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Topic: Music industry slump Return to archive
06-05-02 03:30 PM
nankerphelge USA Today has an interesting piece today about how miserable the music industry is and my thinking is:

well Duh! Have you listened to some of the shit they have been passing off as music over the last few years. The USA Today article says radio sounds like a broken record -- of course it does -- IT IS!! That is exactly what it is -- the same sorry record played over and over again with different cutsie dancers hoping around to it. I recently had a soccer mom explain to me how she took her daughter to see N'Sync and that "they were good" - yeah -- I'm sure.

Here's an idea for the music industry -- talent! See if you can scrape some up and put out a product once known as rock and roll. It might be neat to see if you can find a group of people that can play well together -- once known in certain circles as a "band"

06-05-02 03:48 PM
sandrew Nanker - I couldn't agree more. It's very ironic, isn't it: the more the record industry worries about the "bottom line," the worse it does. The record biz suits have no one to blame but themselves. They're the ones fragmenting the industry - creating ever more subgenres - and manufacturing ersatz stars like Britney Spears. It's no wonder the mature, wealthy record-buying public is unenthused.

Maybe if they supported adventerous bands like Wilco a little more, art and commerce wouldn't be the mutually exclusive categories they are today.
06-05-02 03:52 PM
jb Nanker, you are 100% correct..finally the short term boom of bands like En Sync, BSB, Britney, etc. will be felt...The is a large void in the industry....however, it is amazing that Eminem sold 1.4 million albums his first or second week out!
06-05-02 03:56 PM
Maxlugar Yeah man!

I'm sick of having to dig up obscure great rock and roll bands like Noodles Romanoff and The Noodlers or Joe "Stary Eyes" Starfish and his Jellyfish band!

God Damn it!

Does anyone else know the pleasures of The Gingrich Four? What about Punky And The Brewsters? Anyone?

Not on the radio that's for sure!

Fucking bastards!

06-05-02 04:16 PM
steel driving hammer No worries...

Most of the piracy they're bitching about are "acts" that
only can aquire one hit singles slices of cheese and thats it.

They don't know the fan-base depth of the Stones whatsoever.

What would John Henry think if he read that article in USA Today?

Running Too Deep for them...

The Harder They Come the harder they fall, one and all...
06-05-02 10:39 PM
Cardinal Ximinez See, what really irks me is that there are scads of great bands out there...literally THOUSANDS! I'm not kidding. They are all over the place...go to any decent sized city, and you will find a thriving local music scene, with some really hot bands. Just about any sizable community has at least a handful of bands that are far and away better than anything you'll hear on the radio.

But there is good stuff out there, that you can actually buy...

Some good stuff...just offa the top of my head...that you may not have heard...but are definately worth a listen...

The White Stripes
Ian Moore Action Company
The Detroit Cobras
Gravel Pit
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Queens Of The Stone Age
Robbie Fulks
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros(Yeah, THAT Joe Strummer)
The Continental Drifters
Royal Trux
Green Apple Quickstep
Frank Black & The Catholics
The Billygoats
Eleventh Dream Day
The Muffs
The Supersuckers
Alejandro Escoveda
and tons of others...

But see, we are all too stupid to be allowed to listen to this's too worthwhile! No we are fucking sheep to be led down the sunny path to dullville...everything sounds the same...everything tastes the same...everything looks the same....conform you stupid fuckers! McDonalds and Sony and GM and The Gap and Paramount and Clear Channel know what's best for you! Fucking fast food America! It makes my blood boil! Those fucking people in those fucking boardrooms DO NOT know me...and they have NO CLUE what I want. I know what they want me to want...but I'll be GOD DAMNED if I'm gonna eat it, listen to it, or fucking dress like it.

Hey McDonalds...FUCK YOU! Ronald McDonald can eat a big bowl of my steaming McFUCK! Hey Sony...suck yak teat! Hey Clear Channel...lick my TAINT!

Maybe these rotten bastards think they can rule the world...but I'm here to tell you...they WILL NOT rule MY world.

You people that are reading this rant are smart wouldn't be posting here, or listening to the Stones if you weren't....don't allow yourselves to be forcefed! RISE UP, AND STAND ON YOUR OWN FEET, EXTEND YOUR MIDDLE FINGER, AND KISS OFF THESE MEGA-CORPS. They don't give a shit about you...all they want is your money. Don't give it to them anymore.
06-06-02 02:27 AM
wellwell Nice to see you namecheck Royal Trux.

They run the gamut from avante-garde to true ROCK.

