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Topic: Keef's hair Return to archive
06-07-02 08:12 AM
Honky Tonker What exactly is that stuff he's got in his hair? Beads? Fishing lures? Stuff his daughters braided into his hair while he was passed out? Does anybody other than the great man himself know?
06-07-02 05:23 PM
gypsy Dude! You mean to tell me that you DON'T know what is in Keef's hair?! Are you out of touch with the latest trends or what?! Everyone is putting fishing tackle in their hair. Why, it was all over the runways last season! Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Armani, you-name-it!
06-07-02 05:44 PM
sandrew Does he still sport those? He hasn't recently. Anyway, I think it's a Rastafarian thing he picked up from his coterie in Jamaica.
06-07-02 07:24 PM
the lepper Silly me- I thought they were roach clips.....easy access you know?
06-07-02 07:28 PM
Honky Tonk Man No, Keith no longer sports the "Fish hook look" I think hes gone back to the way its been for the past 15 years or so. I mean itc changed, but its still the same style. In a couple of recent publicity photos (and as hes been seen in general), it seems hes gone back to basics a bit. Apart from the awful mark knopfler head scarf, i didnt think he looked that out of place for a guy of his age. Hes been wearing those awful things for years, he REALLY nneds to stop
06-07-02 07:31 PM
gypsy Keef can wear whatever the hell he wants. He is still THE FUCKIN' MAN!
06-07-02 07:39 PM
Honky Tonk Man Good God, gypsy, calm down. Im sure you were joking, but some people are so wrapped up in Keith!!! I like Keith, i like his playing, his attitude, the fact that hes Keith, but at the end of the day i dont fucking know him, he may be a complete jerk!!! Im very sure he isnt, but you never know. He seems a lovely chap in interviews, no no take back what i said.

Awwww, we all love Keith
06-07-02 08:52 PM
gypsy Just face it, dudes. You're all inferior to KEEF! Yeah, that's right. Just accept it...don't be jealous...
06-08-02 08:14 AM
Honky Tonker We're all inferior to Keef when it comes to entertainment value - not just on stage either. His interviews are funny and his look, attitude, etc. is priceless. However, my original question still hasn't been answred. What's that shit in his hair?
06-08-02 08:45 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I don't know about any of the rest of you, but I think I'm actually superior to Keef in some ways.

I could kick his ass in basketball.
I can do CPR better than him.
I can fly RC Blimps better than him.
I'm a better golfer than him.
I could whoop his ass in a pro-wrestling match.
My wife likes me better than him.
I'm younger than he is.
I never wrecked a Jaguar...or a Benz...or a Rolls...
I've never been a heroin fact...I've never even ingested the stuff!
I never stole my best friend's girlfriend.
My teeth have never rotted out of my skull.
I'm a better soccer player than he is.
My hair isn't as unruly like his.

See that? And I could go on and on....

Sure, he's got more money than me, he's a better musician, millions adore him, he's bedded some of the hottest chicks on the planet, and he can probably outsubstance abuse me....but other than THAT....
06-08-02 11:31 AM
Scottfree What he said
06-08-02 11:37 AM
sandrew wrote:
Does he still sport those? He hasn't recently. Anyway, I think it's a Rastafarian thing he picked up from his coterie in Jamaica.

And all this time I thought Keef kept passing out in a tackle box!
06-08-02 09:18 PM
Honky Tonker As I still don't know what's in Keith's hair, I'll say it's -

1. A rooster tail fishing lure.
2. Beads stolen from either Stevie Wonder or Bo Derek.
3. Feathers
4. O. J.' s knife
5. A used tampon from Anita.
6. Chuck Berry's (hair, not guitar) pick
7. Your suggestion!

He's still the COOL MOFO!

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