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Topic: Taylor aint THAT GREAT!! Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
06-03-02 07:15 PM
Honky Tonk Man Dunno why im bringing this up really, no one kisses Taylors ass like Joey and he hasnt been discussed recently, but anyhow im bored so here goes.

Mick Taylor is/was a stunning player. His lead lines are fluid and flow like a river, he can take you to the highest mountin, blah blah blah... this is Joey talk.

Now i think all of the above, i like Taylor, but he HAS FAULTS TOO ya know. He never seems to thrash his guitar about, never does he pull off a scorching fire dragon breating hot solo like Jimmy Page. This isnt just my beloved Jimmy im talking about, but no Taylor solo matches the solos Jimmy used to whip on "Dazed And Confused" Personally, i think Ritche Blackmore is a better player, "Child In Time" anyonee?

Now, i must stress further that i do enjoy Mick Taylors playing. His era is my favourite, he is indeed a stunning player, but has anyone heard Ronnies playing on the Stripped version of "Shine A Light"? I mean it sums up everything i love about the man, its sloppy, choppy, he takes little chunks out of his guitar. Then you have the moments when his hands are no where near the guitar. Amazing stuff, the solo is brilliant, ive listend to the song six times since last night. This is Ronnies style, hes not technically better then Taylor, but YES i think he makes one hell of a better Rolling Stone.

Basically, im just stressing that im glad Ronnies back in shape and that Taylor is overrated by some here on the board.

Alex, Ronnie loving, part time Taylor loving, Keith worshiping Stones fan!

06-03-02 07:23 PM
Mr T Taylor's not THE BEST, but his is underrated, even among longtime Stones fans
06-03-02 07:37 PM
Scot Rocks PLEASE NOT AGAIN!!!!!!...Yawn
06-03-02 07:56 PM
Saint Sway
Honky Tonk Man wrote:
... has anyone heard Ronnies playing on the Stripped version of "Shine A Light"? I mean it sums up everything i love about the man, its sloppy, choppy, he takes little chunks out of his guitar. Then you have the moments when his hands are no where near the guitar.

you crack me up thats some funny shit!

personally, my favorite of Ronnies guitar playing is when he just starts waving to the crowd in the middle of a song. Its classic Woody!
06-03-02 08:10 PM
Joey "but has anyone heard Ronnies playing on the Stripped version of "Shine A Light"? I mean it sums up everything i love about the man, its sloppy, choppy, he takes little chunks out of his guitar. Then you have the moments when his hands are no where near the guitar. "

Tell me about it ......I attended six Rolling Stones performances between 1997 - 1999 and Ronnie's hands were light years away from his axe and Richards had to cover for the poor sap .

Me thinks you need to see the WHO at Jones' Beach this summer with one Max Lugar and " See the Light " . Pete Townshend , Zak Starkey , Roger Daltrey and John Entwistle are poetrey in motion .

Even Max could afford the WHO !!!!!!!

God I love the Sea Air in July !!!!

Bunny Joey

06-03-02 08:58 PM
Scottfree I guess the tired old debate looms on, but here is my 2 kroners. Mick IMO is the greatest player to string a guitar, in many respects (Jimmy Page doesn't hold a candle, u wanna talk sloppy). You mention you haven't heard any burning solos from Taylor, well listen to the 72's shows, get yourself that Nasty music boot, the whole damn show is a solo, sometimes it's underneath however, just need to peel your ears. As far as Ronnie, I truly think he has the ability to play at a very high level. I personally like Keith and Ronnies weaving because there is no true lead when they they steal notes from one another, when it's on, which isn't often it is amazing. Just take a a listen to the 97 version of Gimmie Shelter in St. Louis, it's a fricking masterpiece.

Free out
06-03-02 09:19 PM
Honky Tonk Man I have MSG 72 and Taylors playing is awsome for sure, but theres no edge to it, i think his playings quite flat, that may not make much sense, but basically its all sounds good, its very skillful but it doesnt shread your ears or the speakers, its cool but not rauncy enough, i like it LOAD, LOOSE, SLOPPY, thats guitar playinmg for me. Id rather listen to Keiths Chuck Berry guitar work then Mick Taylors guitar playing, "Bye Bye Johny" is the best song from that show. Now thats real guitar playing by Keith. Grrrrr

06-03-02 09:23 PM
Honky Tonk Man Saint Sway, theres a picture of Ronnie in the Stripped booklet bending over into the crowd with a ciggie between his lips, looks like hes trying to get a light, bet that was during one of his SLOPPY solos!!!