The place to start is the album Thank You, prodcued by David Briggs, Neil Young's long time engineer until he died recently.

The Trux were frequently compared to the Stones though not in a Black Crowes soulful way , but more in an Exile-ish loose groove way. Though this also has to do with the junkie aesthetic they cultivated early on -- they wrote a song called Junkie Nurse, and their song Blood Flowers is their answer to Sister Morphine.

They definitely are one of the more interesting bands out there.

Trux-Stones connection: Neil Haggerty and Jennifer Herrema of the Trux interviewed Keith for the defunct Raygun magazine at the time of the Voodoo Lounge tour. Pretty interesting.

Neil Hagerty, the main songwriter and guitarist continues as a solo act. I just saw him perform last week at the Knitting Factory in New York and it was amazing. Two sets-- one acoustic and one electric.

The music is primal and raw but with a definite blues derived groove.
[Edited by wellwell]
06-06-02 05:17 AM
stonedinaustralia cardinal,interesting list you have there...

how do you rate the john spencer blues explosion??

has anyone heard the release of spencer's first band pussy galore ('cos i haven't)? as i understand it though its a cassette only release of a cover of exile and i mean the whole album from rocks off to soul survivor (little yellow face looking intrigued)
06-06-02 08:59 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Just so you all list was never meant to be all-inclusive, it was just some cool bands offa the top of my head.....

Like I said, there's hundreds...THOUDSANDS even....

JSBE is pretty good. Fun, sloppy, rock music....I've not heard the Pussy Galore stuff, so I can't comment.

Like I said, the good stuff IS out just have to dig a bit.

"New" band that I just heard...and really dug....The Hives. Sounds like late 70's-early 80's garage punk...but not in a silly, goofy way, like Blink 182...more like a powerhouse dynamo...good stuff. I don't think their new album is available in the US yet...just as an import so far...I'll snap that up whenever it gets a US release...
06-06-02 09:57 AM
Nasty Habits
The Hives records were out in the states for quite a while - Epitaph had their Veni Vidi Vicious record, and it was sellin well for what "cool" record stores there are left. I think it's temporarily out of print while it gets reshuffled to a major label - (kinda like the White Stripes record - I just love the fact that White Blood Cells listed for $12 bucks on Sympathy for the Record Industry and $18 when it got moved over to V2. And people wonder why the record industry is in trouble.)

As far as the whole Royal Trux/Blues Explosion/Pussy Galore thing goes, Neil Haggerty was the other driving/creative force behind Pussy Galore. Pussy Galore was noisier and more chaotic than the Blues Explosion, and more straight ahead punk than Royal Trux. Dial M for Motherfekker is probably the album to start with, although Sugarshit Sharp has their straightest rocker, "Sweet Little Hi Fi" on it.

The Exile cover cassette is funny and horrific - it sounds distinctly unrehearsed. I have played it for more than one Stones fan who turned into a little yellow puking face about three songs in. It really is a novelty recording and isn't the place to start listening to Pussy Galore at all.

Might I suggest the Makers? They are a ridiculous group of California Chicanos who have been plumbing the holy furrows of Question Mark and the Mysterians and The Sonics for about ten years now. A few years ago they went "glam" and released the awesome and hilarious "Psychopathia Sexualis", which has dumb sex obsessed rock swagger and killer shameless hooks like few records in the last decade.

Also would highly recommend any Greg Cartwright band - he's from Memphis. His 90s band the Oblivians is receiving major props from the Hives as having serious influence, and the 1998 album by his band the Compulsive Gamblers, Bluff City, is that decade's Tattoo You. It's just great. His current band is the Reigning Sound.

There's also the Dirtbombs, the Hard Feelings, the Subsonics (they sound like the Strokes would if the Strokes were truly cool), and more.
06-06-02 10:18 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Nasty!

Got a CD copy of Veni Vidi Vicious laying around the store?

I concur on the Subsonics...Gotta check out the Makers.....

BTW, this is a great thread....I seriously hope some people who are reading this end up checking out some of this stuff....
[Edited by Cardinal Ximinez]
06-06-02 01:01 PM
Nasty Habits Hey Card -

Re: Hives: All sold out - and now I can't get 'em for a while. I never seen a deal so tangled/a biz so strangled.

Here's another great thing about the music biz; Once a band like the Hives or the Strokes or the White Stripes moves to a major label I can't sell them anymore! When they list for $12.98 and no one else will carry them I can sell tons, but once they move major, my cost can equal Best Buy's list! Yeeeeeeeeeehaw!

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