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Topic: who's gonna keep track of set lists? Return to archive
06-05-02 04:58 PM
Mr T well, who? I can't wait to see opening night's setlist - will it be online September 4th?
06-05-02 05:06 PM
winter is usually update with set lists when the stones are on tour.
06-05-02 05:19 PM
Jaxx friends of Rocks Off who attend the opener will also post setlists and reviews if history repeats itself!
06-05-02 05:31 PM
mattb I plan on posting the Orpheum but maybe not til the morning of September 9th.
06-05-02 05:49 PM
Honky Tonk Man Now you listen here mattb, you post a review as soon as you get home!!! I dont care how pissed, stoned or freaked out you are, you just gotta post it!!!

He he, only kiddin', take your time

Alex, just bursting to see the stones on one of those big screens!!!
06-05-02 05:55 PM
winter Mattb - do you know what people are doing for a pre-party for the Orpheum show. I was only lucky enough to get a single through TM, so I'll be going it solo. I'm looking for some die hards to party with before hand.

I'm also going to the Fleet Center and CMGI shows. I'll post reviews. Anyone else going to these shows?

06-05-02 07:11 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Personally, I'd like to see a setlist and review from every show posted here.

Even if it's cut and pasted here from someplace else!

This is the place I come for everything Stones....
06-05-02 07:19 PM
winter wrote:
I'm also going to the Fleet Center and CMGI shows. I'll post reviews. Anyone else going to these shows?

FleetCenter! Whoot! Sorry, no parties for me, though - filthy Youth of America that I am. Be glad to get someone else's opinion on it, though!
06-05-02 07:22 PM
Gazza we already have a setlist page on this board - see the top of the page

You can bet your ass it'll be updated after each new show with all the relevant info you need

06-05-02 07:37 PM
Mr T that's what I thought - I wanted to make sure the setlists would be on the ball. I want to remember the setlist for Giants Stadium, but I'll probably need some help
06-05-02 09:47 PM
Gazza well.I'll be at that show and as I'll be compiling the setlists page again so youve got THAT one covered!
06-05-02 10:00 PM
speter555 Hey Winter I'll be at all 3 shows and staying at The Four Seasons.I already got me and about ten other Stones freaks
who'll be starting the party at 3:oo on the 3rd.You and anyone else who loves the Stones are welcome to join in the
06-05-02 10:28 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I will be in Boston and probably NYC and of course DENVER!!!
06-06-02 07:46 AM
mattb You can join my GetSetList access club and get set-lists messaged texted to you as the concert progresses. If you join the premium level, I'll even message text what type of guitars are being played. For the platinum level, you will also receive an autographed photo of me, as well as an authentic mattb computer keyboard. I will be posting more information about this exciting opportunity prior to the concerts!
06-06-02 08:02 AM
mattb Winter, I have a single too. Not sure what is going on since we will have to get the ticket the day of the show I guess. I'm not sure if we will be wrist banded or just admitted directly into the Orpheum. Anyway, I hope to catch up with some old friends who will probably be there and just have dinner with them before the show.
06-06-02 09:33 AM
Lazy Bones What would be interesting, is an at-a-glance list of all the shows and which Rocks Off users will be in attendance.
06-06-02 09:35 AM
winter speter555:

Thanks for the invite. Definitely up for a party on the third. I'm on vacation the week before and will probably extend it for the week of the first shows. My girlfriend is coming with me to the Fleet Center and the CMGI shows. Got her hooked on the Stones when I took her to the No Security shows.

I live a few blocks from the Four Seasons. I would love to meet up. Let me know the place as the date approaches.

Thanks again,

06-06-02 10:15 AM
voodoopug I will be at all three chicago shows, comisky, UC and Aragon and I will post set lists as soon as I get on my computer! ANy one else going to the chicago show?
06-06-02 11:28 AM
Chico Ill hopefully be at cardiff, amsterdam and london a couple of times so ill be glad to post reviews of these shows by which time, the majority of folks on the board wont give a damn.On second thoughts, maybe I wont.
06-06-02 12:13 PM
Gazza For the European shows I get to (namely all the UK shows plus hopefully Paris and one or two others)I'll do what I did in the last European tour - namely,phone Jaxx or Gerardo with the setlist immediately after the show (I think the record last time was 10 mins after the concert in Sheffield ended!)

I'm sure between us all ,if we have at least one Rocks Off user at any given show,whether its by phone call,text message,e-mail or by logging on as soon as possible after the concert and posting the info,we'll ideally get the setlist posted as soon as physically possible after each show is over. Reviews of shows will obviously take a little while longer.
06-06-02 05:25 PM
speter555 Winter,we'll get all the plans down on this board on Sun.9-1
All Stones freaks are welcome.
06-06-02 05:32 PM
speter555 To Winter&VCIW,We'll finalize the plans on this board on Sun.9-1 so we can get all us Stones freaks together in Beantown!
06-08-02 12:08 AM
Keefness I'll be at the one in Nashville, 11/25..

(how's come my avatar don't work? I e-mailed a photo to the guy & after he said he'd put it up there..)
06-09-02 05:01 PM
parmeda voodoopug...I'll be at 2 of the Chicago shows, United Center & The Aragon. Also going to be in DC area for Oct.4th Show. I can't believe that town is having trouble selling out the FedEX Stadium. What's with those people?!!

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