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Topic: club/ theater shows Return to archive
05-31-02 03:47 PM
keefnmick How many true fans out there actually got these tixs? It seems like ticket brokers got most of them. I count myself among the the lucky fans who scored a ticket to Roseland.(Pure dumb luck on my part)
05-31-02 03:51 PM
nankerphelge not many -- only one guy I know got tix through pre-sale. Everyone else I know is on the outside looking in.

But I don't think brokers got most of them -- i have been scoping eBay and others and they don't seem to have a disproportionate amount to me.

But you know -- I'll find a way in sooner or later. I'll either dole out $1000 to see them, or someone I know will get them, or I will find a clever way to break into one of the club shows. I'm not stressing about it -- I just know it will happen -- it is my destiny...
05-31-02 04:03 PM
FIJI JIM Im a diehard and was lucky enough to get the orpheum through the fan club, and tower through TM when they went on sale. Got 4th row center for tower by begging the operator to put me on hold till 10:00 and right at 10 he picked up. At first he said he couldnt keep me on hold, but when I started to sob he felt bad for me and did it. I aint to proud to beg(or cry). It worked. Sorry to all the true fans that couldnt get tix and fuck all the brokers(scalpers) that did.
05-31-02 04:39 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Moonie got Roseland tix...and I'm his date...hell I might even put out for him!
05-31-02 05:21 PM
luxury1 I with ya Nanky. I know it is my destiny also. I will be there--The Stones in a club--that is what it is all about. I just have to be there. I do not let on to friends and family members all my fiendish plans and expenses. They just wouldn't understand. Glad to know I have partners in crime lurking in the cyber-world.
05-31-02 05:47 PM
mattb I got forth or fifth row Orpheum (depending on what seating chart you are looking at) through TM, no fan club, no pre-sale. I just came online when the tickets went on sale.
05-31-02 06:36 PM
T&A Got Wiltern, as did two buddies - so 6 of us will be going to that. I buddy also score Orpheum, so I'll be doing that, too. Very lucky indeed. All via Remember, that they will also be doing a handful of even smaller club dates at some of the major cities - these won't be announced in advanced. So, hang out and keep your eyes and ears open.
05-31-02 06:36 PM
voodoopug I got my GA tickets for the Aragon through TM right when they went onsale as well
05-31-02 06:41 PM
nankerphelge Hey luxury1 -- I have come to the conclusion that you and I need to hook up, get loaded and go to a club show by whatever means necessary.
05-31-02 08:07 PM
luxury1 Nanky--I am there. How do these people get these tix? I was on-line, on the phones,, SamGoody, etc. Nuthin'--just arenas and stadiums so far for me.
I am going to the Orpheum no matter what--do ya think we could bribe the security?
06-01-02 12:21 AM
Oatsdad I got through for a third row seat at the Tower - and then was told I couldn't have it due to "geographical restrictions". GRRRRR!
06-01-02 01:01 AM
midnightmagic I got through for two the Aragon via the club. It was midnight and went to the site and bingo- what fuckin luck!
In 98 when I went to Houston at the Compaq Center (aka the summit) had a ticket on the floor, the day before I went to ticketmaster to see what I could get and seat "floor 2 row 1" came up. Turned out to be Ronnies side front row. Cost only 90 dollars, it was easy to unload my other seat.

Anyway I hope the club does everybody right with their seats. I do not want to read all the bitchin.
06-01-02 01:34 AM
MarthaMyDear I got two to the Wiltern after I prayed... lol............. :P I'm EXTEMELY happy (got them through the fan club) and, of course, a true fan (whatever that means... lol.............. :P )... I hope other fans like me can go, also, and there's still five months to go for this show, so there's no harm in trying still!!! ROCK ON!!!

*** Martha ***
06-01-02 08:46 AM
mattb Luxury - please stay away from the Orpheum - or other theater shows - if you don't have a ticket or are not with a friend who you are going with. You won't even get anywhere near the number of people you would need to get through and you risk spoiling the whole thing for everyone else. The Stones have tried to do the Orpheum for many years and have not been able to out of security concerns.
[Edited by mattb]
06-01-02 05:43 PM
MarthaMyDear Sorry, keefnmick... I didn't mean to sound defensive re. "true fan"... I know what you mean (I was just really tired)... Congrats on your tix and have an EXCELLENT time!!! ROCK ON!!!

*** Martha ***
06-01-02 07:08 PM
nanky Its settled - we're going to the Orpheum -- we'll just go and hang around with no tickets and see if we can really spoil it for everyone! That was the plan all along wasn't it?!

06-01-02 07:21 PM
mattb Sounds more like some of us have a need to act like an ass in public. You won't have to wait til September to do that, as you are doing a good enough job here.
06-01-02 07:26 PM
nanky Lighten up
No one's out to ruin your precious little time at the Orpheum.
There are still plenty of legit ways to get into these shows.
Maybe I'll bump into you at the show.

06-01-02 07:30 PM
mattb I consider this the Stones time at the Orpheum. The fear of people just showing up without tickets is why all the other attempts at this never got anywhere.
06-01-02 07:43 PM
nanky I consider it the Stones playing a club gig that I might just go see. And if that means I have no ticket and come to Boston looking for one, somehow that's not my perogative?

And just because you have a ticket and are in, gives you the right to decide how anyone else tries to do the same?

I got some bad news for you. You don't get it at all.

06-01-02 08:00 PM
mattb I do get it. You aren't worth any more time.
06-01-02 08:24 PM
luxury1 Nanky--while we are hanging around the Orpheum with no tickets, let's get smashed and really act up. Maybe we will scare the pants off mattb and he will accidentally drop his tickets for us to scam.
06-01-02 08:27 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Meow.
06-01-02 08:52 PM
Scot Rocks eh...mattb how is showing up without tickets dangerous????!!!!
06-02-02 12:04 AM
56DeSoto I lucked out w/ presale and got Wiltern. I'm taking my boyfriend and it gives me a deadline to have my DeSoto ready for a little road trip out west!

06-02-02 04:45 AM
swapwoodfortaylor Hey MidnightMagic, you might be in luck with your 'front row' 'Ronnie side' tickets. Rumour has it that Ronnie now finds it easier to sleep on the (our) right side of the stage during shows. So you should now have tickets, front row, on the Keef side. Lucky Bastard!
06-04-02 12:36 AM
midnightmagic Well I am a lucky Bastard I will agree with you there. I do not understand what you are saying? Ronnie was not a sleep 2-12-98 when I was there fuckin front row. No Sir. Who knows what Ronnie will be like this tour it appears he can't put a drink down. If I were to get front row again, like that day in Houston I will take it on any side of the stage. Ronnie can fall asleep. Who knows, out might pop Mick Taylor and play. Ha!

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