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Topic: (Not) A Second Time? PLUS: "Child Of The Moon"? Return to archive
06-05-02 07:17 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Yeah, so, it's summer, and us students are bored, so I dragged out all my Stones albums. All on CD, all the most recent remasters (Virgin, SONY, ABKCO [*shudder*]), and gave 'em a listen. Every last one. I've decided the following:

1) Steel Wheels - Not as bad I used to think. Not to sound horridly mainstream (but doing it anyway), but I really like both "Sad Sad Sad" and "Mixed Emotions". I do, however, think the version of "Slipping Away" on Stripped is better than the studio version. The whole album suffers from either the Stones trying to distance themself from their old selves or trying too hard to get back to them. "Rock And A Hard Place" is terrible, as is that one about Samson and Delilah.

2) Aftermath [US] - Again, a major up to it. Lots of raw bluesy stuff, the Stones finding their way. Nothing really polished except "Under My Thumb", but "Paint It Black" feeds from that unpolished feel, while "Lady Jane" smothers in it, Mick's vocals suffering from either the transition, the poor remastering, the limitations of technology at the time, or maybe all three.

3) "Waiting On A Friend" - Nope. Nothing in this song ever just *latched* onto me. Same way with "Fool To Cry", although I'm not up to Black & Blue yet. But "Waiting On A Friend" just sounds so outlandish, The Rolling "We Piss Anywhere, Man" Stones doing that a number that touchy-feely and precut, a ripped turnaround from "Start It Up" just doesn't seem to make any real sense. It's not that I object to Stones ballads at all - I love "Wild Horses" and so forth, but it just never clicked in my mind.

Here's hoping for the ABKCO remasters to be decent...

Oh, and "Child Of The Moon": The one version I have, the one off of More Hot Rocks, I love. But I think it's Keno's site that says there're three different versions floating out there, and I know the version on More Hot Rocks is listed as '(alt)'. Where're the other two? How do they differ?

Rock on. Rock off. Whatevah.
06-05-02 07:25 PM
Scot Rocks Yeah us students are all finished the semester now, BTW what year are u in? Anyway, since the weather is so awful here I can only say say thank god for the World Cup and the Stones.

06-05-02 11:18 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I am but a tender young lad of 16, a rising Junior in high school (heading into my 3rd outta 4 years of secondary school).

And I'm borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred. This board gives me life, intellectually degrading and stimulating my rapidly atrophying neurons. I'd like to give a big sloppy kiss to all of you for keeping me happy. Well, maybe not all of you. Well, ok, none of you. Sorry. You may have cooties. Or worse. But thank y'all, I've been havin' a great time so far.

So, get this. I may have told this one before, I've got a terrible memory. The song for our Senior class this year was "You Can't Always Get What You Want". Which I thought was kickass of them to do. Anyway. They had originally wanted to do "Bohemian Rhapsody", but that was vetoed when some genius said it was about AIDS. The song was written in 1979, long enough before AIDS came around to not make it an issue at all. Oh well, says the senior class. We'll do "You Can't Always Get What You Want". A song about friends the speaker knows succumbing to drug addiction (Marianne Faithful and Jimmy Miller I think are the two, yes? I know Mr. Jimmy = Jimmy Miller, while the girl seen today at the reception, I would guess, is Marianne). Brilliance!

Totally unrelated topics are my speciality. Call me for any Non Sequiturial needs.
06-06-02 11:13 AM
Chico What a song for your senior class to do!Really cool!In my last year, 3 years ago now, we had to put up with Dont Stop Me Now, another queen song.OK, ill admit it, we had moves for almost every line in that song.This was maybe explained by the fact that we were pished for large periods of the year.The lads were into the stones,dire straights(for some strange reason),beatles, manics, the who,kinks,supper furries and a bit of queen.The girls all liked steps,robbie williams,abba, dire straights(for some strange reason) and a bit of queen.Ah, the memories.What was/is every one else listening to in their final year?
06-06-02 01:44 PM
jb The theme for Twin Lakes High School's class of 1980 was "Touch Me in the Morning" by Diana Ross....very emotional and I remember crying as I recieved my degree.

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