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Topic: We Can Do Without Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
05-28-02 01:21 PM
mattb How about what can we do without this tour?

I vote for Miss You.
05-28-02 01:26 PM
KeepRigid Complaining fans.
05-28-02 01:43 PM
padre Glenn Frey
05-28-02 01:45 PM
Scottfree Fans who complain!
05-28-02 02:13 PM
Saint Sway fans that complain about fans complaining

were not brainless sheep! If something stinks then we have a right to voice our opinions.

with that said, I could do without $350 tix and pre-sale scams, thank you
05-28-02 02:19 PM
TT Well said, Saint Sway.
05-28-02 02:26 PM
patioaintdry Sheryl Crow, Rob Thomas and for the love of God that idiot poser Ryan Adams.
05-28-02 02:33 PM
Joey "Were not brainless sheep! If something stinks then we have a right to voice our opinions. "

Hey , please do not knock sheep . Sheep are cute , some are actually quite beautiful , and so very demure.

Ah , cloven hooved beasts .........they love you and then they just leave...............


M. Joeyfly

05-28-02 02:38 PM
jb Miss you without question-a big time killer and not well played!
05-28-02 03:15 PM
keefnmick can do without jumping jack flash this time around!
05-28-02 03:35 PM

LUV always,

Miss U.
05-28-02 04:06 PM
Gazza Agree with Saint Sway 100%

keith's Broken ribs,Mick losing his voice,Ronnie's liver getting any larger and Charlie breaking anything at all would be a few other things

while we're on the subject - lets have:

no Michael Cohl,no burning boats,no part-time fans who run to the bog or sit down during Keith's set and who ask you which one's Bill Wyman, no fat arses on boyfriends' shoulders in front of your line of vision on the floor/pitch,no tabloid press articles which mention the word "wrinkly","craggy" or "wizened", no stalkers

05-28-02 04:24 PM
jb No losers rushing the stage and obstructing my $1,750 view..Some S.American prick attempted to block my view at the 97 Orange Bowl concert -I was 3rd row center and this pathetic excuse for a human being rushed up during the last 3 songs, and stood on a chair. I told him to get the fuck down, and he replied in broken English, Rolling Stones Man! I proceeded to knock him off the chair and when he got up decked him with a kick to the balls-security removed the loser and everyone cheered for me in our exclusive section...I will not tolerate someone paying $50.00 for a ticket sneaking up and obstructing my view!!
05-28-02 04:33 PM
Gazza Just before the No Security tour on our "Goin Home" board (which was the predecessor of this one)I posted something similar on this subject - namely things at concerts which piss ya off...I stumbled across the document a few weeks ago just by it is,I think most of these are still valid and will probbaly happen again in the next 15 months


I've never seen the Stones fact,I've never seen them in a stadium with less than 45,000 maybe this wont be relevant in parts to the upcoming arena tour..but here goes

Most of these are 100% true examples

1) The prick who asks where Bill Wyman is

2) The bimbo who says "I know thats Mick,but who's those other guys..are they in the Stones too?"

3) You dont really get this in America.....but..when youve stood for HOURS on the pitch to get within 10 feet of the B-stage and your legs have gone numb cos you havent had room to sit,s---or scratch your butt for ages..and after about 5 songs there's this friggin CHARGE from these drunken aggressive pricks behind you who try and shove everyone out of the road (happened in Paris..we all locked together,total strangers keep 'em out..great comradeship)

4) When youre packed in like sardines and the guy behind you is RIGHT in your face and he has the worst halitosis in the world

5) The people who are beside you..who DONT know the words..but sing them anyway..LOUDLY

6) Worst of all.......the bastards who use Keiths set as an excuse to split for the make it worse, you cant watch the great man's mini-set because every 2 seconds theres some prick shoving past you en route to the bathroom.....give me a gun someone

7) The people who think theyre the only people there and that the Stones are only playing for THEIR benefit and no-one if they dont get the ONE song they wanna hear,they moan...over & over...