Ahh, we love Ronnie for what he is. I want Ronnie to stay the same forever!!!
06-03-02 11:05 PM
littleredrooster Hey Tonk !
Were you at MSG in '72 ?
I was there at all 4 shows during 3 glorious days in July.
Still have ticket stubs from the shows.
The boots are trash archives.
Taylor was a phenom live in '72, I hope that some of us are treated to a guest appearance or two during the coming tour. It is a celebration, a 40th anniversary party!!!!
Woody's awright! , and a true Stone.
06-04-02 02:29 AM
Staffan Yeah, I'm bored with this but anyway;
I love 69-72! It was the best years ever for the Stones.
Well, if you like Pageys solo's,,, have you heard him live? I have a number of bootlegs (and yes, the heavily overdubbed live albums) and that AIN'T better than what Taylor played, IMO.
AND listen to Ya ya's again, to MR and to SFTD. That is BURNING guitars!
And I don't get it, you wan't more edge and raunchiness, but you're happy when Ronnie plays sloppy? Hmmm
06-04-02 04:16 AM
marko I think taylors way play was sometimes very boring,even
when his solos were great,but,he played the scales,nearly
on every solo,i find that boring.In my opinion,ronnies
stones are more rr to me.yes,they did their best albums
during taylor era,but,they could have done them without him
as well.the thanks of those albums greatness goes to Jimmy
Miller,not to taylor.
06-04-02 08:46 AM
stonedinaustralia honky t man is right by me... for mine keith has always been the guitarist of choice
06-04-02 09:51 AM
jb No, HTM was not there in 73, he flew over the pond b/c he thought there was a stadium show at Shea stadium...When he heard about MSG, he flew back home as this was not in his plans.. Taylor was the greatest guitarist ever in the Stones..and that includes been far superior to Keith..Also, anyonr that likes Jimmy Page ought best stay in Jubilee land!
06-04-02 10:03 AM
Nellcote Taylor, the best guitarist ever in the Stones?
I want some of that weed in my pipe!
You have go to be kidding me,
I wish these THC heads would just go away....
One more "Taylor is GOD" type quote, I will broadcast the
streaming video of my Technicolor lunch!
Look, Taylor was good for a four year period, not great, but good. He lost his mind in '74, somewhere near
Munich, when he could not get songwriting credits for
Time Waits, so he decided his five years was enough, and
moved on. He had some memorable leads it is true, but
*****PLEASE***** he is history. Get on with it.
I ask you, if Taylor was so great, why has he been such an
absolute, complete flop since he left the band, what 27 years ago?
Actually, Brian Jones was more of a guitarist than Taylor
ever was.
Further, any version of Ron Wood, puts Taylor on the carpet.
Better than Keith?
Why don't you go back to your Andrew Ridgley records, JB?

On With The Show!

06-04-02 10:11 AM
jb Are yor serious? Have you listened to the bootlegs from 69-74 era of Mick Taylor compared to 75 on..I mean I love the Stones like gods(even Ronnie), but you are comparing a rock-n-roll band with the meanest , baddest, riffs, and Taylors brilliant solo's, to quite honestly, very marginal guitar playing since he left...Ronnie was never a threat to Keith like Brian and MT...Keith played his ass off either in fear of or inspired by Brian and MT...sort of like playing tennis with someone better..your game elevates ..and vice -versa when you play with a hacker..i.e. Keith's playing has suffered terrible as Ron bring nothing to the table but an occassional(more infrequent over last 2 tours)o.k. slide performance or solo on Tumbling Dice... Please wake up and listen to Brussels, Leeds, etc...
06-04-02 10:12 AM
Flash77 Jimmy Page? Puh-leeze! THE most overrated guitar player on the planet. To call him sloppy is a major understatement. Mick Taylor can play circles around him. Taylor was the best guitar player in the Stones...period. Not to take anything away from Brian (RIP) or Ronnie, but Taylor was awesome.

Hoping to see Taylor jam in LA with the Stones...

06-04-02 11:50 AM
Nellcote JB, I've been listening to those boots since 74.
I suppose if one wants to seal oneself in that time zone, yeah it's great! Take me back to the time where
Obi Wan Taylor had the afro, or played shyly at Hyde Park,
expressionless at Altamont. Great. Hoist a brew to it.
That was then-This is now! Give me Keith on anything, anytime, as well as Ronnie Wood. Put on New Jersey '78
or Memphis from that same tour. THE BEST!! El Mocambo session from Love You Live, great! The interplay that Keith & Ron have been successful with for all this time is something Mr. Withdrawn never had. Play circles around "Mr. Shyboy" He's a layabout, overrated John Mayall outcast. Glad he was pissed over no credit for Tattoo You
He left-did'nt deserve any. What an absolute fool to think he would be Jeff Beck successful by leaving the Stones! To think he might actually perform with them is a joke. To show up on a new record, what a token joke. The Stones do not need him. Give him an acknowledgement for his creativity during that time, then move on.

