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Topic: Face The Bass Return to archive
05-31-02 10:13 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Ahhh.... final exams done and I've recieved me my first bass by the US mail...

Nice little Fender J-Bass, colored "Midnight Wine" (I fell in love with the name first, color later), beautifilicious. Sounds delicious too. Spent all my cash 'cept 40 bucks (for emergencies) on it.

Worth it, no?

So, before it came I'd been workin' on bass lines on my $60 paper Yamaha C-40 accoustic guitar and puzzled out "Bitch" on my own, and a nice counterpoint for "Wild Horses" which if played reeeealy soft sounds lovely.

Any good sites for bass tabs &c. to recommend for der Stones? Gracias... expect the Savage Young Club Tour 2003 coming to Boston & surrounding suburbs. I promise I won't charge ya fifty bucks! (And yes, I'm jabbin' at the Stones, but I've already said I don't care how much they charge... flame-proofing complete)
05-31-02 11:23 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Psssst.

Hey Xyzzy....psssst.

I got a secret that I'll share with you, if you promise not to tell anyone where you heard it....

It just so happens that one of the best bass players on the planet posts here quite often. He goes by the name...Fleabit Peanut Monkey, or FPM for short.

I'm not kidding. The Stones fucked up by not hiring him back in '94.

If I were you, I would suck up to him, big time. You may be able to absorb some of his greatness cybernetically!

He really is that good. And rumor has it that the Cardinal from Vatican West is coming eastward to play a mean guitar with FPM this fall.....and a certain clean headed Cardinal is gonna howl out some Jagger/Richards lyrics....

06-01-02 08:40 PM
mattb Congratulatons on getting the bass in the mail. Could you follow-up on the Savage Young Club Tour? Is that a group or several groups?
06-01-02 11:31 PM
mattb wrote:
Congratulatons on getting the bass in the mail. Could you follow-up on the Savage Young Club Tour? Is that a group or several groups?

It's very much concept right now rather than anything concrete, and no, it's just me and whatever band I may scrounge together (as in, the band I'm in's a joke). And it won't be called The Savage Young *fillintheblank* either, since I myself took the name from some other British band that got it's start out in Hamburg under that billing. If anyone's got a nice name for a band, I'm all ears. I know a few bars/clubs that're very nice and accomodate all types, so I guess I'll start getting work done for next summer as soon as possible...

People need bass players. I've got myself a lead guitar already, but he's very modern, heavy-metalist guy, not my style of music alla time (he played me the Rage Against The Machine cover of "Street Fighting Man", which I thought was terrible), although he is kind enough to play along with me, and I do return the favor. I can probably find another guitarist, I've got a student of Clapton who's interested, but that'd be two leads, and that causes controversy.

Cardinal, I'll take your advice that was never given (or at least not given by you) to heart. From this great man I shall learn... erm... great things!

My goal for tonite is playing through the entire album of Sticky Fingers and learning it. I turned up the bass on "Rocks Off" as suggested by (I think) our friend from the Vatican, whimpered, and ran off to hide. I think I'll take a leisurely stroll through Sticky Fingers before tackling Exile. After one day I can struggle through "Brown Sugar" and "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'" while owning with the personal ownage sticker "Sway" and "Bitch", neither of which are that difficult. I may take a little side trip and do "Let's Spend The Night Together".

Right. Long post, as usual. Much apologies, and thanks to His Excellency for the nonexistant tip. (Is it excellency for a cardinal? It's either excellency or eminence [sp?]. Oh well.)

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