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Topic: Band Story.Anymore? Return to archive
06-03-02 11:17 AM
Chico Anyone else in a band on this board?Me and 3 mates formed The Jaldy Bons(dont ask) last year and played our first gig in cheers bar, fraserburgh which included JJF and a mean version of Smpathy.We took part in a battle of the bands organised by the holy roly folk of the town.(i have nothing against religious folk, ok, they can be a bit crazy lol)We were on last and by that time the audience was almost falling asleep with other bands playing songs that sounded more like hymms.Naturally, we ended with sypmathy for the devil.Non religious folk were very drunk and up dancing, the singer did his best impression of Jagger in the R'n'R circus, an old acoustic got smashed up, townsend style, it was safe to say, the joint was rocking.That is, until we got our damn amps unplugged.Swines!Half the crowd were high on R'n'R and the other half looked sick, white faces everywhere.We lost the prize but gained lots of publicity, good and bad.People prayed for us and rumours spread that we had been possessed by Mr D himself or that we were stoned out of our brains onstage.Neither was true of course.I still get funny looks to this day.Its amazing what a little peice of rock and roll magic can do to some folk.We proceeded to get very drunk, very talked about and I think we all got a lady that night.What a song, what a crowd, what a night.I imagine its what the stones experienced night after night for 20 odd years, yeah,right, like times a million.Ill never forget it.Anyone else got any stones/band related stories?
06-03-02 08:00 PM
56DeSoto I'm in an americana band called Edith Grove ) in New Mexico. Two guitars, cello, violin, harmonica, percussion, lotsa vocals.

One big cyber kiss to anyone who can tell me what the connection is between the name "Edith Grove" and the Rolling Stones!

We do mostly original music, but we've been known to do Sway, Lovin' Cup, Sweet Virginia, Dead Flowers and Prodigal Son. My best Stones band-related stories are the name of the band (if nobody comes up with it, I'll tell) and the blues guitar player who taught me because I was wearing a Stones shirt (see earlier poetry contest threads).

06-03-02 08:12 PM
The Eggman I sAw you guys perform once

and u sucked!
06-03-02 08:17 PM
The Eggman wrote:
I sAw you guys perform once

and u sucked! that supposed to be funny? Who are you talking about? If it's us, where did you see us? And that's "ladies" to you, thank you. There's only one guy in the band.

06-03-02 09:00 PM
Riffhard Ok Amanda I'll bite.
Edith Grove was the name of the flat that Mick,Keith,Brian,and James(Mr.Jimmy)Phelge lived in Chelsea.

PS-I have never seen you gals/guy perform,but I'm sure you don't suck.I mean can anyone play guitar,much less a violin or cello,and suck at the same time?I'm at a loss trying to get a visual!

06-03-02 09:12 PM
56DeSoto Yep! I know I'm home when people know what Edith Grove mean. We definitely don't suck...I don't know who Eggman thought he saw. It's just not every day someone jumps out and says you "suck," though. If he wants to back that up with an intelligent conversation, I'm game.


06-03-02 09:42 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Oh dear, my band story is quite a sad tale of woe and intregue: a good friend of mine got it into his head that he wants to be in a band. He grabs the four people closest to him and says "Let's be in a band". I joined last, actually, by accident. So far: two out of the four people can play instruments, I'm the only one who plays more than one, I've written our only complete song on our own (a good friend of mine dragged in a song from his days slumming in New Jersey), a number giving the bird to the unoriginality of 95% of punk rock. I've begged them to learn up "Rocks Off", but at best all I'm gonna get is "Happiness is a Warm Gun", and only then because Radiohead based a song off it... *sigh*. I've got a lovely blues a la "Love In Vain" in the wings, but I don't think I'm gonna even suggest it...

They're not a band that listens much... doo doo doo doo doo doo... oh yeah...

Chico, that's a wicked (to coin local slang) story! I'd kill to play "Sympathy" down at church... just watch the jaws drop one by one...
06-04-02 02:42 AM
Staffan Yeah, I'm in a band called Cloud.
We're a trio, guitar, bass and drums. We play 50%instrumental music and 50% with vocals, rooted in the 70'ies rock but with influences from jazz, blues, folk etc...
I think we are very good listeners and rather talented!
We've been together for 4 years and just recorded an album... If anyone wants it, email me ( and send me 8 dollars + postage..
06-04-02 05:10 AM
Jumacfly I play in two bands: the Kings of Pareo and , the new one and most interesting called NO Work Team, a mix of blues (a fool for your stockin'), 70's rock n roll , funk and reggae, We re 3 gutiars, a great drummer and myself on bass....I Tried to play the bass to take Bill' s place but....Darryl stole the job!!!
and we try to perform JJF and sometimes Sympathy and You can t always...

