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Topic: For Maxy Return to archive
06-03-02 09:33 AM
06-03-02 11:45 AM
Maxlugar No way!

Stonesdoug, you were there? Why didn't you tell me? I'd have hoisted a few with you.

Did the ever beautiful Jude serve you?

Oh this is a great post. You have uplifted my stress to the limit soul.

Bless you.
06-03-02 11:54 AM
Stonesdoug I didn't know I was going to be there. I was early for an appointment on May 20 and saw that it was across the street so I knocked on the door and they let me in. I think the name of the bartender was Lynne. I had a couple of bourbons and listened to a couple of tunes from Tattoo You and Emotional Rescue. I brought some clients back there for Happy Hour the same day and we hung around for about two hours-(one of the people with me thought that the painting of Mick was from Planet of the Apes)--I do plan to check it out again.
We have a gang of 20 from SHIDOOBBland invading the city this week-end and maybe we'll stop by. Having dinner and drinks at Mimis 52nd and 2nd on Friday and Saturday dinner at Puglia in Little Italy and then will spend the rest of the night at Iggys 2nd at 76th. Stop by if you're in the area...
06-03-02 12:34 PM
Maxlugar Oh that's wonderfull!

Did you notice how Stones savy the painter was by adding Bill "The Little Hands That Could" Wyman into that B2B era painting? Breathtaking.

I'm not sure I'll be hanging on the weekend, though, Stonesdougy. But I'll see.

I spend most of my weekends out at my plush, luxurious North Shore Long Island estate known as Casa De Maxy.

You see, I have a basement bar with a Jackalope, so....


06-03-02 02:21 PM
Joey Maxy , Do you live near Wantaugh ??????

Is " Jones Beach " near your Casa ?????

Jim Cramer and his wife , Yes , THAT Jim Cramer of " Kudlow and Cramer " just got WHO Tickets . I hear the SEA AIR of Jones Beach Amphitheater really brings out the best in an artist and I was wondering if your wife and yourself have bought WHO tix yet ??????

These are the questions that weigh heavily on my Stressed -to-the-limit soul .



06-03-02 03:18 PM
Even the fish will be laughing at The Who down at Jones Beach.

06-03-02 03:29 PM
Joey "Even the fish will be laughing at The Who down at Jones Beach. "

There are men high up there fishing , they haven't seen
quite enough of the world ;
And I still haven't seen a sign of my hero , so I'm still
diving down for pearls .

I wanna drown .............In cold water !!!!!

Bunny Townshend

06-03-02 04:42 PM
jb Joey..Kramer is a good guy..a liberal lawyer to counter-balance the snob Kudlow...I like that show and I wish little kramer would get a hair transplant..he is really bald! C10jbobee1kenobee
06-03-02 05:12 PM
Joey Josh , Cramer is a genius ...............anyone who loves the WHO is extra smart . Cramer makes that show go ....

I am so moved , that I now compose :

"Come sleep on the beach
Keep within my reach
I just want to die with you near
I'm feeling so high with you here.
I'm wet and I'm cold
But thank God I ain't old
I should have split home at fifteen
Why didn't I ever say what I mean?
There's a story that the grass is so green,
What did I see?
Where have I been?

Nothing is planned, by the sea and the sand "

-- Thank You

Joey von Petey
06-06-02 08:55 AM
Stonesdoug Hey Maxy--will be stopping in at Faces and Names tomorrow at 7 PM
[Edited by Stonesdoug]
06-07-02 09:59 AM
glencar Ah, sweet Long island! Casa del Glencar is ever-improving. I wwould love to get together with you folks in the city tomorrow night Stonesdoug but unfortunately I must work at 530AM on Sunday morning. Have a good time though & hoist one for the hard working people! You'll have great weather.
06-07-02 10:06 AM
Stonesdoug Hey glencar--here are our plans for tonight and tomorrow if you can make it
Friday 7 PM Faces and Names Pub
8:30-? Mimis 52nd and 2nd
Saturday 5 PM Swifts Hibernian Pub on 4th between Bowery and Broadway (next to Bowery Bar)
6:30 --Puglia--Little Italy
8:30-? Iggys 2nd Ave just below 76th.
We have a group of over 30--everyone is welcome to join us for part or all of the week-end
06-07-02 10:09 AM
glencar Faces & Names? Where's it at? I might make it in tonight.
06-07-02 10:17 AM
Stonesdoug 161 W 54st St
[Edited by Stonesdoug]
06-07-02 10:18 AM
Maxlugar Glencar,

You live on LI too? Where?

Faces and Names Lounge is on 54th between 6th and 7th.

It is famous for having a painting of the B2B inside cover photo. But here's the catch: The artist was Stones savy enough to add our hero, Bill "The Little Hands That Could" Wyman in it! Even though he was long gone by then. And he painted Bill as he looked at the time of B2B's release! Breathtaking! He's virtually WISHING Bill back in the band. I love that artist.

It's enough to make a waitress say "Yes!" as she walks by.

PACKED happy hour. Better get there fast. Do you work nearby? I'm on 53rd and 6th.

Stare at Jude's boobs for me.
06-07-02 10:20 AM
glencar Maxy, I'm "Blue" from that other board. The moniker was taken by some scoundrel (The Storm???) so I had to settle for this. I just missed you at the Van Cortlandt Park thingie. Love that blimp!
06-07-02 10:24 AM
Maxlugar Oh shit Blue!

Yeah! How are you?

Speaking of the other board, I went by there this morning and I was horrorfied. What the hell is going on there? Bizaar ass shit.

Hey did you ever go to that place in O.B.? Good store.

Ever hear from Scope?
06-07-02 10:30 AM
glencar LOL I never found that store but I haven't tried since about 2 years ago. I was thinking about it the other day as I drove by that exit. I don't think I knew Scope all that well.
06-07-02 10:32 AM
Maxlugar Oh man! Scope was Minty Fresh!

I miss him.
06-07-02 09:12 PM
glencar Sorry I couldn't make it in Doug. Bad day after a nice morning. I hope you have a great time in the Big Apple.

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