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Topic: getting drunk in Finland! Return to archive
06-07-02 05:11 PM
marko Its been a while since i was in bar!!So,,after about 6months,its about time,to hit the ROAD!Well just one question mates,who wants to join?see ya in september.
OH i forgot,todays record,hannover 7-6-82.Fantastic.heineken
tastes good,,,,,,,doesn´t it?
06-07-02 05:29 PM
nankerphelge YCB!
06-07-02 05:45 PM
Maxlugar Yeah Marko, I just got home and just snapped open a Heiney too!

Bless you my fine Finnish Crazy Bastard.

06-07-02 05:46 PM
nankerphelge Max, you cock
You can't drink yet -- actually you can -- I already had 2 Heiny's at work. Beer always tastes better on company time!
06-07-02 05:55 PM
Maxlugar Nanky!

Why do you not live in Oyster Bay? WHY!

You can do your lawyer thingy thing in NY too ya know.

Move closer to Casa De Maxy. We would rock out and play foos ball every Friday Night. I have a Jackalope too!

M. Lugarfly!
06-07-02 06:02 PM
nankerphelge Here's a funny one for ya -- I almost did do the lawyer thing in NYC back in 1996 -- I interviewed at a place across the street from Radio City and at a place down at the very bottom of Broad Street near the big bronze bull!

I was very much into NYC -- took the NY bar and everything. But ultimately I stayed in Sweet Virginia.

It is a shame that we are not closer, but our long-suffering wives would have left us years ago leaving us to hang out, drink, chibate, listen to Stones and do nothing all weekend long.


I'll be right back -- gotta go dump the missus....
06-07-02 07:17 PM
Moonlight Mile Rock on you Scandoniverous bastard! Can't believe you haven't been in a bar in six months!?!? What gives? Incarceration? I hear ya, Svenskie. I hear ya.

Got outtake of Loving Cup blasting right now, thanks to you!!! Fucking stuff blows my mind.

Gimme little drink indeed. Been pulverizing botts since around 2pm CST. Pulve-o-bott. What the fuck, does everyone in this friggin' country drink at work? Ya know, there's this book about the decline of a certain Italian empire that may be instructive here.

"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. They wake up in the morning and thats as good as they are going to feel all day." - Mr. Jackie F'n Gleason
06-07-02 07:21 PM
Honky Tonk Man Jesus, you all live in such great places, no wonder some Americans constantly yack on about how much they love the smell of their own ass, they live in America for fucks sake!! Ive already told people, that when i go to NY in September i may never come back.

Emigrating is something i really would like to do someday, back in the late 50s the whole of my nans family, every flippin' member went to America. They all live in California and Sanfransisco, my two great uncle and aunts own a chain of McDonalds i think. I beg my mum to get in contact so maybe i could get some work out there. Having relations would really help. I like England, mick and keith grew up near me, but i want to live in America dammit, i will be closer to Keith. Any advice from you Lawyer folk?

I dunno where all this is coming from


06-07-02 07:23 PM
Honky Tonk Man Damn, i really need to learn to spell!!
06-07-02 07:29 PM
Riffhard There ya go Marco!Why the hell not?Heineken is much better in your part of the world.I never knew this but,only in America is Heineken sold in green bottles.It's all about marketing.Americans for some unknown reason seem to think a green bottle equals quality.Go figure!Green bottles are horrible for beer.They tend to skunk the beer much easier than the preferred brown bottle.Just goes to show how gullible some of us yanks can be!
As for drinking on company time.This Wednesday I had Jim Koch(pronounced Cook)on the air with me.Jim as you may know is the founder/owner of Boston Beer,Samual Addams.Oh it was great!From 3pm-7pm we were power drinking live on the air!They are rolling out a new line of Sam Light.Now I'm not a light beer kinda guy,but I gotta tell you this is the best light beer I have ever tasted.Don't even mention Amstel.This stuff blows it away by a long shot.Try it you'll like it.Anyway we got leggless.At the end of my four hour air shift we had put down 28 beers between three people.
He's coming back in August to do it all over again.I can't wait.There is just something rewarding about getting paid to get polluted while working!There outta be a law!

Cheers to all,I'm going to have some frothy bevs right now.All this talk has got me thirsty!

06-07-02 07:42 PM
Honky Tonk Man I like Heineken, but its quite weak, i just drink Double Vodka or Southern Comfort with coke. Either that or Guiness. I like a nice pint of that
06-07-02 08:00 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Yings and Rocks come in green bottles...but at my house, they don't last long enough to go skunky.

I ain't fucking around tonight....Absolut Citron and Tonic...make that MOSTLY Absolut Citron & Tonic...with a hunk 'o lime innit...getting faced and gonna go watch Spiderman at the Drive In...but I ain't driving! HA!
06-07-02 08:38 PM
Honky Tonk Man Ahhhhhh, Drive In Cinemas, i love the ideas of those. Guess what, we dont have those in England!!!!!
06-07-02 08:45 PM
Maxlugar Nanky!

Were you drunk at that interview? Radio City Music Hall is way up in midtown at 50th and 6th. The end of Broad and that friggin' bull are way the hell dowtown. Below Wall st and the beloved World Trade Center. Fucking Arab Scumbag Hack Subhumans.


Like Ximy says, the Heinekens have not had a chance to get all skunky tonight baybay!!

Bless you all. Except Joey.

Maxlugar, Blimp 5
06-08-02 07:50 AM
nanky I wasn't drunk at either interview BUT - the midtown firm was funny -- one of the best patent law firms in the U.S. -- one of their biggest cases was a big appeal they won for Corning Glass back about 10 years ago. So I goes to the interview and they give me this nice glossy firm brochure -- you know, put together by crack marketing types -- well on the cover, in honor of their beloved Corning case, they have a picture of a glass furnace used for making fiber optics -- very nice, except the layout person had the damn thing upside down -- they were shoing hot molten glass (the consistency of honey) being pulled up! For anyone with a technical background (i.e. patent lawyers) -- it was the most fucked up looking thing ever -- on the cover of their firm brochure!!

Most people gunning for a job would have kept their mouth shut.

Not me! I pointed it out to everyone of them. Didn't get the offer for some reason!!

Ha! This was also the firm that had a big shin-dig on a boat chugging around NYC -- would have bee a great time except that it sank in the East River!! Bunch lawyers flailing around in the drink!!
06-08-02 12:13 PM
Scot Rocks Alex, I think Heiniken is stronger in europe and the States than it is here, where it is too weak. Becks, Stella, Kronenberg and Bud are all top of my beer table, however all the stuff we have on the tap up here is generally Tennents Lager or Miller, which are not my favourites as they taste far too weak.

There is nothing better than listening to the Stones with a cold Becks in your hand...

" only weakness!!!!!"
(Homer Simpson)


06-08-02 07:04 PM
Honky Tonk Man I think your right Mark, to be honest im not much of a larger drinker. Had another couple of pints of Guiness down the local social club tonight and thats the stuff for me. Back in the 60s, in the UK larger used to be a bit of a girls drink.

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