Cheers to all of you musicians!!!

and Keep rollin guys!!

06-04-02 08:34 AM
stonedinaustralia yes i've played in many bands... played a lot of gigs, released a couple of records (back in the days of vinyl when it was a little harder than it is today when anyone with a PC and CD burner can get some product on the street) - it was kind of a big deal at the time.. (hey i even got reviewed in spin magazine circa '85)... played Memorial Drive in Adelaide - that was wonderfully weird standing on the same stage space as the boys did in '73...and so it goes...

first band was a stones cover band and i learnt my chops playing along to Ya Ya's over and over and over...and then a few years later when i cottoned on to the open g i was free at last...

Oh and by the way, sorry riffhard (and i don't mean to be pedantic)but edith grove wasn't the name of the flat it was the name of the street on which the flat was situated.... so i guess that cyber kiss is mine
06-04-02 09:20 AM
Riffhard Yes you are correct stonedinaustalia.It was in fact the name of the street that the flat was located on.However,the flat has always been called Edith Grove by the Stones themselves.So,I guess we are both right.That means two cyber kisses should be forthcoming by the lovely Miss Amanda!

06-04-02 09:31 AM
jb When I was in college , we had lots of fraternity parties during rush week. We would hire local bands from Gainesville and I gave them an extra $25.00 and they would let me stand on stage with a guitar and unplugged amp and pretend I was playing so it would impress the little sisters. I don't me to brag, but this little routinue was responsible for many fun nights with the little japs from Delta Phi Epsilon !!!!
06-04-02 12:25 PM
voodoopug good topic. I play in a band called The VooDoo Pugs ( Check it out! We play tons of Stones stuff, my fav being our live versions of Respectable and Sister Morphine. We also end all of our shows with Sympathy. We have two guitars, bass and drums, and we all switch instruments (very rarely drums though)
06-05-02 09:20 AM
Jumacfly hey Folks, don t look for tour openers, WE COULD OPEN FOR THE BOYS ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!

it would be great to see stones fans and musicians open for the tour!!


See ya on the road!
06-05-02 11:46 AM
56DeSoto Dear Riffhard: smoooooooch. One big cyber kiss for you.

Dear stonedinaustralia: smooooooch. One big cyber kiss for you.

Thanks fellas!

06-05-02 12:07 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I've been in several bands, and a couple of psuedo bands...

I fronted a couple of punk bands while I was in college...Satan's Bake Sale, and Blastula...I was also in a band with FPM called, Otis Vanilla & Sex Machine.

FPM & I are currently trying to hook up with Cardinal Fang to do a Stones covers thingy this fall....
06-05-02 01:59 PM
Joey Rumor has it that Ximy, Fleabit and Cardinal Fang will open for the WHO at Hershey Park this July .

Sorry , the performance is completely sold out .

New Barbarian Joey

06-05-02 02:48 PM
jb jOEY, I thought you and maxy were friends....he seems to be angry with there any chance of saving the friendship? Maybe you can become nice like me and people will like you...May god bless you and Jesus forgive your sins...Your Bishop...jb
06-05-02 03:04 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey jb...what do you know from Jesus? I thought you were one of our Hebrew friends? And since when did the Jewish faith annoint Bishops? I coulda sworn that they had Rabbis....

I can't wait til Joey and Maxy get together in NYC....I think Maxy is gonna ram a mast up Joey's ass and sail him around Manhattan!
06-05-02 05:17 PM
Staffan Talking about masts, I was sailing this evening.
Does anyone besides me enjoy that? (except Maxy too perhaps, but with a different type of sail then)
06-05-02 05:23 PM
Joey 'I can't wait til Joey and Maxy get together in NYC....I think Maxy is gonna ram a mast up Joey's ass and sail him around Manhattan! '

OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo !!!

Sounds exciting ! Can't Wait !!!!

" Hit Me Hard up the Arse Ronnie "


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