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06-03-02 09:10 PM
Keefness Hi-
I don't want nothin'...I just want to see if my picture works...carry on, then...
06-03-02 09:26 PM
KeepRigid "I have seen the light, and it ain't pretty."

But oh, that dark.
06-03-02 09:43 PM
gypsy >>I realize Joey & "Gypsy" think doing this will somehow annoy me, but I'm sorry it doesn't.<<

06-04-02 04:55 AM
Keefness Nobody talkin' like they know the band as they look through the program with their girlfriend..

..And tellin' the stories wrong too

I could do without 'Satisfaction'..Let's hear some of the obscure tracks..

Nobody on their cell phones fer chris' sakes..give it a rest, will ya?

No Dave Matthews, PLEASE!

If yer gonna have a guest: Chuck Berry.Johnny Johnson. Bo Diddley (before it's too late..) So what about the newest biggest selling artist of that month. Roots, man, roots.

'Yes' Tunes:
Heart Of Stone
The Last Time
Prodigal Son
19th Nervous Breakdown
Stupid Girl
Out Of Time
Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
Silver Train
Monkey Man

I don't guess we're gonna be hearing 'Shattered' for a while..

ok, then..have a drink fer Chris' sakes..

06-04-02 09:44 AM
jb Miss U, I swear on my family that I am the farthest thing from a racist...My parents marched in the 60's with Dr. King, and my parents helped those who objected to the war find ways out...I think what I say sometimes is rude, opinionated, sometimes factually incorrect, but if I come across as a racist, then I really have been misunerstood.. I do not believe my criticism of the English for not supporting the Stones is's a fact..and it's not a personal thing...When we went to london 2 yrs ago, I loved it and found the people very courteous..I enjoyed shopping at Harrods and my only complaint was the food was not so good...As far as the french, again, I am sure there are some Frecnh people who appreciate the fact that our brave soldiers died by the thousands to liberate them, even though many french hepled the Nazis kill millioms of people(especially jews trying to hide in france), but it is a fact that many french do not particularly care for Americans and seem to be very anti-immigrant, jew, or anyone who is not french..Tell me where I am racist?
06-04-02 11:32 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Rock n' Roll! Whoooo!


I'd love to hear "Jigsaw Puzzle", actually, since Ronnie's proved he can deal with a slide ("Far Away Eyes"), and that's just a nice little menacer to throw in.

And since the Stones seem adamant about touring with some brass behind them, why not break out "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?", since they seem to think "2000 Light Years From Home" is somehow tour-worthy...

I was thinking (a rare thing) and came up with a few little ideas:

1) What would happen if the Stones opened for themselves? As a country/blues band? It'd be pretty hilarious and also quite a good trick if they went out there in full country makeup and did "You Gotta Move", "Dear Doctor", "Far Away Eyes" and closed with "Country Honk", then ripped off the stuff and went roaring into something like "Jumpin' Jack Flash". Or, even better, they switched gears midway through "Country Honk" into the style of "Honky Tonk Women".
2) What if they made the opening number "The Last Time", and all four of them sang the 'I Don't Know's?
3) Someone, somewhere, at some time, suggested that Ronnie sing "It's Only Rock 'N' Roll". That's a cool idea, considering that song gets more and more stale every time I hear it...
4) The public execution of their keyboardist. Upon re-giving "Stripped" a listen, I must concur with those who say this guy's just putting stuff in that should've never been in there in the first place.
5) What if, similar to the idea for No. 1, the B-Stage was comprised of their blues-y numbers? I know Keith used to occasionally drag out "You Got The Silver" for the B-Stage.
06-04-02 11:35 AM
Joey "My parents marched in the 60's with Dr. King, and my parents helped those who objected to the war find ways out "

Huh ????

Where in the Hell were Mr. and Mrs . Josh in 1967 when your young boy Joey got drafted by LBJ and then sent off to the 'Nam ????

I really could have used some assistance in avoiding the draft and finding a " way out " .

You make Joey sad now !
06-04-02 11:48 AM
jb Sorry parents were very liberal NorthEasterners who were involved in peace movement...I certainly respect the brave men like you, who went and fought for our you we owe an unpayable debt! However, I also can understand why others chose not to go and have no animosity towards them.. It is my generation-35-45 yr old who were born to late for Vietnam that are the real cowards1 We have experienced no hardships, no war, no draft, no pressure..We are clearly(with the exception of todays youth) the most pathetic generation this country has ever had..Please don't be sad joey....come to fla. and join me for a show on me....!
06-04-02 12:12 PM
~AzQb [quote]Cardinal Ximinez wrote: don't need our help jb.
Surely you don't need help with the blonde bombshell (I have naked pictures of her!).

This is comic irony at its WORST.

Fucking hilarious. And on RocksOff no less ; )

Yesterday's papers, indeed. And tragically sad in its implications. {And i thought Hottie was a set-back.Ha.}

06-04-02 11:08 PM
gypsy Huh? Are you talkin' to me?
06-04-02 11:32 PM
gypsy wrote:
Huh? Are you talkin' to me?

No, i was "talking" to SS. Don't worry. We are friends, dear ; )

06-04-02 11:49 PM
KeepRigid Keep don't have no friends.

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