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06-07-02 10:33 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Wait a minute....are you telling us that you have converted to being a Christian? I don't think your Rabbi will like that very much.
06-07-02 10:40 AM
jb I am not a Jew nor Chritian..I am but a child of god ..thank you Max for the kind words!
06-07-02 10:47 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey, you can't do that! You have to pick a religeon. How else will you know who to be agianst! I mean, geez, Muslims call themselves children of God too!
06-07-02 10:55 AM
jb O.K.-I have always wanted to be an Evangelical Chritian...
06-07-02 10:56 AM
glencar While I always thought Josh Esq. was a bit of a jerk, he was always right about how People magazine sucks. He's a blind squirrel, you might say.
06-07-02 10:56 AM
Joey Josh , I thought you were a liberal ????? Can you believe Bush's latest crazy scheme ??? Where is he going to get the money for this ???? Out of my " Great Society " programs , that is where ..................

Josh , did I ever tell you about spring time in the " Hill Country " of Texas ? The mist rising from the ground and the sap dripping from the trees . And in the pen is my Prized Bull . Well , this Bull of mine starts getting a little " anxious " in the spring for some of those young cattle . He starts pacing around and pawing at the ground , so I let him out , pe#ker hanging hard . Meanwhile , all those young nubile female cattle start getting all moist and just start a quivering something fierce . Then , before you know it , here comes my prized bull ********************************************************************************* EDITED FOR CONTENT **************************************************************************************************************************

Josh , the upcoming WHO and STONES Tours have got me quivering today .

YES !!!!!!

Joey von LBJ

06-07-02 11:05 AM
glencar Crazy scheme? Anything that strengthens our security is worth doing. Letting our embassies get bombed without any action is treasonous. We now return you to the "Josh Show." BTW Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel has just been convicted of killing that Moxley girl 30 years ago. When's Teddy up for Kopechne?
06-07-02 11:14 AM
jb This guy must have had a terriblle atty.-convicted of murder 27 years later with only circunstantial evidence...Man, this high paid attys really suck!
06-07-02 11:30 AM
glencar Yes but his atty Mickey Sherman does a fine job on the cable news/talk shows. He needs to brush up on his court room antics.
06-07-02 12:19 PM
jb I saw sherman on Geraldo ..he was bald..I noticed him on T.V. yesterday, and he has a pretty good hair replacement system..natural frontal hairline..not a hairclub for men piece of Garbage...Keith needs trasplants on crown very badly..he had 3 yrs in b/t tours and no one would of noticed..he really fucked up.
06-07-02 01:40 PM
Moonlight Mile Hair or no hair, you'd have to be a mongo-putz to crater that case. I coulda delivered that fucker staggering drunk. Just like all my cases.

Shades of Shepard, but no Flea Bailage in sight for Skakie. Just Shermie, who's gonna have a hard time even drumming up speeding tick biz now. This verd has relegated him to the "ballbag zone."
06-07-02 02:03 PM
Honky Tonk Man How many people here are Lawyers? For a while, i was toying with the idea of going into Law, didnt last though. I really am not one for education, figure i would join the Civil Service and work my way up like my dad. Thats what im doing at the Passport Office, though i may switch to Customs. Its good to hear that Stones fans arent dead beats of internet weirdoes (my mum says that sometimes!). We all have a life outside of the Stones. Whether its getting the scum of the streets, or making sure Mick Jaggers passport gets done extra quick, we all pay our part.

06-07-02 02:08 PM
jb Nanker, Winter and I..don't know any is a horriblr profession...don't make a big mistake!
06-07-02 02:18 PM
Honky Tonk Man Well im not a lawyer, so i dont really know. Always figured its intreating and i know it pays very well. Tell me jb, do you run your own firm, or you work for a firm, you must like the job sometimes!! What i dont like, is the idea of having to be dragged to a police cell at 3am to help some low life who deserves to be locked up anyway. Obvsiously its not always that way. Innocent untill proven guilty. Im not so sure on how the US Justice system operates, are they tougher on criminals then in the UK?

06-07-02 02:34 PM
jb I worked for a firm for 9 yrs, and the last 6 I have been on my on. When I first started out, I had a very naieve attitude thinking lawyers really made a difference..the truth is, it is a business like everything else...hustling clients, billing hours, and trying to get paid...The good moments are far and few in between....
06-07-02 02:39 PM
Moonlight Mile Don't listen to that illiterate poser, Alex. Follow your legal dreams my boy. Its better than friggin' dealing blow! You sit around, hit the flask, throw some fucking paper around, tell people where to stick it, laugh at all the peons busting their butts, etc. Plus chicks dig us law-talking dudes, man! We all get paid, we all get laid, and this runaway gravy train ain't gonna stop! Hop aboard my little bureaucratic buddy, a better life awaits . . .

"Win or lose, you're gonna be coughing up some large green, Ronnie!"
06-07-02 02:44 PM
Maxlugar My wife's a Lawyer.

So, therefore, I fuck a lawyer. Lawyers don't fuck ME!

You hear me?

I love us.

We are the chosen keepers of the drive.

We keep the flame burning bright even in times...Oh fuck it. I'm too tired for this shit. Wake me up when It's Friday Night.



06-07-02 02:56 PM
gypsy Well, Skakel should have hired KeepRigidsLawyer in the first place!
06-07-02 03:28 PM
stonedinaustralia honky t man your mum is right... we are just internet weirdos... quit that civil servant job right now
06-07-02 03:36 PM
stonedinaustralia and all good stones fans are beats.. for what are beats but bohemians U.S.A. style and the stones are nothing if not bohemian ('tho not dead ones...yet)
06-07-02 07:09 PM
Honky Tonk Man Well at the moment im happy with the Civil Service, sure it may be boring, but its a very steady job and with hard work you can progress up the ladder. Over the next year or so, i will take into consideration what i would like to do. Im only 18, so "time is on my side"
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