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Topic: Tattoo You II? Why not? Return to archive
06-03-02 03:58 PM
Saint Sway word is that the boys just recorded 4 or 5 goodies in Paris and are gonna include them on the forthcoming greatest hits.

My question is:
why not revisit what they did with Tattoo You and dig into the vaults and dust off some unreleased gems like "Claudine", "Drift Away", "Spare Parts" etc.. and combine those with the 5 new songs into a 'new' release?

it worked like magic the last time.. why not try it again?

I'd definately be more into that then yet another greatest hits compilation with Brown Sugar & friends on it
06-03-02 04:24 PM
T&A Jagger is hell-bent on having a top-selling album. The hybrid concept of 2cd greatest hits plus some new items has a much better chance of topping the charts than another TY album (in this marketplace). The leftover tracks are said to be primed for an album of new material slated for 2003 release when the tour is done.
06-03-02 04:36 PM
jb If he is hell-bent on top selling album, why did he release gitd?
06-03-02 05:26 PM

06-03-02 05:34 PM
sandrew Sadly, and ironically, I think Mick was trolling for hits with GITD. That's largely why about half of it is unbearable.
[Edited by sandrew]
06-03-02 06:00 PM
Saint Sway who gives a fuck what Mick wants?!?

what about us the fans????

does anyone really want/need another GH album? I say give the fans something cool and make TATTOO TWO!
06-03-02 06:10 PM
Flash77 I thought GITD had one of the best songs I have heard from Mick either solo wise or in the Stones in the past 15 years (Visions Of Paradise). I think the the cd is pretty good. Much better than the crap that is Bridges To Babylon.

06-03-02 06:38 PM
56DeSoto Okay, gotta weigh in somewhere. I like Goddess in the Doorway, it's a very strong album. I'm glad he didn't come out sounding like the Stones, he was doing his own thing. That's good, he needs to get it out of his system. Fortunately a pretty fine album came out of it. His forays into electronic and dance sounds actually worked well on GITD, but I understand that not everybody goes in for that. IMHO, it's pretty frickin' groovy. And I think, all in all, it did pretty respectable sales...more in Europe than the US. But that album has more of a European feel to it anyway, so no surprise there. The songwriting is strong, the production is cool, he obviously had fun making it, several of the songs get stuck in my head...what's not to like? Don't answer that...opinions will always differ. I'll shut up now.

06-03-02 07:18 PM
Mr T 5 new tracks ain't bad! May not be a whole new album, but at least they are choosing great tracks, instead of writing filler just to fit 13, this way they just release what they feel they should. Besides, this collection has gotta have a remix/alternate version or 2. Like the different version of Miss You on Jump Back. and we get to hear over 2 hours of Stones in the audio quality those songs deserve - I ain't complainin'
06-04-02 04:27 AM
Keefness I say, new album & a box set of the shit that's been sittin' in the vaults. We want it now, not in 29 years offa late night TV.
06-04-02 07:34 AM
mattb How does the Jump Back version of Miss You differ?
06-05-02 02:42 PM
Mr T it's completely different. maybe just my version is different, cuz it's an import(but wasn't this CD an import in the first place). Anyway, the difference is pretty noticable
06-05-02 02:58 PM
sandrew GITD better than Babylon?! You can't be serious... Anyway, I thought a few of the songs on Goddess were very good, some of it horrible. I'm not a purist about it either; I fully support Mick experimenting with techno dance grooves. The problem is, even as far as techno music goes, the Goddess title track and "Gun" are not very good. And "Dancing in the Starlight" is plain insufferable - Clifford synth overload! The "you will surely fall" interlude is worthy of Michael Bolton.

...OK, no need to rehash this subject. We have Stones tracks to look forward to! I'm very excited about them, and here's why: it looks like they cut the tracks very quickly, which left no room for people like the Dust Brothers to turn them into "Might as Well Get Juiced." (Again, I have no problem with that kind of experimentation; but, you have to admit, "Juiced" isn't nearly as good as some of the songs the Dust Bros. did with Beck.)

What do you all think?
06-05-02 03:21 PM
Stones I can agree with alot of what you have said sandrew. I am glad Mick, and to a lesser extent the rest of the Stones, has the drive to experiment with other styles of music instead of making the same album over and over again. Alot of people seem to think The Stones should make Exiles on Main Street everytime they record. The reason they are still around is because they have taken chances and made excellent albums - Some Girls, Undercover, Voodoo Lounge stand out for me. BUT they have also have also made a few " not so good " albums - Black and Blue which I think is there low point. Dirty Work gets a bad rap but I think it would have done better with a stronger lead off single - One Hit... - and I think Mick was trying to make it sound totally different from his solo work and he was screaming so loud his voice just sounded to rough on most of the songs.

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