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Topic: live TV broadcasts this tour? Return to archive
06-05-02 04:19 PM
Mr T looks like I'm only seeing the Stones once (at least for this leg of the tour) - so hopefully, so I get to hear more than 22/23 songs, you think they'll do another HBO broadcast or something? that would be sweet!

and isn't it about time they released a 2 disc live album (I know, Love you live, but that was 25 years ago). I hope they do a live album this tour that is at least the length of a whole show. Flashpoint was good, Stripped was good cuz it was toned down & acoustic, but No Security was TOO compressed. 13(I think it was 13?) songs DID NOT do the B2B tour justice at all. This tour they should release at least one full length DVD & a live compilation album
06-05-02 05:13 PM
winter won't happen, but wouldn't it be amazing if they took a page from Pearl Jam and released a live disc for every show of the tour, no remixing, just record, copy and sell start to finish.
06-05-02 05:15 PM
Mr T you know this for a fact?

kinda good idea, but Peral Jam already did it - so that sucks. I'd rather see multiple DVD releases to cover Stadiums, Theaters AND Arenas

plus a live album

you sure no PPV special or anything,,, bummer
06-05-02 05:30 PM
winter Pearl Jam did do it. I don't have any inside info. I am just a fan with no contacts/connections. I just don't see the Stones releasing all shows in any format. Historically, they have cut, edited and sometimes staged (CS Blues) everything that they have released or quasi-released.

Cut and paste (and occasionally remix and edit) the "good" live material, and scrap the rest. I don't know this for a fact, but I would imagine that even ya ya's isn't the whole MSG show it was taken from. Love you live - great, but bits and pieces from different shows. Stil Life/Let's Spend the Night Together - bits and pieces. Flashpoint, Stripped and No Security, all the same.

I personally, would love to see it all. The more the better, or at least 1 show start to finish with all crowd interaction in between songs, etc.

I am not knocking them, it's just what they've put out historically.
06-05-02 05:38 PM
Mr T I know

I'd just like to have as many releases on DVD & CD as possible
06-05-02 05:44 PM
winter I agree, I hope the do something. Apparently, No Security was somewhat of a commericial flop. I hope that doesn't deter them from putting something out for this tour.

Besides a live DVD, it would be great to get a 40 X 5 (well 3, with the help of some others), something similar to the 25 X 5 VHS. I love that thing. I wish they would release it in on DVD.

Other wishes include the '81 live broadcast from Virginia on DVD, and an official release of CS Blues - on DVD.

06-05-02 06:00 PM
Mr T true, I would love to have 25X5 on DVD. I haven't seen that since I was a little kid & I don't have a VCR anymore.

It's too bad No Security flopped. I think they need to come up with a 2 disc live CD with a more realistic tracklist, not rocker, slow rocker, ballad, Dave Matthews, ballad, acoustic song, ballad, Taj Mahal, acoustic song, Keith song, blues song, semi-rocker, out of control(which 1/2 of it is at a dull roar anyway - pretty bad formula for a live album, ya know what I mean? Needed more rockers like CYHMK, Tumbling Dice & Bitch. Shame too, it was a pretty decent album
06-05-02 06:02 PM
Mr T back to my origional question, you think they'll play any events and do just one or 2 songs, live Saturday Night Live or their show on te VH1 Fashoin Awards(best version of Out Of Control ever - anybody have that?)
06-05-02 06:22 PM
Honky Tonk Man Ha Ha, get this. I bought by much tresured copy of 12x5 in a Beatles Shop. Yes i bought a Stones video in a John Paul George and Ringo shop. Amoungst the Beatles vinyl i also found an almost mint copy of their Decca ep "5 by 5"
06-05-02 07:15 PM
Gazza they'll almost certainly do the MTV Awards this year - the tour opens the same week and theyre playing not far from there (Boston)..its a perfect promotional opportunity for the tour and the new greatest hits CD