8) The people who complain because they didnt play enough new material

9) The people who complain because they didnt play enough old material

10) The people who own ONE Stones album - usually "Hot Rocks" or something similar - and who think THAT is the only songs that they should play

11) The people who shout "sing something we know" when the Stones go to the trouble of unearthing ONE gwonderful and obscure treasure that they havent played in 25 years or ever before..

12) The woman who prattles on about how old theyre getting and that theyre not cute anymore..

13) The boring fan from hell with an obsession in oneupmanship who saw them in 1965 and complains how this is shite compared to that show - even though if he was pushed to give you details,will be forced to admit that in 1965 he couldnt hear a thing above the screams and that he only went cos he was dragged along by some chick whose excited sexual state he was intending to take advantage of later on..

14) The girl who comes with her boyfriend and hasnt really much interest but decides to get on his shoulders for a better view anyway (which he happily he wants to show her how strong and macho he is so that he can get laid later on..) resulting in her big mis-shapen ass being right in your and everyone around you's line of sight..the best excuse to bring bottles to a concert..before long, theyre being justifiably aimed at her head

15) The guy who says either "I didnt know the Stones were still together until last month" or (worse) "when did they get back together again?"

16) The pretty girl beside you who WONT shake her soaking booty against yours when youre bouncing like mad in the pouring rain to the "woo-woo" bit of "Sympathy For The Devil"

05-28-02 04:38 PM
KeepRigid On second thought, I wouldn't want to leave out the complaining fans this time either. They are incredibly helpful to remind me to be grateful for always having such fantabulous luck with Stones tix and life in general.

PS. LOL Josh, great story! I did the exact same thing to some punk ass kid who tried to cut in front of me at the t-shirt stand (No Security tour).

Btw, may I include your story for an upcoming coffee table book I am preparing? ("South Americans Who Were Decked by a Kick to the Balls")
05-28-02 04:39 PM
Joey "Security removed the loser and everyone cheered for me in our exclusive section...I will not tolerate someone paying $50.00 for a ticket sneaking up and obstructing my view!!"

Josh are the greatest .

Please do not ever leave this board again .

Bless You !!!!

Clubby Bear Joey

05-28-02 04:42 PM
jb Yeah! I took my best friend to No Security and he asked if Ron Wood was Bill Wyman- and stated "man, they are4 old" I ignored him the entire show and refuse to go to any concert events with him till this day!
05-28-02 04:56 PM
KeepRigid All of these are 100% true examples

1) The prick who asks if you're Keith Richards.

2) The bimbo who keeps saying "I love you, Keith!"

3) When you're packed in like sardines and the girl beside you has the largest tits you've ever seen popping out of an `81 tour shirt, and she keeps smiling at you.

4) The bastards who use Keith's set as an excuse to split for the restrooms...leaving you with an unbobstructed view and path right to the front of the stage.

5) The girl that thinks you're the only people there and that the Stones are only playing for YOUR benefit and no-one she wanna moan...over & over...

6) The people who complain because their seats aren't as good as yours.

7) The people who own ONE Stones album - usually some old 45 of "Street Fighting Man" that nobody cares about, that they keep begging you to take a look at and 'is it worth anything'?

8) The drunken older woman who prattles on about how much cuter you are than the Stones were back in the day..

9) The guy who says "Look, we gotta get rid of these shirts- give you half off what you see."

