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Topic: The Stones can breath a sigh of relief Return to archive
06-05-02 04:00 PM
Saint Sway The track listing for the new live Black Crowes album came out and "Cant You Hear Me Knockin" was left off the CD.

and the Stones should be happy they didnt include it cuz the Crowes rocked the hell out of it!

sorry, but as huge of a Stones freak as I am, I dont think that the Stones could match them on a live version of this song

the album is a double live CD. Due out on june 11th. Check it out. I'm sure any Stones fan will dig it.
06-05-02 04:07 PM
sandrew Sway - That's the first I've heard of a live Crowes album. It's not listed on Amazon ... I haven't heard their version of "Knocking"; they did it once on the last tour with Oasis, right? They have done some kick-ass Stones covers over the years: "Silver Train," "Torn and Frayed," "Happy," to name a few. They also did great versions of songs by the Byrds, Gram Parsons, Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal, and lots of other interesting artists. Alas, those days are over.
06-05-02 04:20 PM
Mr T It was just announced days ago - and the Crowes was the best live show I've ever seen
06-05-02 04:45 PM
sandrew Sway - Can you post the track listing?
06-05-02 04:55 PM
steel driving hammer They did a great slow live version of Honky Tonk Women in 91.

W/ a bit more of Country and Blues...They were our only hope.

No one can carry the Stones torch.
Especially w/ their last 2 stinking albums.

They lost it.
06-05-02 04:56 PM
Mr T here's that traclisting:

Disc 1:
"Midnight From the Inside Out"
"Sting Me"
"Thick & Thin"
"Greasy Grass River"
"Sometimes Salvation"
"Cursed Diamond"
"Miracle to Me"
"Wiser Time"
"Girl From a Pawnshop"
"Cosmic Friend"

Disc 2:
"Black Moon Creeping"
"High Head Blues"
"Title Song"
"She Talks to Angels"
"Twice As Hard"
"Soul Singing"
"Hard To Handle"

btw, that last album rocked
06-05-02 05:04 PM
winter I saw the Black Crowes do Can you hear me knockin at the Orpheum earlier this year/late last year (may have been their last show ever), and it rocked. Also did Marley's Time will tell (which is on either their 1st or 2nd album) -also excellent.

They were awesome, but not in the same league as the Stones. Chris Robinson is now doing solo shows. I'm gonna check him out at the Paradise in Boston in a couple of weeks, very small venue, should be pretty interesting.

06-05-02 05:05 PM
sandrew Nice variety. And we're finally going to get an authorized version of "Title Song."
06-05-02 05:19 PM
Mr T winter, that would be one of the shows recorded for the album. Boston, right?
06-05-02 05:34 PM
winter One of my buddies told me the other day that he thought some of the disk was from the Orpheum show in Boston. I don't know where he got the info. He also thought that Can You Hear Me Knocking was going to be included. But it looks like that's not correct.

06-05-02 06:02 PM
sandrew Here's the lowdown (note: album due out August 27, not this Tuesday):
06-05-02 06:19 PM
Fn_Nick I saw the Black Crowes at The Pageant in St. Louis last fall. They played "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" as their closer. It was awesome. I recorded the whole show on MD and it sounds pretty good. They also played Bob Marley's "Time Will Tell" that night.
06-05-02 06:31 PM
sandrew Just downloaded the Crowes doing "Knocking" - it's smokin'. I also found an MP3 with them doing "Knocking" and "Sway" in what sounds like a rehearsal. I have to say, however, that nothing quite beats Taylor on the jazzy jam.
06-05-02 06:36 PM
Saint Sway the tracks for the live album were recorded at their final 2 shows both at the Orpheum in Boston last Halloween and Halloween eve.

they left off CYHMK not sure why. Maybe they couldnt get permission. But I wish they had bc its such a killer version, I really think they would of converted any fans that heard it. Rich Robinson has Keef down cold!

they also left off their tune "Morning Song" that included a bit of Chris singing Zeps "Whole Lotta Love" in the middle of it. Again, I'm guessing maybe it had something to do with securing the rights to it.