On With The Show!

06-04-02 11:58 AM
jb What about the fact that since his departure none of their albums compares to SF,Exile,GHS....he may not have fit in, but the musical contribution is undeniable..Anyway, the debate will go on forever..Peace and Love to you -jb
06-04-02 11:59 AM
jb What about the fact that since his departure none of their albums compares to SF,Exile,GHS....he may not have fit in, but the musical contribution is undeniable..Anyway, the debate will go on forever..Peace and Love to you -jb
06-04-02 12:25 PM
Riffhard To think he might actually perform with them is a joke. To show up on a new record, what a token joke. The Stones do not need him. Give him an acknowledgement for his creativity during that time, then move on.

Nellcote I gotta disagree with on this one.To think that he might perform with them is not only not a joke,but it's certainly possible.They have been in talks with him.That much we know.Jagger as much as admitted it at the press conference.I hate to blow my horn here,and it is old news,but I asked that very question at the PC.Jagger stated and I quote-"Well we're always open for offers and guest artists and,you know,things like that.We're very open minded...."
It just goes to show that alot of the rumors that have been going around are based in some fact.Taylor's people seemed to confirm that they had been approched.It would be very nice for all Stones fans.Whether you more of a Ronnie fan or a Little(not so little anymore!lol)Mick fan.I still have visions of Ya-Ya's 2002.
Don't kill my buzz!!We must think possitively here.All together now..."Ommmmmmm,Ommmmmmmm,Ommmmmmm.....If we all are one than let's show we're all one.We can get it together people.Just cool out!I mean everybody just cool out!I think we can goove now....Ommmmmm,Ommmmm,Ommmmm"
This my chant and mantra.Feel free to use it as you fire up the Blimplike chiba stick and burn some candles and incense.It works best if you throw some hand dyed Jamaican bandanaas over all the lamp shades.
If we all do this correctly I have no doubt that we will get a dream tour.One for the ages I say!

Just some thoughts.

Riffhard Blimp 5,MSG 50+,Limo 11?,Roseland SOL,Ommmmming mantra chanting 1
06-04-02 12:51 PM
nankerphelge Make that mantra chanting 2 -- I have been doing the same.

This whole Taylor v. Wood stuff is crazy. They each have their place - they've each had their moments -- they've each had their shortcomings.

I think Taylor's work is awesome -- he is one hell of a guitarist and, having seen him a couple of times over the past couple of years, I can tell you that he can still out-play both Keith and Ron IF HE WANTS TO (and that's a big if). What he cannot do, and never will be able to, is carry himself like the big swingin' dick that he should as a member of the STones -- Ronnie does that perfectly. And Ronnie and Keith together (in my mind) bring more to the table than Keith and Micky T. (so long as Ronnie plays -- pronounced "Handsome Girls")

I am all for having Taylor play with the Stones -- I think it would not only add something that no other guest artist can bring -- it would be chilling to hear him play the old Taylor-era classics. It may also cause Ronnie and Keith enough ego-concern that they actually rehearse and play!

I wonder how much it would cost to get Taylor to play. If I'm Jagger/Richards, the deal is a flat fee for X number of songs -- then off you go.

If I'm Taylor -- my attitude is "you can't afford me" -- the only reason you want me is because of the publicity and draw you'd get from the hard-core long-time fans. What's that worth to you Jagger -- to be able to trumpet the long-awaited return of the Prodigal Son??

I'd love to be in on these negotiations -- I'd like to represent Jagger and Richards -- man what view from up there. See how many times they could get him to blow up!
"Now Mick, we've taken the liberty of putting a "no quitting this time" clause in the contract -- that isn't a a problem is it?"

06-04-02 12:58 PM
Joey 'I wish these THC heads would just go away....
One more "Taylor is GOD" type quote, I will broadcast the
streaming video of my Technicolor lunch! '

Taylor is GOD !!!!!

Taylor is GOD !!!!!

Taylor is GOD !!!!!

M. Joeyfly


06-04-02 01:07 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Yes, oh ye of little faith, I've said this before, but I guess I can say it again, in mathamatical form.