10) The pretty girl beside you who WONT stop soaking you, when you really just wanna get out early to avoid traffic.
05-28-02 05:18 PM
Marilyn I love you Gazza! I can also do without It's only R-n-R, I liked it when I was 17 but have hated it ever since.
05-28-02 05:40 PM
Nasty Habits No giant Telecasters in front of the concert hall with some moron belting out "Sunshine of Your Love". No Goo Goo Dolls or Blues Traveller. No throwing your beer on me. No hits off my joint or pulls off my flask unless you know what album "Sister Morphine" is on. No piped in big brother announcement telling me when the show is going to start and where to buy my t-shirts and how I should behave. No idlers not dancing in front of the b stage. No standing ovation for Lisa Fischer during her soulless shrieking solo in Gimme Shelter. No piano solo on Honky Tonk Women; put the verse about the sailors in again instead. No crappy random piped in sound system classic rock music before the band -- Gimme some more of that inside soul. And spread some spread on it.
05-28-02 05:47 PM
gypsy Josh, you are such a fucking loser. I mean, you put a price tag in front of everything. Then, you're such a little pussy, that you kick some poor guy in the nuts. That's really pathetic.
05-28-02 06:01 PM
Joey 'Josh, you are such a fucking loser. I mean, you put a price tag in front of everything. '

Josh is NOT a loser . He once put a price tag in front of me and I balked . Besides , he is never at the meetings .


05-28-02 06:08 PM
gypsy Joey, don't trust Josh. He will kick you in the nuts the first chance he gets.
05-28-02 07:06 PM
Dandelion* "no stalkers"

Ummm - look above...

Start Me Up
Start Me Up
Start Me Up

God I hate that song.

I could do without those who think themselves uberfans and that they can crash in front of you... because afterall you are just some Hot Rocks peasant. Marred my first ever show at the B-stage in Madison Wis. Some of those people sitting in the seats near there actually want to see the band and are not too rude to have even considered moving forward. Imagine that.

People like the stoned Deadhead girl at my last Dylan show - she "had to find her friend" - who just so happened was in front of the stage! We made a wall. She probably thought we were rude. What a bummer.

Some things that can drive one crazy can also be a joy to another. At the Dylan show just mentioned - a very VERY intoxicated woman was pogoing all night long in front of us. I was merely amused since she did not stay in one spot long enough to block my view for long - but a friend said he had one hell of a vertical lap dance...

05-28-02 07:13 PM
Mr T Why the fuck don't you people like Miss You???

my vote goes for Start Me Up - I could do without hearing that cuz they've never been able to pull it off as good as the studio version.
05-28-02 08:21 PM
Miss U. Don't matter much what they think cuz Mick LUVS it!!!!

And he will sing it for me!!! At the B-Stage! Hehe!

05-29-02 10:00 AM
jb Look Cheapsy, sorry, I mean Gyppsy, put yourself in my wait 3yrs to see the band, you spend what to some of you is a substantial amount of money, and some third world creature who probably got free tickets via Radio Mambee is blocking my view with only 3 songs left, and to my thinking, perhaps the last chance I may see the greatest entertainers the world has known. I ask him politely to sit down and my request is not only refused, but I am barked at in some foreign language in front of many professional people who I work with in the prestigious legal community(including some very prominent judges). While I certainly abhor violence, I had no choice..When I pushed little ricky from the chair, he proceeded to approach me in what I would characterize as a menacing way, and I did what any successful, self-respecting person would do-I kicked him in the groin and got him escorted out of Orange Bowl to the delight of my peers!
Finally, I wish we could put aside these hurtful personal attacks you have engaged in . I am the # 1 stones fan on all of these sites..nobody, and I mean nobody, spends more on tickets than me..I will take you to a Florida show on me to prove to you that I am really a nice rich guy! God bles you gypsy woman!
05-29-02 12:32 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Josh did the right thing. Not because the guy was a foriegner or whatever...but because he was in the fuckin' way! I can guarantee that if some buttwipe of humanity jumps up on a chair in front of me, they will get more than a kick in the custard cups, and they won't be escorted out...they'll be carried out, minus that nice bridgework they just had done.

I can be one vicious prick when my dander is up.
05-29-02 01:52 PM
jb Blessed art thou cardinal....
05-29-02 03:10 PM
gypsy Cardinal, get off Josh's nutsack already!
Josh, I would never hang out with you. I do have my pride.
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