I've heard both Boston shows and their unbelievable. This should be a classic live album. Again, regardless of what you think of their studio releases, any Stones fan that picks up this live CD is gonna be pleased. Its R&R at its finest. Completely in the Stones tradition.
06-05-02 06:50 PM
sandrew Sway - I second that recommendation. As for Rich Robinson nailing the Keith style, I couldn't agree more (although, he did break out of that as he got more mature). Funnily enough, I remember Keith doing an interview with Kurt Loder (in, I think, 1991 on a now-defunct MTV show called "Famous Last Words") in which he said the Crowes were "eerily reminiscent." Of Rich Robinson, he said: "That guy's got me down."

Unfortunately, Rich got very bitter about critics always dogging him about how he sounded like Keith and the Crowes were Stones ripoffs. Consequently, he tried to distance himself from those kinds of comparisons. Who can blame him? Pop critics can be relentlessly singleminded and simplistic, as we're all being reminded by recent Stones coverage.
[Edited by sandrew]
[Edited by sandrew]
06-05-02 08:25 PM
KeepRigid Whew! When I first read this topic, I thought the Eagles had cancelled their tour!!

Nice tracklisting for the new album...of course, the only two I read were Thick n Thin and Sometimes Salvation.

06-05-02 09:05 PM
kc152 If those guys don't want the comparisions with the Stones then why don't they stop acting like them? They copy the whole style of Stones late 60s early 70s period it is embarasing to watch. And yea I'm sure the Stones were worried about the crows realeasing CYHMK. Come on
06-05-02 09:18 PM
Fiji Joe Yeah, what KC they say here in the ghetto...motherfuc#er please!...The Crowes lost me with their pitifully obvious attempt to match Exile with that Land of Salvation and Sin crap...I mean, copied the Stones right down to the album art...They should stick with Otis Redding covers
06-05-02 09:56 PM
Mr T don't matter to me who they copy if they do it that well. they are great musicians, put on the best show I could ever imagine by anyone & that's all I care about. the fact that it sounds like the Stones just makes it easier to listen to

Besides, Stones fans used to bitch about Aerosmith being rip-offs. Well, they stopped being rip-offs, but now they went totally POP! - It only made things WORSE!
06-06-02 12:42 AM
Bluzian Fn_Nick

Hey brother, yeah, I hear ya.. I caught Big Sugar with
The crowes, and they did "Rebel Rebel" and "kinky reggae"
but I dont' have it on anything. How might I persuade you
to send me that live concert from St. Lou? Is there any
way?? :-) IF there is, please don't hesitate. I have the
live gig of '01, in Chicago, with Lonnie Brooks, doing
"Shake Your $ maker". I thoroughly enjoy the cd. Particularly
My Mornign Song. (but Im' sure you already KNOW how fucking
AWESOME that one was!!?)

Let me know man. For a year now, I've been *DYING* to hear
the Crowes do "Can't ya Hear me Knockin". By far, it's my
most cherished Rolling Stones song, and, for the Crowes to
play that tune, it's like....@#%*()&!@%)(*@#!%!$!!!!! for me!!

Cheers brother.
Ian in Guelph.
06-07-02 07:40 PM
frankh Sway & Mr. T

I have not heard CYHMK cut from the crowes. I'll take taylor/richard over their guitar player anyday. He looks like the guy that installed my carpeting. They are an excellent studio band however i saw them open for the stones in 94 and headline with the wallflowers in 96/97 in jersey. Wallflowers upstaged them. Adam had to beg the audience to cheer (which i hate, John Mellencamp too). Never heard Mick whine to the crowd. Stones have no reason to fear the crowes. Different league.
06-07-02 07:51 PM
Mr T I've heard the Crowes didn't used to be that great live - they were THE BEST band when I saw them, and from what I understand, that tour was nothing short of fantastic. I have a pretty good version of CYHMK, but the sound quality sucks. trust me when I say this CD is a buy. They were SO much better live than they were in the studio, they've improved a lot.
06-07-02 08:03 PM
mattb Oh right - the Stones give a rats ass about whatever the Black Crowes do in life.

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