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Topic: Wash. Post Prick at it again Return to archive
05-31-02 10:34 AM
patioaintdry this guy obviously got dissed by somebody in the Stones camp at one point in his life. I can't stand this jerkoff.

Stones Rolling a Little Slower
Thousands of Seats Still Available for D.C. Show

By David Segal
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, May 31, 2002; Page C01

If you want to catch the Rolling Stones show here but haven't bought tickets yet, don't worry.

There are plenty left. Thousands, actually.

Not the $300 seats -- those were snapped up soon after they went on sale. But there are a ton of $90 seats available for the show, scheduled for Oct. 4 at FedEx Field. Clear Channel, the show's promoter, wouldn't share sales figures, but one industry source puts the number of unsold seats at more than 20,000.

It's a far cry from the days when a Stones concert was a mortal lock to sell out in hours. The band holds the record for the highest-grossing tour in history, "Voodoo Lounge" in 1994, which brought in $121.1 million. According to Pollstar, a trade magazine for the concert industry, the Stones have generated the most cash of any act in every year they've toured over the past two decades.

They might well keep that record intact. Shows in Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago, among others, have sold out fast for the blandly named "World Tour 2002-2003," and with more than four months to go before the curtain is raised at FedEx, there's a good chance that no seats will be left by the time Mick and Co. get to town.

"We'll be fine," said Wilson Rogers, a vice president at Clear Channel's Washington area office. "Anybody who thought it was going to come busting out of the blocks misread it. Washington isn't L.A. or Boston or New York."

But the sluggish start suggests that this time around, the Stones will need to sweat, hype and sell considerably harder.

"World Tour" is being pushed in print and television ads. And the band was extremely canny about the way it timed the unveiling of this tour, which doesn't start until early September. The long lead time enabled the Stones to grab concert money that might otherwise have been spent on competitors like the Eagles, or the "Area 2" tour, starring Moby and David Bowie. Though "Area 2" is coming to Nissan Pavilion in July, tickets for the show aren't on sale yet.

By announcing early, the Stones are throwing some elbows and cutting in line. These savvy business tactics are what you'd expect from the most effective marketing machine in the history of pop. But there was a time when "the world's greatest rock-and-roll band" didn't need to wave arms and put out flags a full four months before it strums a note onstage. The "Bridges to Babylon" tour of 1997, for instance, was announced in August and started the next month.

It probably doesn't help that the four core members of the band -- Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood -- are collectively 230 years old. (That's more than twice the total age of the five members of the Strokes.) Nor is the band supporting a new studio album, which is a reliable way to drum up interest. Nonetheless, "World Tour" is certain to make a lot of people a fat pile of money.

"The Stones have a reputation for doing a great live show," said Gary Bongiovanni, Pollstar's editor. "They're not a band that's going through the motions. They give fans their money's worth."

Industry watchers are anticipating a good turnout for the summer concert season, despite the downturn in the economy and ticket prices that have remained stubbornly high. Among the shows that are stirring early interest: big-hat country star Kenny Chesney, whose concert at Nissan Pavilion is selling well, according to Rogers.

"We're doing extra good with all country in our markets up and down the East Coast," he says. "Not just good. Phenomenally good. Chesney will sell out. Brooks and Dunn do 15,000 to 16,000, significantly up from last year."

Cher, embarking on her first farewell tour, is expected to shine. The Who, on either its second or third farewell tour, depending on who's counting, will no doubt draw solid crowds, too. Among the festivals, there are high hopes for Ozzfest, which has been given a publicity booster shot courtesy of MTV's "The Osbournes," starring the festival's headliner, Ozzy Osbourne. And Eminem is on the loose this summer, though hip-hop shows have never pulled crowds in the same quantities as rock. Tool, Korn, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Oasis and Rush are also on the road.

The Dave Matthews Band, which apparently never stops touring, could give the Stones a run for the top-grossing title. Another contender for year-end honors is Paul McCartney, whose recent tour grossed $46 million, making it the best-selling tour of the first six months of the year. The tag-team concerts of Billy Joel and Elton John raked in $44 million during the same period.

