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Topic: The answer: "22 fans" on the "We're only in it..." header Return to archive
05-30-02 03:45 PM

In alphabetical order

1. Angiegirl (Holland)
2. Bjørnulf Vik (Norway)
3. Cardinal Ximínez (USA)
4. Fabio “Hot Stuff” (Italy)
5. FPM C10 (USA)
6. Gazza (UK)
7. Horacio Liedo (my brother also known as the Mexican Allen Ginsberg) (Mexico)
8. Irina (Russia)
9. Ian McPherson (Canada)
10. Jaxx (USA)
11. Joey (USA)
12. Keno (USA)
13. Marko (Finland)
14. Martha (USA)
15. MaxLugar (USA)
16. Steel Driving Hammer (USA)
17. Stonesdoug (USA)
18. Tammy Faye (lead singer for the Cover Band The Mike Hunt band) (USA)
19. Taras (Ukraine)
20. TomL (USA)
21. Ulf (Sweden)
22. VoodooChileInWonderland (Sike-ay-delic land)

The 8 Members of the Rolling Stones (Jagger twice)
Jimi Hendrix
Frank Zappa
Bob Dylan
Elvis Presley
05-30-02 04:01 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I have received a bunch of photos and there's room for more so send your pix before Sunday and you will be in such a nice family snapshot LOL

Coming soon fans more fans from Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Perú, Spain, UK, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand.

We need photos from our regulars from France (Come on! There's a lot), Belgium, Germany, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, Mars, Slovak Republic, Israel, etc etc etc etc

Do we have someone from Central America? Portugal? Czech Republic?

Where's Slawomir from Poland?
05-30-02 04:50 PM
Joey Where is Keno at ???????????

05-30-02 05:16 PM
Honky Tonk Man Look for the guy with the beard and long hair!!
05-31-02 02:25 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl LOL that's my bro... Horacio
05-31-02 06:46 AM
Jaxx i can't find keno, but i can see jerry garcia and bob dylan
05-31-02 11:13 AM
Lazy Bones Who's at the rear of the blimp? Looks like they could be my twin.
05-31-02 01:26 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Jerry García? Where's Jerry Jaxx? I can't find him!


23.- Lazy Bones at the rear of the blimp! LOL

05-31-02 01:32 PM
Joey I like how you threw in Lee Harvey Oswald .........
05-31-02 01:53 PM
Taras Gerardo, all I want to say is BIG THANX for that present for all of us!!!!!!!!!!!! You and Rocks Off team are great
guys!!!!!!! Thank you one more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05-31-02 01:55 PM
Joey wrote:
Where is Keno at ???????????

somewhere in colorado lol
05-31-02 03:36 PM
Joey Don't you think Larry Hagman should have been included in the montage ??? Lawrence is a BIG Stones ' fan .

I bet he is blasting " Let It Bleed " right now over his sound system at his Ojai Compound .

05-31-02 03:51 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Just send me his pic and he will be in the final edition!!

I have the C-10 infamous movie but can't see who's Larry and of course my friend Rick will be in the final cut

I want to include everybody so just send me pix!

we piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss everywhere man!
06-01-02 01:33 PM
Jaxx wrote:
i can't find keno, but i can see jerry garcia and bob dylan

Keno is the guy surrounded by (clockwise) Marko, Ulf, Bob Dylan and Bjørnulf, no beard, clean shaven.
06-04-02 01:37 PM
Jacques Hi Gerardo
just a suggestion, I don't think all know everybody's pic, so at the final rush, would it be possible to get the family pic and a copy with number on the head to get the pic caption. Leave if it's too much work. Thanks in advance.
06-05-02 10:51 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Good idea, I will do it Jacques

This is a last request for pix, it will be up on the website next Sunday so send your pix before.
06-06-02 09:16 AM
Joey I would like to send you a picture of Larry Hagman , but I don't have any right now . Does anyone have an old copy of People magazine from the " Dallas " days of the ' 80s with J. R. in it ????????

He wrote a book recently called " Hello Darlin ' " , perhaps there is a nice photo in there ....did anyone buy the damn thing ?

06-06-02 09:28 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Ok, don't worry too much, if I don't get the pic of Larry I will write a legend in the t-shirt of the guy on the left "Who the fuck is Larry Hagman?"
06-06-02 09:36 AM
Joey 'If I don't get the pic of Larry I will write a legend in the t-shirt of the guy on the left "Who the fuck is Larry Hagman?" '

Now THAT would be GREAT !...............and funny !!!!!

Thanks ,


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