LIKE-ABILITY OF RONNIE AS STONE > LIKE-ABILITY OF TAYLOR AS STONE (Taylor's actually supposed to be a really nice guy, but as a Stone... he just didn't do much)

* - oh, get over it. No, not technichally. But just as Keith. His Keith-lyness overpowers everything.

Yes indeed, Honky Tonk Man, your views are the accepted majority of those here, and just as assuredly as your Anglican country honker will never have the bad taste to find its way inside a divorcee in New York City who's nifty, thrifty, and looks about fifty (doncha love new lyrics for the aging Stones?); Taylor ain't gonna play with the Stones again. Not even if SNL offers him $3,000 bucks.
06-04-02 01:16 PM
jb Nanker , they can do a "hi/low" agreement depending on whether he finishes the gig..
06-04-02 01:51 PM
nankerphelge Yeah the sight of Taylor's swollen face turning all red with anger at the Jagger/Richards "proposal" would be priceless. Then, after the show was done, they could hold his check and tell him that there is a special song-writer's credit that they failed to mention.

06-04-02 02:02 PM


And now, friends, this:


06-04-02 02:11 PM
sway We can only pray that Taylor plays a few surprise gigs so that the boys have someone to replace Ronnie when he inevitably falls off the wagon and his liver implodes.
06-04-02 02:18 PM
Maxlugar Implodes?

LOL!!! Fucking great!

It'll leave a Black Hole in it's place and suck the entire stage in with it.

Great stuff. And true too!

Thanks Sway.
06-04-02 02:58 PM
Nellcote Mick Taylor- "You're just a Memory" to paraphrase a song.
Yes, he added memorable licks to all of the albums he played on. However, please, it is over. Furthermore, yeah, his guesting like Clapton in AC, '89 or Bo Diddley in Miami '84 would be "pissa cool", however, that's the extent of it, please. The 77-02 Stones are it, face it, this is how it is. Yes, Sherman, turn the "wayback machine" to
1969-1974, we would all go squirrely nuts to see this.
Buy the video, it's over. Recently, I've been warming up for the fall, listening the Some Girls, Voodoo, Babylon,
sorry folks, this is the body of Stones work which suits
this grey haired geezer just fine. It is the one which we presently have the greatest chance of seeing anything worth listening to from this point onward. They are a jelled unit, an unconcious guitar interplay between Wood and Richards, which sounds at some points, like one guitar. Sure, I'd get pumped to see Taylor with the Stones a second time (72 the first), however, only to viewed as a point in time, not that it should continue.
Go farther, lets put a guitar in one of Brian Jones children, get them up for reference with a sitar, so we can
have all periods represented. It's history, cherish it, forward.

Waiting on the Fleet Center!!

On With The Show!

06-04-02 03:01 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Well, I've come to the conclusion that most of this controversey comes from digging 2 different styles of music, more that individual guitar talents.

It seems that the people who fall on the Tayor side prefer guitar solos...long, noodling, guitar solos. I'm gonna hazard a guess that these same people like "jam" bands. The Taylor era is when the Stones were as close to being a "jam" band as they were gonna get.

Then we have the people who fall on the Woody side if things...these people like weaving guitars, versatility, and power riffing. People who fall on this side probably have musical tastes that run all over the map...from punk to blues to country to reggae. Since Taylor left, the Stones have displayed an affinaty to experiment and try out different styles and sounds. This is because Ronnie can play in a wide variety of modes and styles.

So who is right and who is wrong? Well, no one really. You like what you like, you know?

I'd just like to point out, that justified or not, Mick Taylor quit the Rolling Stones. Walked out just as they were gonna hit the studio for Black and Blue. He really put the band in a tight spot. And he did this a REALLY long time ago. Ronnie Wood has been there ever fact has been a guitar player for the Stones longer than Jones and Taylor combined...To date, he has never left the band in the lerch. He shows up when called, and everyone in band gets along with him. So he doesn't play 20 minute long, noodling solos...big deal. The Stones don't play that style anymore. They don't NEED a solo dynamo...they need a versatile, well rounded, guitar player to fit in with Keith. Ronnie Wood fits that bill perfectly. IMO, there is more to music, and being in a band, that being a technically brilliant player. Ronnie may not be the world's greatest guitar virtuoso, but so what? He fits the Stones perfectly, and he's a great bandmate.

For nostalgia purposes, I'd love to see Taylor play a few songs with the Stones. As long as it's a one off thing. A small dose of nostalgia is nice...but I don't want a steady diet of it. I prefer the here and now.
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