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Topic: Royal Jubilee Return to archive
06-03-02 11:53 PM
Bluzian Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone caught the Royal Jubilee concert
that was televised this evening??

Who ever missed it, they'll re-air it in July, however, it
was really great!! Not going to give away any surprises, but
I strongly urge the rock n roll fans to watch it. Particularly
the final hour.. (not so much the earlier crap), but the
climactic parts.. YE~AAHH!! hehe

06-04-02 02:06 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl BTW, (I can't Get No) Satisfaction was played during the fireworks.

I agree it was a great show but the microphones for Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker didn't work at the right moment or their voices failed.

06-04-02 08:09 AM
Scot Rocks Thank God it's nearly over - The Jubilee - for us republicans anyway, I watched bits, Clapton was good as usual, McCartney, im not his biggest fan but I thought he was ok and yeah i heard Satisfation at the fireworks, which surprised me and dancing in the Streets by Mick + Bowiewas also played. I did not see any street parties celebrating the fact that we still pay to keep a multi billionaire living in all her luxury while the rest of us slave away, also, while they don't have to pay some taxes...God Save the Queen...Her Fascist regime!!!!!!

Citizen Mark
06-04-02 06:54 PM
Gazza >I did not see any street parties celebrating the fact that we still pay to keep a multi billionaire living in all her luxury while the rest of us slave away,

I thought you were a student??

> also, while they don't have to pay some taxes...

The Queen doesnt pay tax?? Uh...think youre a bit incorrect there,Mark..!!

>God Save the Queen...Her Fascist regime!!!!!!

Is it STILL 1977? Cliched choice of lyric,written by a so-called rebel who's now turning out to be one of the same old farts he was spitting venom about 25 years ago. He even was singing the Queen's praises no more than about a week ago....
06-04-02 08:55 PM
Scot Rocks Yes I am a student,lol however I was making a general comment!!!!! and I do have to work hard to succeed I am not born into privelge...BTW i am not a leftie!!!!at all!!!

Secondly, the Queen does not pay inheritance tax, WHY?, she did not even pay income tax until 1993!!!!! even though she was the richest person in the country and WE were paying for her and the rest of her family's upkeep. Did u know that the queen is the only person in the UK who can keep details of her investments private, meaning she has huge advantage over everyone else in trading and also means that nobody knows how much money she has accumulated!!!Recent CONSERVATIVE estimates reveal her personal investment fortune over the last 40 years of being around 1.6 billion pounds!!!!!!!!!which she keeps to herself. As well as the fact of her dozens of lands and castles and homes, which WE pay for upkeep and never have had access. Moreover she takes a special train that costs thousands every time she uses it, they cost more than all the royal famillies of europe put together, maybe if they were not so flamboyant I wouldn't dislike the monarchy so much. While we also pay for the rest of her family such as that idiot Edward and the embarresment Price Phillip who never forgets to make his usual gaffe and upseting the locals wherever he goes. while there are millions of people in this country who work damn hard day to day, while the Queen for the last 50 years has had the privelige of living in the lap of luxury and never worrying about the bills coming in. PHEW!!! I rest my case, I don't hate the Queen, or people who support her, I just dislike the institutions in which she governs.

finally I dislike John Lydon as well, he talks absolutely crap, recently I heard him say some pathetic things about the Stones on the radio. I just used those lyrics because I like them not because I like him.

Ciao, Cheers

Stones lovin Monarchy hating Mark

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