great covers - but I'd still rather hear their own stuff
06-09-02 10:45 AM
stonedinaustralia a few months ago there was stones edition of the uncut magazize which included a CD of a whole bunch of stones covers.. some good some not so good

the best though, IMHO, was a version of dead flowers by the cowboy junkies... really nice... slowed down to about half the tempo which brought out a haunting melancholy in the tune which is not so apparent in the orginal...
06-09-02 10:53 AM
Mr T there was a cover of Dead Flowers at the end of the movie "The Big Lebowski" that I really hated. Its a shame when the worst part of a movie is a Stones song
06-09-02 12:54 PM
Cardinal Ximinez My set will be a little different in that it's all live bootleg stuff. No studio or official release stuff allowed.

I have to say....some of these covers are really good.
06-09-02 02:26 PM
Staffan If you lived in Sweden you could buy the album "Träd, gräs och stenar" (Trees, grass and stones) by the group with the same name. It's from 1970, and the cover of Satisfaction is the most psychedelic and druggy Stones cover ever made!! (There's NO DOUBT!) You might find it on one of those Kazaa programs, I don't know.
It's really cool anyway!
And SFTD done by Blood Sweat and tears is pretty cool too!
06-09-02 04:44 PM
mattb Be sure to include Britney Spears live performance of Satisfaction from the 2000 MTV Music Awards.
06-09-02 05:47 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Absolutely NOT!

I hope that was a joke mattb!

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