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Topic: Is Anyone Still Waiting For Fan Club Tix? Return to archive
06-05-02 11:08 PM
torn&frayed I purchased 2 tix to MSG via the Stones Fan Club the day they went on sale and still haven't received them or been informed via te web site of their location - is anyone else still waiting? Is there a phone number where the club's ticket information can be reached at? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
06-05-02 11:35 PM
Open G
torn&frayed wrote:
I purchased 2 tix to MSG via the Stones Fan Club the day they went on sale and still haven't received them or been informed via te web site of their location - is anyone else still waiting? Is there a phone number where the club's ticket information can be reached at? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

We are all still waiting.
212-265-2525 is the number for the company that is handling the ticket debockle. The company is called UltraStar and they will give you the same run-around on the telephone that you get on the web site and EMails. Today was going to be the big day for finding out our seat locations, now it's either tomorrow or the end of the week depending who you talk to. I'm not holding my breath, just crossing my fingers.
06-06-02 01:30 AM
Jerry Heard nothing. They're idea of a few days is a few weeks. However, I have yet to call or e mail and complain. I am hoping that my silence and patience will yield me good seats. Yeah! Right! I will probably have nose bleeds as I chose to go with the 90 tickets instead of the car payment tickets.
06-06-02 08:39 AM
Gregus I haven't gotten any satisfaction either. I have contacted my credit card company and began the process of disputing the charge. As far as I'm concerned they failed to meet their obligations. My receipt says I would be informed of seat locations 10 days from purchase - - and its loooong past 10 days.
06-06-02 10:25 AM
kc152 Are the people who were lucky enough to get theater shows thru getting the same run around with the letter of confirmation??
06-06-02 11:13 AM
Jerry Can't answer that one. However, I have gotten most everything through ticketmaster via standard mail. However, I have not gotten my letter of confirmation in the mail from Ticketmaster for the one theatre gig I was blessed with. However, I do have an electric confirmation, so I am not worried. They charged me, and e'd me to confirm, so all is good. As for, I think they're coorospondance and actions speak volumes about they're service and capabilities.
06-06-02 12:44 PM
steel driving hammer The Stones Management reserved these seats for their fans.

They wanna do it right. They told me it's first come etc...They're putting in place the seat order now.

However I got floor seats @ Comisky (right next to B Stage) through E Trade just 7 days after I ordered them.

The United Center I got through but haven't got my seats yet.

They wanna do a good fair job, give em' time.

Below is the email from
From the member page you bastards...

Dear Rolling Stones Fan Club members,

Due to the tremendous response and the high profile of the upcoming world tour, we have been forced to take extra precautions to verify the purchases of the tickets so that we may best prevent fraud. The result of these safety precautions is a delay in the fulfillment of your tickets. We are doing everything we can to expedite the process, but the end result is going to be a two week delay in fulfillment.

This delay will in no way affect the quality or quantity of your confirmed tickets. It just means it will take a bit longer to get them in hand. You will receive notification via email and your account page once your ticket order has been sent for fulfillment.

We apologize for this delay, but feel the extra security steps are necessary.

If you have any questions, please visit our help pages at:

Thanks for being a part of the Rolling Stones Fan Club.

We'll see you on the road!

06-06-02 12:46 PM
Saint Sway this is just a bad situation continuing to get worse...
I'm afraid of where my seats are gonna be

I blame myself though — how could I of been so stupid to pay $90 for this????
06-06-02 12:56 PM
Nellcote "Everybody, just cool out" to quote Gimmie Shelter, the movie.

You got the confirmation, you're going.
Sure, who knows where the seats are, you're going.

Sit back, put on Some Girls, crack open the Rebel Yell!

It will all happen.

On With The Show!

06-06-02 01:02 PM
Joey "Peeeeeeeeople !!! If that cat over there doesn't cool it "

"Who's fighting and what for ?????

Who's fighting and WHAT for ?????

Why are we fighting ??????? Why are we farting ?????

Why ???? Fart !"


06-06-02 04:40 PM
winter I just received an e-mail from the fan club. It basically says that by Monday June 10th you'll get an update as to when you will receive your tickets and your seating assignment.

Translated - this e-mail was an update that you will be receiving an update (by the 10th) as to when you will be receiving another update (presumably sometime after the 10th) with with your seating assingment.

As usual, very informative.

06-06-02 05:13 PM
letitrock Every body is waiting for fan club tickets. it is absuerd that all of you are being put through this. Sure it's a great idea but you better get great seats out of all this hassle, extra price and waiting game. I understand they are "planning" to ship tickets out on Monday June 10th, we'll see.
06-06-02 06:07 PM
Saint Sway I got a bad feeling that they fucked something up pretty royally and are now scrambling to cover their asses. What else could it be? This shouldnt take this long "for security reasons"

Theres no conceivable reason to have to wait this long to find out where your seats are for a ticket purchased a month ago. For that matter, we should of been told where our seats were at the point of purchase. Its simple, when you buy a ticket your normally told where the seat is. For some strange reason they didnt/couldnt do this.

I really think they made a major error and are trying to fix things.... it just doesnt sound good. Theres just no reason to have to wait this long.

just tell me where the fucking seat is
06-06-02 06:45 PM
jcnariz I also got that email today saying you will get another update email on the 10th. Something is very wrong here and I think we are all in for some very bad news and very shitty tickets.
06-07-02 10:40 PM
Jerry This is pretty funny now! You must admidt! Despite the anger even I share with everyone, this is funny. We wait, get promised, wait get promised, and wait. Not to mention the promises are all broken.
06-09-02 03:29 PM
letitrock I am waiting, I am waiting , I am waiting, waiting for some tickets from somewhere.....They have now said your order is filled and you will hear again from them in 3 days, again 3 days.
06-09-02 06:35 PM
igotdblues In "My obsession" of trying to figure out where the "excellent seats in each price level" were I have been checking E-bay and the broker sights.

I bought 2 tickets through Fan site to the Ft. Lauderdale concert, of which I am a bit concerned.

tickets were not available through the Fan Club until the 21st ... a day after Sam Goody... Miami tickets were available a few hours after the Sam Goody Tix.

Brokers have Floor 1 Rows C, D, E... Floor 2 row E.. at the NCRC

How did the Brokers manage to get these tickets, and which tickets were alotted to the fan club...

I did the whole "refresh and refresh" thing on the Fan club site until the Ft. Lauderdale tix were available, so I know I must have been one of the first to get them through there..

I know I'm not the only concerned fan, and I should trust the process, but if the object was to limit the brokers from getting the tix, well that seems to have failed.

Here is just one broker site that seems to have found some good seats...



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