But "World Tour," which is now scheduled to hit 25 cities in the United States and Canada and countless countries after that, will be tough for any act to beat. In many cities, the Stones are playing a stadium gig, an arena show and a club. Here, a date at MCI Center is still possible. "We're working real hard on that," says Clear Channel's Rogers.

But it might be tough to sell out the stadium if there are thousands of arena tickets on the market. Which only goes to show you: These days, Mick has to say "pretty please" when he wants to spend the night together.

2002 The Washington Post Company
05-31-02 10:36 AM
sandrew He is intolerable. If you want to spam his inbox - which I highly encourage - his email address is
05-31-02 10:54 AM
jb I guess some of you owe me an apology as I was absolutely correct!
05-31-02 11:02 AM
Scot Rocks :What a Prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this guy just sets out to criticise without considering any facts, he could easily write for some of the tabloids over here like the Daily Retard(Record) in Scotland, then I could kick his ass!!!!!!
05-31-02 11:05 AM
nankerphelge Not "absolutely" -- no indication that the show is in jeopardy in any way as you hinted.

But you were dead nuts on about the LAMENESS of this DC Metro area when it comes to demand for the likes of the Stones. MCI will not happen is my bet. And I doubt the Stones would reward such apathy with a club show as I had once fantasized.

05-31-02 11:12 AM
mattb Correct about exactly what? This tour has been designed not to be reliant upon instantly selling out as many tickets as possible. Only a true fool would criticize something for being what it never intended to be.
05-31-02 11:41 AM
Moonlight Mile "The long lead time enabled the Stones to grab concert money that might otherwise have been spent on competitors like the Eagles . . ."

You all know of course that, if that statement is in anyway true, the human race is doomed as a species. Absolutely fucking doomed.
05-31-02 11:56 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey moonie!

I think he was refering to the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL...they consistantly draw 65,000 people on Sept. Sunday afternoons. And at $70.00, tickets are $20.00 cheaper.

I mean, really, what kind of numbnuts would try to say that the grande suckers of steaming bowls of ferocious fuck, The Eagles aka Henley & Co., could possibly be considered as "competition" to the Stones.....It's so out of the realm of reality...maybe in some lame bizzaro dimension it may be in the same dimension where beer is poison...but not in THIS here and now.

I think I'll piss on this Segal guy's shoes.
05-31-02 12:41 PM
Maxlugar If I ever saw Don Henley prancing around Walden Pond I'd push him in.

I would.

Friggin hippie livin', rich man hatin', bell bottom brain havin' "Oh I'm so much more virtuous than you" believin', commie coddlin', Ben and Jerry's slurpin', Granola crunchin', rain forest tribe cuddlin', Boys of summer fondlin', Abby Hoffman dick suckin', VW Van with peace stickers all over pilotin', Save the Planet! shriekin', Lennin's preserved corpse caressin', At first site of Bill Clinton ejaculatin', If you ever come to San Francisco remember to put a flower in your hair spewin', the world should conserve but my house alone probably uses more oil, gas and electric than all of you peons on the Rocks Off message board combined preachin' idiot!

Don't get me started!

05-31-02 12:53 PM
patioaintdry One of the best songs of the 90's:

"Don Henley Must Die" by that visionary talent Mojo Nixon.
05-31-02 01:02 PM
Maxlugar Oh shit! I forgot:

Inexplicable afro in the 70's sportin'

I wanted so much to get that in!

Maxy is a little off these days.
05-31-02 01:34 PM
Joey 'Lennin's preserved corpse caressin', At first site of Bill Clinton ejaculatin', If you ever come to San Francisco remember to put a flower in your hair spewin', the world should conserve but my house alone probably uses more oil, gas and electric than all of you peons on the Rocks Off message board combined preachin' idiot! '

You ain't off a bit .

Thanks !!!!!!

This is fucking great stuff !

Clubby Bear Joey

05-31-02 01:57 PM
Moonlight Mile Thanks guys, I feel a lot better. It just kinda scared me seeing that in print.

Now I can go home at the end of the day, open up a Guinnie or two, put on some say, LIB, and relax knowing that all is well in the Great Stones Universe. As it should be.

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