there'll be quite a few PPV's on this tour also
06-05-02 07:38 PM
Mr T thatx Gazza, that's the stuff I like to hear!
06-06-02 07:57 AM
Honky Tonker It's all back to money. I feel certain they'll do a pay per view and hopefully a DVD, because there's enough of us suckers to make it profitable.
06-06-02 10:31 AM
jb I would be surprised if MTV allowed them to's not like 10 yrs ago when MTV still played some it's all hip-hop, rap,pop, and the Osbournes!
06-06-02 10:48 AM
voodoopug There will be a DVD because is advertising a contest to be front row center for the show that they make the dvd from
06-06-02 10:53 AM
Nellcote Surprised to see MTV have them on? Are you kidding?
MTV realizes the $$ in this. Gazza's point is correct,
they will be a draw at the awards show, look at what MTV
did for Aerosmith, had a whole evening for them. Despite
Viacom's lack of endorsement this time around, I suspect
that our boys will get both MTV and VH1 treatment some time in the next six months. The Stones will represent the biggest ticket draw for the last quarter of 02, first of 03, they can tie in MTV Asia for 03, MTV Europe for summer 03. The Stones represent ratings for Viacom, Sumner Redstone is no fool.

JB, go back to the Bay City Rollers!

On With The Show!

06-06-02 01:48 PM
Honky Tonker Wouldn't "The Richards'" be a lot more entertaining than "The Osbournes'"?
06-07-02 09:58 AM
Boomhauer MTV, huh? Well, do you think they would actually be at the
awards or do a tune from another location like in the past?

I think they should do something for HBO; or PBS would be cool because then everybody could watch something.

06-07-02 01:44 PM
Gazza >MTV, huh? Well, do you think they would actually be at the
awards or do a tune from another location like in the past?

well they DID actually perform at the show on their last appearance there (radio city music Hall,new york in 1994). The one youre talking about presumably was the 1989 Awards show when they were announced as appearing live via satellite from Pittsburgh (in actual fact whilst they WERE playing Pittsburgh that night,the live footage came from Toronto three days earlier..)

>I think they should do something for HBO; or PBS would be cool because then everybody could watch something.

everyone in America that is. They will do PPV shows in different legs of the tour as they always do...whether its for HBO,Showtime or whoever else. PBS actually did show the BTB St Louis PPV show at a later date,from what I remember,but I doubt theyd get something like that "live"

06-07-02 01:54 PM
mattb Anyone remember which show the Capital Theater Port Chester NY show was broadcast on (you are not allowed to use a search engine to look this up)?
06-07-02 01:58 PM
bluesgirl there will be a pay-by-view show from New York
06-07-02 02:12 PM
Lazy Bones
voodoopug wrote:
There will be a DVD because is advertising a contest to be front row center for the show that they make the dvd from

I find it odd that they'd decide on a show to use for a dvd before the performance. I would think they'd review shows after they've been performed and then make a decision based on quality. Like making selections for a live album.
Be a nice contest to win nonetheless.
06-07-02 02:18 PM
kc152 Speaking of VH1 & MTV, Does anyone know why the press conference wasent shown live on VH1
06-07-02 02:26 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Even the Stones can't afford to do pro shot footage of every show. It's extremely expensive to do a proshot video...and they NEVER sell as well as a you have to keep your overhead as low as possible to make any money offa the thing.


There's a limited number of video companies that can deal with something as big as a Stones gotta schedule them pretty far in advance...other acts will be wanting their services too!
06-07-02 02:40 PM
Gazza >Anyone remember which show the Capital Theater Port Chester NY show was broadcast on (you are not allowed to use a search engine to look this up)?

MTV's "Live At the 10 Spot".

Do I win a prize?

more importantly - has ANYONE got a recording of the six songs from this show (whether it may be an audience recording) that werent included on the live broadcast - only 5 of the 11 songs performed were shown on TV

need that one plus the Toronto Horseshoe tavern show,the stadium show in Nashville and the Kona,hawaii Pepsi gig to complete my full set of North American BTB shows (also need Vancouver as I only have 40 mins of that one)

From No security - still lookin' for a recording of FARGO if anyone has it to trade..
06-07-02 06:53 PM
Mr T gazz, which songs do you know of that they played? I never heard about the show until No Security came out. Figures - there's actually something good on MTV & I miss it.
06-07-02 09:51 PM
Gazza Its fully documented on our setlists page - see the link at the top of the message board or copy and paste this link to get you to the list of shows played in 1997

1997 BTB Tour setlists

the concert in question took place on 25.10.97.

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